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Brewers Team Photo Day Leads to #BrewersTeamSelfie

Today was Brewers Team Photo Day at Miller Park.

Brewers Photo Day


The risers were set up in the infield early this afternoon and Brewers Team Photographer Scott Paulus and his staff were on hand to take the official 2014 photo.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I was never a big fan of “picture day” back in school.

Now imagine that times 100, factoring in getting together all of the players–in uniform–along with coaches and staff….without the added bonus of a free comb. You can only hope everyone is on time and hope that nobody blinks.

Add in guys making funny faces, bunny ears and the lot….


…and Carlos Gomez whipping out his cell phone to take a selfie in the middle of it:

#Selfie jajajaja #PhotoDay

A photo posted by Carlos Gomez (@c_gomez27) on

and it seems like we could all be in for a long day.

However, Scott’s the ultimate professional and he’s been doing this for many, many years now. He know what he needs to do to get the guys in, out, and looking great each time.

But what happened today when Scott handed over his camera to Carlos Gomez after the official photo was taken?

#BrewersTeamSelfie, that’s what.

Brewers Team Selfie

Here’s what that looked like from my point of view, as it was happening:

Brewers Team Selfie

And Carlos kept clicking away. He cut off some guys in this one, but it’s too good not to share.

Brewers Team Selfie 2

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 Milwaukee Brewers!

I may be slightly biased, but I think this photo beats Ellen’s any day. 


Photo Day Fun at Maryvale Baseball Park

It was a busy day at Maryvale Baseball Camp with medical meetings where players listened to presentations from team doctors and nutritionists while representatives from Majestic were also on hand to measure players for uniforms.  Mixed in with all of that was photo day!

Photo day is always busy from a media relations perspective as we coordinate the photographers who come in to shoot headshots and posed shots of players while at the same time, ensure all the players go through the stations to get the proper photos taken.  It is an early morning and a long morning, but everything went pretty smoothly this morning and we have some great behind the scenes photos to share.

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Photos were taken by media outlets like the Associated Press and USA Today along with the Brewers team photographer Scott Paulus and Topps baseball cards.

In addition, we had fun using the Twitter Mirror, a special Twitter app used by events like the Oscars and the GRAMMYs, which transforms an ordinary iPad into a special selfie station.

We overheard players say “That was my favorite station” and “How much does that cost? I want one of those,” so we think they had fun… but of course, we’ve also got pictures (and a video) to prove it:

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