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Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday Reaches UK

Good morning and happy “Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday” (#WCWW)!

While there isn’t a new #WCWW video from the Brewers bullpen today (yet/that we know of), we do have a special video to share with you here.

As you’re likely aware by now, the Wei-Chung Wang Wednesday trend was started back in April, featuring Brewers reliever Wei-Chung Wang (pronounced “WAY-chung-WONG”),  and his fellow bullpen teammates dancing to the song “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” by the Wang Chung Band out of the UK.

Past videos have featured the bullpen at Miller Park, with the mascots, in St. Louis, at the “zoo” and even a guest appearance by the UW-Badgers Men’s Basketball Team.

And this phenomenon has gone global. Not only popular “Across the Nation,” and in Taiwan, now the craze has caught on in the UK…with none other than the Wang Chung Band itself!

Wang Chung Band first caught wind of WCWW back in April and have tweeted in support:

But now check out Nick Feldman of the Wang Chung Band and his son, Max, performing a tribute to Wei-Chung Wang:



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