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Brewers On Deck Numbers

I think the Brewers cleaned out all the Sharpies from area office supply stores in preparation for Sunday’s Brewers On Deck event at the Midwest Airlines Center.  This picture was sent to me today by Drew Olsen of the Brewers Front Office.


Like a small army, these Sharpies and pens will be called into duty on Sunday at Brewers On Deck.


Baseball is a sport of numbers and stats.  I love stats and information, so, to go with the 32 silver Sharpies, 36 black Sharpies and 36 black ballpoint pens that will be used for autographs on Sunday at Brewers On Deck, here are some other stats on the event:

188,695 square feet of activities (“So much room for activities!”)

15,000 programs

50 volunteers

40 ushers

30 current players

27 memorabilia vendors

10 sponsor tables

8 current coaches

7 Brewers alumni players

6 autograph stages

3 entertainment stages

We hope to see everyone at Brewers On Deck on Sunday.  If you have any questions about the event, shoot us an e-mail at

— John



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