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“You Wanna Have a Catch?” Catching Up with Field of Dreams’ Dwier Brown

Who could have predicted that two baseball movies that came out within two weeks of one another in April 1989 would have such a lasting impact on us today?

Yes, that’s right. This year, both Major League (April 7, 1989) and Field of Dreams (April 21, 1989) are celebrating their 25th Anniversaries. 

And while both movies center on our beloved sport and are legendary in their own rights, the two really couldn’t be more different.

Major League is best known for it’s humor with its many funny, oft-quoted one-liners. And, of course, with Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle and Country Stadium masquerading as Cleveland Municipal, it holds a very special place in the heart of Brewers fans.

Field of Dreams, on the other hand, is a movie that pays homage to baseball’s majestic, magical link to the past. It’s nostalgic and sentimental, yet just as iconic.

And both movies have withstood the test of time,  still resonating with baseball fans young and old alike a quarter-century later as their stars gather to celebrate the major anniversary of their films.

That’s how earlier this season, I had the chance to connect with Corbin Bernsen who played Roger Dorn in Major League, and this weekend, I had the chance  to meet with Dwier Brown, the actor who played John Kinsella in Field of Dreams.

John Kinsella? Don’t you mean Ray Kinsella, Cait? No, John is the father of Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner). He’s only in the film for about five minutes, but they are arguably the most important of all.

No matter how many times you see it, your eyes will start to water as Ray says to John, “Hey dad…wanna have a catch?” 

“I’d like that,” Dwier Brown as John replies.

And now, 25 years later, to coincide with the film’s anniversary, Dwier has written a book titled, “If You Build It…” a “funny and moving memoir about Fathers, Fate and Field of Dreams.”

Despite being an actor for 35 years and performing in hundreds of other films, plays and television shows, it was those five minutes that changed Dwier’s life.


He has been recognized by fans all over who have told him poignant stories about their fathers and how watching the film changed their lives. Their touching stories have put into perspective his own father’s unexpected death just a month before he began filming Field of Dreams.

“I have a lot of fathers or sons who come up to me and say they’ve lost their relationship with their father or son… maybe for 15 years they haven’t spoken because of some riff–in some cases they don’t even remember what it was about exactly–but when they saw that movie they managed to take that person, their father or son, to the movie with them, or just took them outside and had a catch with them. And somehow, they managed to just put aside this long history of misunderstandings. That’s happened many times,” Dwier told me.

“Another one that sticks out in my mind is a man who was a lawyer then decided to become a sculptor. By being a lawyer, he thought he could be his dad, as opposed to being happy, which is what his father would have wanted him to do,” he said.

I had a great time meeting Dwier and his wife, Laurie on Sunday. Can't wait to read the book!

I had a great time meeting Dwier and his wife, Laurie on Sunday. Can’t wait to read the book!

At the time, however, Dwier had no idea how iconic the film would become.

“The script was just so good…. I don’t think any of us had any expectations that it would be a particularly successful movie because the script was so sweet and kind of perfect… there was no action, no big romance, so I think it came as a surprise to all of us that a), it was so huge and b), that it’s had such a lasting legacy.”

Dwier grew up in Ohio and says that he loved baseball growing up.

“As a kid, I think I was impatient. I loved playing it more than I did watching it. As I’ve grown older and realized what all goes into the spaces between pitches, I’ve realized what an exciting game it can be. I grew up cheering for the Cleveland Indians, which was one of those hopeless endeavors,” he said.

Another story that Dwier recounts in his book is about getting cut from his freshman baseball team, but having the last laugh.

“I was so disappointed,” he recalled. “I told a friend of mine that the coach would regret that and someday my picture would end up in the Hall of Fame and sure enough….I didn’t end up playing baseball, but I am hanging in pinstripes in the Baseball Hall of Fame, so I think that counts, even if it was the backdoor,” said Dwier, referring to an iconic still from the movie that hangs in Cooperstown.

Now, he says, he doesn’t have a particular allegiance to a team, but instead tends to follow players that he likes. This was evidenced later in the day, as Dwier, who met and took a photograph with Scooter Gennett prior to the game, quickly became one of Scooter’s biggest fans, cheering him on on his way to his two doubles and home run in Sunday’s 9-0 victory over the Cubs.

Scooter Gennett tries on Dwier Brown's dad's old glove from the 1920s.

Scooter Gennett tries on Dwier Brown’s dad’s old glove from the 1920s.

With the film’s underlying theme so closely tied to fathers and sons, it makes sense that a big event is planned to celebrate the film at the Field of Dreams in Iowa on Father’s Day weekend.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Dwier, who has two kids of his own, a daughter who is a senior in college and a son who just finished his freshman year of high school. (Neither was born when the movie first came out.)

“Kevin (Costner) is coming out and I’m bringing my son. My 91-year-old mother is driving out from Ohio with my sister. To see the movie on the baseball field where it was filmed, I think is going to be really magical. The people there, obviously they love that movie. Many of them were in it, all the extras that were in those cars…They are big sports fans, really fired up about it,” he said.

I haven’t read the book yet, but Dwier was kind enough to give me a copy. I’m excited to read it.

While I was quite young when the movie came out, the movie holds an extra-special place in my heart because, in 1992, I took a trip to the Field of Dreams, not with my dad, but with my mom.

While she’s always been a baseball fan, I think Field of Dreams, really solidified that love for her. (Kevin Costner’s performance certainly didn’t hurt.)

Cait and her mom at the Field of Dreams in 1992.

Cait and her mom at the Field of Dreams in 1992.

We went with a friend of hers and her friend’s son, who was just a couple of years older than me. I remember the long drive to get there, playing catch on the field and walking through the cornfield. I don’t think I was quite old enough to grasp the significance at the time, but it certainly made an impression and lasting memories.

In fact, when mom retired a couple of years ago, dad painted this for her:

Field of Dreams Painting Suess

So, I credit both mom and dad (who was a pretty great college pitcher back in the day and a big fan) with my love of the game. And, for me personally, meeting Dwier and feeling like I had a personal connection to the movie was very special. When I told this story to him, he was kind enough to send my mom a special message.

Dwier loved hearing how much the movie meant to my mom and wanted to send her a special message. This was all his idea! Mom was floored.

Dwier loved hearing how much the movie meant to my mom and wanted to send her a special message. This was all his idea! Mom was floored.

So yes, to say I am looking forward to reading the book is an understatement. And given the topic and timing, it also seems like it would make a great Father’s Day gift. Or a late one for Mother’s Day. Stay tuned for the review!

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Brewers S.C.O.R.E. Big Today With Students at Milwaukee College Prep School

The annual S.C.O.R.E. for Excellence Day presented by The Gordon Flesch Company took place today at Milwaukee College Prep School’s 38th Street Campus. The excitement level of these first through sixth graders was through the roof. They were probably the most fired up I have seen a S.C.O.R.E group in my seven or eight years of participating in the program! Brewers television play-by-play announcer Brian Anderson hosted the program. He was joined by Carlos Gomez, Scooter Gennett and, Brewers alum, Larry Hisle.

The S.C.O.R.E. program is one of the Brewers “Beyond the Diamond” program initiatives. S.C.O.R.E. is an acronym for School, Community, Opportunities, Role Models and Excellence with an emphasis on education, interaction and life skills. During the program, players engage students in a dialogue about the importance of these five S.C.O.R.E. elements. The program helps open communication between the students and their role models. T-shirts and game tickets were provided to each student in the school today. “Beyond the Diamond” is a series of community outreach events that take place throughout the Brewers season in partnership with Brewers Community Foundation and Brewers Community Relations.

Anderson called a few students up to hear their thoughts on what School, Community, Opportunities, Role Models and Excellence meant to them and Gennett, Gomez and Hisle each shared their thoughts as well.

Gennett talked about how helping in your community can be as simple as picking up trash in your neighborhood or checking on a neighbor. He also talked about the importance of having pride in your community.

Gomez talked about taking advantage of opportunities to improve your life. Specifically, he talked about how he took advantage of his abilities on the baseball field and continually worked hard to become a Major League Baseball player. Always working hard was the theme of what he had to show and it is clear that Gomez practices what he preaches.

Anderson introduced Hisle to the group as one of his role models. Hisle talked about how role models in the kids lives–teachers, parents or older siblings–can be of help when growing up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kids were very well-behaved, but very excited to have the Brewers at their school today. I didn’t think they could scream any louder, but then Anderson introduced The Famous Racing Sausages and, well, the kids turned it up and absolutely went bananas.

Milwaukee College Prep is a charter school in Milwaukee with three campuses and over 1400 kids. Principal Maggy Olson did a great job of welcoming the Brewers into her school today. We wish her and the rest of the fabulous teachers the best of luck the rest of this afternoon as the kids will be pumped up the rest of the afternoon! I will be fired up the rest of my day as the dance party before the event was pretty energizing!

A special thanks goes out to Kurt Konicke, branch manager for The Gordon Flesch Company, who attended the event and addressed the children. The Brewers Community Relations Department, Katina Shaw and Erica Bowring along with Andrew Lukinich and Mary DeLatt of the Brewers Corporate Marketing Department, were also there and put a lot of work into making sure the children of Milwaukee College Prep had a day they will never forget. Looking at the faces of these kids today, the hard work of every one involved did pay off.


Behind the Scenes at the Brewers Pet Calendar Photo Shoot

Last week, we let the “cat out of the bag” that we’re creating a Brewers Pet Calendar, featuring photos of the players and coaches with their pets and/or animals from the Wisconsin Humane Society, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the organization.

Today, we held the first photo shoot for the piece, which is due out later this season, and we thought we’d share a few fun photos with you. All photos for the calendar will be taken by Brewers photographer Scott Paulus[Note: All of the dogs at today's photo shoot are dogs that are currently up for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society.]

We also held a contest for one lucky fan and his/her dog to be included in the calendar alongside Hank. Stay tuned for more details on the winner and when the finished piece will be for sale.



Plush Hank Toys Arrive Just in Time for Opening Day!

Now you can take home a Hank that’s almost as cuddly as the #BallparkPup himself!

Yes, plush Hank toys are available at the Brewers Team Store at Miller Park. They retail for $20 and 20% goes to the Wisconsin Humane Society.

Hank Toy Scooter

Even Scooter Gennett has a plush Hank toy.



Get Your 2014 Brewers Specialty Player Tees; Plus, Save with the Brand New “Moon Shot” Markdown Promotion!

Expand your collection of Brewers player tees by purchasing any of our new 2014 specialty designs, exclusive to Miller Park!

Choose from styles featuring:

Scooter Gennett

Scooter Gennett Tee

Scooter asked for a universe/stars-type “out there” theme. The front is an eclipse and his name/number are “moon texture.”

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez Tee

The front of this tee is “dirty” because Gomez plays hard, making great catches and sliding into the plate. The back is Go Go catching a fly ball as a tribute to his Gold Glove award from 2013.

Jean Segura

Chef Segura Tee

Segura likes to cook and is known by some as “Chef Segura,” so we combined a tailgate theme with Segura cooking.

Jonathan Lucroy

photo 1

This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation, it’s just pretty cool.

and Bob Uecker!

photo 2

The Uecker tee plays off of his iconic plaid sport coats and, of course, the fact that he’s a broadcaster.

These specialty player tees are exclusive to Miller Park and are available in men’s sizes SM-XXL (sorry, no women’s or youth tees in these styles).

Both regular and specialty player tees retail for $32 each at the Brewers Team Stores at Miller Park, but fans may find the prices reduced as part of the brand new Moon Shot Markdown promotion.

MB-14 Moon Shot Markdown-Facebook

The Moonshot Markdown promotion replaces the Walk-0ff Wednesdays promotion we’ve had in the past, giving fans more opportunities for greater savings.

With the Moon Shot Markdown, during each home game at Miller Park, each time a Brewers player hits a home run, fans are eligible to receive $5 off that player’s name and number tee (including the specialty tees shown here–sorry, guys, doesn’t look like the Uecker tee will be included).

So for example, if Jonathan Lucroy hits a home run, his t-shirt goes from $32 to $27… if he hits two dingers in the game, you’re down to $22 and so on and so forth.

Just another thing to look forward to this season at Miller Park, but you might want to snap up one of these player tees before the season starts as I’m sure they’ll fly off the shelves faster than a Go Go moon shot flies out of Miller Park!

Can’t make it out to Miller Park anytime soon? Never fear–there’s also a large selection of player tees available on (Note: Product purchased online does not qualify for Moon Shot Markdown.)

Happy shopping!


Hank the #BallparkPup Makes His Sausage Race Debut

Everyone’s got to get in shape for the season. While the players work out and practice, the mascots are hard at work getting ready for Opening Day, too. Bernie goes sliding at a local playground, and the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages run time trials.

But what about the Brewers newest (and as of yet “unofficial”) mascot, Hank the #BallparkPup?

So far, Hank’s been joining the team in the Clubhouse, taking part in practice and posing for the “puparazzi” of media and Brewers fans who can’t wait to get their photos taken with him (see gallery below).

But it was another big day in camp for Hank as he trained with the Sausages, making his debut in the Klement’s Sausage Race.

If a photo is worth  1,000 words, this video is priceless. Brewers players and coaches also shared their comments as well:

Oh, and of course, there’s a gif:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for more updates on the #BallparkPup and #CactusCrew this Spring–games start tomorrow!


Sunday, June 29: Scooter Gennett Bobblehead Day at Miller Park

Today, we announced a change to the 2014 promotional schedule: a Scooter Gennett Bobblehead will be distributed to all fans on Sunday, June 29.  This collectible replaces the previously scheduled bobblehead of Norichika Aoki, who was traded to the Kansas City Royals.

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Bobble-Gennett

Eight All-Fan Bobblehead Dates, plus 6 All-Fan T-Shirt dates, are scheduled at Miller Park this season, completing the #Brewers14in14 All-Fan Giveaway schedule.  The bobbles slated for 2014 are as follows:

Sunday, April 27 Carlos Gomez Bobblehead

Sunday, May 11 Kyle Lohse Bobblehead

Sunday, June 15 Vintage Brewer Bobblehead

Sunday, June 29 Scooter Gennett Bobblehead

Sunday, July 27 Fan Vote Bobblehead (details to come!)

Sunday, August 10 Klement’s Famous Racing Sausage Chorizo Bobble

Sunday, August 24 Jean Segura Bobblehead

Sunday, September 14 Robin Yount Bobblehead

For additional information regarding this year’s Milwaukee Brewers All-Fan Giveaways, click here.

A complete promotional schedule for the 2014 season will be announced at a later date.

 -John and Cait

Gennett and Davis Host “Brewers Fest” at the MLB Fan Cave; Fan Cave Now Accepting Applications!

If you’ll recall, while the Brewers are in New York to close out the 2013 season, Scooter Gennett and Khris Davis paid a visit to the MLB Fan Cave, where “Brewers Fest” was hosted in our honor.

The pair were on hand to serve up some Milwaukee-style fare complete, as you’ll note, with Secret Stadium Sauce.

A video of Brewers Fest was released by the MLB Fan Cave today:

I don’t know about you, but this video is really making me hungry for next baseball season–and hopefully we’ll have a Brewers representative in the Fan Cave in 2014!

The Cave is now accepting applications, so make sure you get yours in by this Friday, November 8!



Catching Up wih the Brewers Cave Crashers

In mid-August, we hosted an Instagram contest to send Brewers fans to the MLB Fan Cave while the team was in New York taking on the Mets, putting out a call for Brewers fans to share pictures of their personal Brewers Fan Caves.

We received many great entries, but the one that stood out for the judges was Pam Dietz’s Brewers Tiki Hut:

Today, I caught up with Pam and she filled me in on the experience.

“I was pretty excited to find out we won,” Pam told me.  “Last year, we started with the tiki hut and since we’re huge Brewers fans, we decided to make it a Brewers/baseball theme and we’ve been adding things here or there, like the retired numbers.”

The family arrived in New York in time to take a tour of the Fan Cave on Friday where they were also greeted by Brewers players Scooter Gennett and Khris Davis.

L-R: Pam, Khris, Scooter, Tony and Jordan.

L-R: Pam, Khris, Scooter, Tony and Jordan.

The family was pretty excited to see Scooter since, living in Appleton, they take in many Timber Rattlers games and had remembered him from his time there. A few years ago, Scooter had even given a broken bat to Jordan, which he was later able to get signed at a Rising Stars game at Miller Park.

During their time at the Fan Cave, Jordan was able to play ping pong with Scooter and Pam also participated in a video shoot.

Scooter and Jordan play ping pong at the MLB Fan Cave.

Scooter and Jordan play ping pong at the MLB Fan Cave.


The family also stayed to watch that night’s game vs. the Mets from the Cave, a 4-2 victory which featured three home runs by Brewers players (Aoki, Davis and Maldonado). This was especially exciting to Jordan, as he got to play Bernie Brewer, sliding down the Fan Cave’s big slide for each one of them.

Scooter Gennett takes his turn on the Fan Cave's HR slide.

Scooter Gennett takes his turn on the Fan Cave’s HR slide.

On Saturday, the family took in the Brewers-Mets game at Citi Field, another 4-2 victory that lasted 10 innings. Their seats were great and they caught Scooter’s eye. He came over to chat and, much to Jordan’s surprise, presented him with another one of his bats to take home as a souvenir.

Being such big Brewers fans, the Dietz family tries to take a family trip to see the Brewers on the road each year, usually around the Fourth of July, So far, they’ve been to see the Crew take on the Twins and the Cardinals.

However, this trip ranks right up there at the top, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“It was a great trip, an awesome trip,” Pam said.

Thanks, Pam, Tony and Jordan for being such great Brewers fans! And thanks to Khris, Scooter and the staff at the Brewers Fan Cave for providing such a memorable experience.



Scooter Gennett and Khris Davis Visit the MLB Fan Cave along with Brewers Cave Crashers

While the Brewers are in New York to close out the 2013 season, Scooter Gennett and Khris Davis paid a visit to the MLB Fan Cave, where “Brewers Fest” was hosted in our honor.

The pair were on hand to serve up some Milwaukee-style fare complete, as you’ll note, with Secret Stadium Sauce.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also on hand were Brewers Sr. Director of Media Relations, Mike Vassallo and Brewers radio announcer, Joe Block,

as well as the winners of our Brewers Crash the Cave contest, Pamela, Tony and Jordan Dietz.

The family enjoyed their visit to the MLB Fan Cave, complete with a VIP tour and participation in a video shoot with Khris  and Scooter (stay tuned for that!).  MLB Fan Cave; Milwaukee Brewers Khris Davis and Scooter Gennett

If you’ll recall, we held a #BrewersFanCave Instagram contest earlier this season and the Dietz Family submitted this winning entry:

Pamela, Tony and Jordan will stay in New York and take in a game this weekend before heading back to Wisconsin.

I’m looking forward to connecting with them when they get back and hearing all about their trip!

Stay tuned for more here on the blog.




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