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Double Clutch Menu Item for the Twins Series: Cajun Seared Walleye Reuben

The Twins are in town for a two-game series and that means a new item at the Double Clutch! Minnesota is known as the “Land of Lakes” (even though technically Wisconsin has more lakes, but we can save that argument for another day) and that mean plenty of freshwater fishing.

Fresh Walleye Reuben.

Fresh Walleye Reuben.

The Cajun Seared Walleye Reuben is the featured item this week, honoring that tradition of freshwater fishing. A fresh walleye fillet seared on the grill and served on toasted rye bread. The walleye is topped with kraut, thousand island dressing, Cajun seasoning and Swiss cheese.  On the side, a serving of the house made Miller Park chips for $11.


Also available, Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball for $9.50.

Enjoy the rivalry week!



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