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Hey Khris, Prom?

It was held at the Milwaukee Yacht Club, the theme was “Dreaming of You” by Selena, and my date was named Jimmy.

It’s true. You never forget your high school prom.

And, when Autumn Sundberg, a senior at Rufus King High School, thinks back on hers, she’ll always remember the Brewers and Khris Davis.

It all started when Autumn and her friends Kayla, Sarah and Katie came out to Miller Park for the Brewers vs. Padres game on Wednesday night. We spotted her in left-field bleachers with this sign, trying to get the attention of Khris.

While we had responded to Autumn that night via Twitter, Khris also replied personally the next morning:

Davis Tweet


So that’s where we stepped in and invited Autumn to get her photo taken with Khris the next time she was coming to a game.

That happened to be today. She arrived with her friends Renna and Nawal and they each met Khris and had their photos taken with him.

Davis and Autumn

Autumn told Khris that she has been a long-time fan of his, ever since he gave her and her friends his batting gloves after a game last season. She’s been following his career ever since.

Khris said he was flattered and inquired about her prom, which was held at the historic Pritzlaff Building in downtown Milwaukee.

Autumn said she had a great time, but of course, it could have been better:

We missed you Khris

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Thanks to Autumn and her friends for being such great fans and thanks to Khris, who made Autumn’s prom that much more memorable without even so much as stepping foot on a dance floor.




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