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Screening by Annabelle Attanasio Tonight at the Milwaukee Film Festival

We’re in the midst of the 7th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which includes  341 screenings during its 15-day run. Tonight, one of those screenings is of the film, “One Man’s Trash,” directed by Annabelle Attanasio, the niece of Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio.

“One Man’s Trash” is a video short about a man on a mission to compost a bag of spoiled produce at the Brooklyn Grange. however, when he gets to Greenpoint, the hipsters won’t let him pass. The project was funded by NYU Green Grants. It will be screened tonight at 7pm CT at the Fox Bay Cinema Grill as part of “Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story.”

Annabelle is a filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY, the founder of Alacrity Productions. She is also an actress, with roles on television shows such as “The Knick,” “The Slap,” and “House M.D.” Her upcoming film “Drooler” will also be released this year.

This is not the first time an Attanasio has had an event at the Milwaukee Film Festival. In 2013, the Milwaukee Film Festival hosted “An Evening with Paul Attanasio.” Paul, Mark’s brother and Annabelle’s father, is an award-winning Hollywood writer/producer. He has worked on projects like “Quiz Show,” “Donnie Brasco” and “House M.D.”  Paul also returned to the festival this year to conduct a master class for screenwriters and students.

Before her screening tonight, Annabelle Attanasio is taking in the Brewers vs. Cubs finale with her aunt and uncle.

Before her screening tonight, Annabelle Attanasio is taking in the Brewers vs. Cubs finale with her aunt and uncle.

We highly encourage you to check out Annabelle’s film tonight and to visit the Milwaukee Film Festival in general through the end of its 2015 run on Thursday.

In keeping with their mission to positively impact the lives of children and families, the Brewers Community Foundation (BCF), along with Mark and Debbie Attanasio,” are also once again a big part of this amazing event. BCF is the Presenting Sponsor of the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Education Screenings program, which admits over 8,000 students from 1st through 12th grades for grade-appropriate screenings of festival films.

Hank the Ballpark Pup also stars in this year’s sponsor trailer for the festival, which was a collaborative effort with the Wisconsin Humane Society.



Milwaukee Film Festival’s “An Evening With Paul Attanasio”

Congratulations to our five blog readers who won tickets to the Milwaukee Film Festival’s “An Evening with Paul Attanasio” last week.

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!

Evening with Paul Attanasio


For those of you who don’t know, Paul is the brother of Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner, Mark Attanasio and is an award-winning Hollywood writer/producer. He has worked on projects like Quiz Show, Donnie Brasco and House M.D.

On Saturday evening, Paul was a special guest at the Oriental Theatre and took part in a question and answer session  where he discussed his career, influences and his thoughts on the film industry today with Artistic and Executive Director of the Film Festival, Jonathan Jackson.

An Evening with Paul Attanasio

Artistic and Executive Director of the Milwaukee Film Festival, Jonathan Jackson, introduces the evening's event.

Artistic and Executive Director of the Milwaukee Film Festival, Jonathan Jackson, introduces the evening’s event.

We found the retrospective to be informative and incredibly interesting. Paul had attended Harvard Law School before he got an internship at the Washington Post. There, he ended up having the opportunity to audition for the role of  film critic. At the young age of 24, he was selected and spent three years in the job.

During the event, Jonathan read an excerpt from a review Paul had written on the 1987 Sylvester Stallone movie, “Over the Top” and Paul laughed along with the audience as he admitted to being quite green  and having “two gears”–one condescending and sarcastic about the film and one highly praising and glowing.  Read Paul’s review of “Over the Top” here.

Jonathan and Paul discuss Paul's career and the film industry during Saturday's event.

Jonathan and Paul discuss Paul’s career and the film industry during Saturday’s event.

But Paul says he learned a lot during his time as a film critic and considers it his education in the industry. He made a lot of connections and he was able to develop his writing skills as well. He left the Post when producer Jerry Bruckheimer gave him a screenwriting job.

Flash forward to today and Paul’s been nominated for just about every industry award there is, including the Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe.

The audience was treated to clips from Paul’s movies and TV shows, followed by his insight into certain elements of the plot, characters, dialogue and more.

Toward the end of the evening, Paul looked ahead to his next projects, including reading the opening scene for The Vatican, a project he is working on with Showtime.

Finally, the audience had a chance to ask their own questions of Paul as the evening concluded.

Were you in attendance on Saturday night? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Have any recommendations for films that we can still have a chance to check out between now and Thursday, when the Festival wraps up? Please share!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Film Festival, we hope you can get there this week. More information on the festival including ticket information for all events can be found here.

Milwaukee Film Festival 2013



“An Evening With Paul Attanasio” Ticket Giveaway

Brush up on your movie trivia cinema buffs!  We have a special trivia contest for you today!

The Milwaukee Film Festival was kind enough to donate five pairs of tickets to Saturday’s “Evening With Paul Attanasio” as a part of the ongoing film festival.  We decided to host a little movie trivia contest for our readers to distribute the tickets.

We have come up with five questions based on baseball movies and the first five people to correctly answer all five questions correctly will win a pair of tickets to Saturday’s event, “An Evening With Paul Attanasio.”  The event takes place at the Oriental Theatre on Milwaukee’s East Side at 7:30 p.m.  Please e-mail your answers to and we will announce the winners tomorrow!  Good luck!

1. What was the score of the game when Rick Vaughn made his Major League debut in the movie Major League?

2. Scott Hatteberg hit a pinch-hit walk-off home run to win the 20th consecutive game for the A’s in 2002.  Who did he pinch hit for?

3. What year did The Sandlot take place?

4. Jackie Robinson’s #42 was retired by Major League Baseball in 1997, can you name the first and last Brewers players to wear 42?

5. Who was the Opening Day pitcher for the Rockford Peaches in A League of Their Own?


Milwaukee Film Festival to Feature “An Evening With Paul Attanasio”

With the Brewers season over, Brewers fans (and employees like myself) find themselves with a little more free time on their hands.  Milwaukee is a great city and has a lot of activities to fill that void including an event that began late last week, The Milwaukee Film Festival.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself, ‘Why are John and Cait selling me on the Film Festival?  What do they know about films?”  I am not promising I am a movie expert by any means.  I am your average fan of movies, but I just wanted to shed some light on an event that is fun and exciting in town.  I also love some of the unique theaters in Milwaukee like the Oriental and Downer—both showcased throughout the festival.  We are lucky to have an event like this in our city and I am happy that the Brewers recognize the importance of culture like this by sponsoring the festival.

Last Thursday, the Film Festival hosted its annual Opening Night Party at the Discovery World Museum on the lakefront.  It was a great event with a lot of energy and excitement.  A live performance from local singer/songwriter Evan Christian was featured along with the Milwaukee debut of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble came from New York City to perform and can be seen in Brothers Hypnotic, a featured film at this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival.  They brought the house (or tent) down with their hip hop and jazz combo that filled the room with unique sounds.

Another part of this year’s film festival that is close to the Brewers is “An Evening With Paul Attanasio.”  Paul is the brother of Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner, Mark Attanasio and is an award-winning Hollywood writer/producer.  As a part of a special event this Saturday at the festival, Paul Attanasio will be honored.  He has worked on projects like Quiz Show, Donnie Brasco and House M.D.

Paul Attanasio

Paul Attanasio

The event will take place at the Oriental Theatre at 7:30 p.m.  Paul Attanasio will discuss his career, influences and his thoughts of the film industry today.  I’m guessing he might also talk a little Brewers baseball as he closely follows his brother’s team.

Cait and I will be at Saturday’s event so if you have any questions about Paul Attanasio’s previous film projects or the industry in general, let us know and we will pass the question on to him and get it answered for our wrap up.

As a part of the Brewers Community Foundation sponsorship of the Milwaukee Film Festival, weekday Education Screenings for area elementary, middle and high school students have been made possible. Each day finds nearly 1,000 students at the Oriental Theatre for an incredible cinematic experience–complete with the Brewers Famous Racing Sausages to greet them on the way out!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do have a list of movies that I would like to see before the festival ends next week (click here for a complete schedule).  Again, I’m no expert and am not pretending to be a critic, but these films looked interesting to me and I thought I would share:

Muscle Shoals – Thursday, 7:00 p.m. Fox Bay Cinema Grill

Earth – Friday, 7:00 p.m. Oriental Theatre

Google and the World Brain – Friday, 7:30 p.m. Fox Bay Cinema Grill and Wednesday, October 9, 7:30 p.m. Downer Theatre

2001: A Space Odyssey – Saturday, 10;30 p.m. Oriental Theatre (I’ve seen it before, but never on the big screen!)

12 O’Clock Boys – Monday, 7:15 p.m. and Thursday, October 10 Oriental Theatre

More information on the festival including ticket information for all events can be found here.

What is your favorite baseball movie of all-time?  Vote below or if I forgot your favorite, let us know in the comments section below.


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