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RECAP: #BREWERS14in14 All-Fan Giveaways Reveal

Did you follow along with our #Brewers14in14 All-Fan Giveaways Reveal this week?

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Main

In case you missed it, in 2014, we have slated 14 All-Fan Giveaway dates throughout the season.

There are eight Sundays when every fan in attendance will receive a bobblehead featuring different Brewers personnel. The bobbles feature current players, alumni, mascots, etc.—and we revealed them here and across all of our social media platform over the past past week.

In addition to our ever-popular bobblehead games, we’ve also unveiled a new promotion for 2014: T-Shirt Fridays–six Fridays when every fan in attendance will receive a Brewers t-shirt with various designs.

In case you missed it, the 2014 bobblehead lineup is as follows:

Sunday, April 27: Carlos Gomez Gold Glove Bobblehead

Sunday, May 11: Kyle Lohse Bobblehead

Sunday, June 15: Vintage Brewer Bobblehead

Sunday, June 29: Norichika Aoki Bobblehead (in a Japanese Brewers uniform)

Sunday, July 27: Fan Vote Bobblehead

Sunday, August 10: Chorizo Bobble

Sunday, August 24: Jean Segura Bobblehead

Sunday, September 14: Robin Yount Bobblehead (in a 1974 Brewers uniform)

The T-Shirt Friday dates are as follows:

Friday, June 13: T-Shirt #1:

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-1

Friday, June 27: T-Shirt #2

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-2

Friday, July 11: T-Shirt #3

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-3

Friday, July 25: T-Shirt #4

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-4

Friday, August 8: T-Shirt #5

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-5

Friday, August 22: T-Shirt #6

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-6

While individual tickets won’t go on sale until early next year, you can still lock in your favorite giveaways with Season Ticket Packages!

Enjoy your weekend!

-John & Cait

Sunday, June 15: Vintage Brewer Bobblehead Day

This week, we’re unveiling the #Brewers14in14… 14 All-Fan Giveaways during the 2014 season!

The third bobblehead of the 2014 season will come on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15, as the Brewers take on the Cincinnati Reds. The bobble will be a Vintage Brewer bobblehead.


Bobblehead fanatics, especially those who have an original Brewers bobblehead in their collection, will go wild for this Vintage Brewer bobblehead!

Created as a throwback to the bobbles of yore when most bobbles were created with the same Kewpie-esque face, the Vintage Brewer bobble will be similar to this original bobble, pictured in the graphic below:

The 2014 Vintage Brewer bobblehead will be similar to one of the original ones, pictured above. Stay tuned for a photo of the exact giveaway item!

The 2014 Vintage Brewer bobblehead will be similar to one of the original ones, pictured above. Stay tuned for a photo of the exact giveaway item!

And, when you follow us on Twitter (@Brewers and @Bernie_Brewer) and Facebook, you’ll have the chance to win tickets to this game — before you can buy ‘em! 

If you don’t win, don’t worry.  Individual tickets will go on sale in spring. However, if you’d like to secure your tickets for this game early, the Vintage Brewer bobblehead is included in the following ticket packages which are on sale now:

Be sure to check back in the coming months as we also unveil the image of the actual bobblehead when we get it!

Stay tuned to the blog, our social channels and all week as we unveil more of the #Brewers14in14!

-John and Cait


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