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Trip to Seattle a Homecoming for Davies

Astute fans have probably noticed a tattoo on Brewers pitcher Zach Davies‘ left forearm, but you may not have been able to make out exactly what it is:

Zach Davies September 2015 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Scott Paulus/Brewers

Pitcher Zach Davies signs autographs at Brewers On Deck. Notice the Seattle tattoo on his left forearm.

Pitcher Zach Davies signs autographs at Brewers On Deck. Notice the Seattle tattoo on his left forearm.

Well, turns out that it is the Seattle skyline with the words “Remember Where You Come From.” Davies was kind enough to give us a close-up, as well as to take the time to sit down with me and chat about his tattoo and his love for the Emerald City, where the Brewers will head later this week. There, the Crew will take on the Mariners in Interleague play for the first time since 2013.

The Seattle native shows his love for his hometown on his forearm.

The Seattle native shows his love for his hometown on his forearm.

For Davies, Seattle holds strong sentimental value. It is where he was born and formed his earliest memories. And, although his immediate family moved to Arizona when he was 7, much of his extended family still lives there.

“I remember growing up there, not wanting to move,” Davies said. “I love the weather there. It just kind of fits my personality. It’s relaxed and place to just hangout.”

He’s also a big Seattle Seahawks fan:

Davies says he tries to go back and visit at least once a year, but there are times when he gets to go multiple times and fortunately for him, this year is one of them.

He says he has a couple of tattoos on his back, but he got the Seattle tattoo after he signed (with the Orioles) in 2011. Davies worked with the artist who sketched the design from a photo.

What does Davies enjoy most about Seattle that members of the Brewers Road Crew should check out this weekend?

“Downtown is awesome. You’ve got the Space Needle, you’ve got the marketplace (Pike Place Market), right by the water.  Right next to the Space Needle there is a music museum that I’ve always enjoyed going to,” Davies said.

“I also just enjoy taking in the landscape that I don’t get in Arizona,” he added, as the 23-year-old still lives in Arizona in the offseason. “My favorite restaurant is a seafood place right on the water, kind of across to get the city skyline view– Salty’s on Alki Beach.”

Known for his ’90s/grunge-type entrance music, like Nirvana and Bush, Davies admits that the city inspires his choices.

“It does,” he said. “The grunge genre has always been my favorite.”

Davies will face the Cubs today in the series finale at Wrigley, so unfortunately he will just miss pitching in his hometown; however, needless to say, Davies is excited to be going back where he came from this weekend.



Double Clutch Menu Item for the Orioles Series: Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich

Today, the Brewers kicked off a eight-game homestand here at Miller Park . First to town are the Baltimore Orioles and a we’ve got some Baltimore flair on the menu at the Double Clutch for the next three games.

The Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich is served with tiger sauce on a kaiser roll with house-made chips for $12.00.

Baltimore Pit Beef SandwichPit beef is Baltimore’s version of barbecue: beef grilled crusty on the outside, rare and juicy inside and heaped high on a sandwich.

In addition, the Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball will also be available for $9.50.

As always, the Double Clutch is located outside section 215 on the Loge Level for the three games of the Orioles series at Miller Park.


That’s His Ticket!

Today, I caught up with one of our first winners in our FanTastic 40 promotion: Bob Sarsfield.

If you don’t know Bob, you will soon. That’s because, for one game during the 2012 season, Bob’s photo is going to be printed on a Brewers season ticket!

Bob showed up at our offices this afternoon ready for the shoot. He was greeted with quite the entourage– Jeff
Harding, our Senior Graphic Designer
, who will be designing the tickets; Kelly Candotti, our Marketing & Promotions Coordinator was on hand to supply props (a cap, a bat, etc.); Jason Massopust, his Account Executive; Billy Friess, Senior Director of Ticket Sales, me, covering the shoot for the blog, and cameras from several local television stations–as we escorted him to his shoot with Scott Paulus, our team photographer

Bob has been a Season Seat Holder on his own since 1989, but he has been a fan and had tickets with friends long before that. In fact, since the Brewers have been in Milwaukee, Bob has only missed one Opening Day: Tuesday, April 10, 1973. The reason he remembers it so clearly is because  April 10 is his birthday, and that year, the game against the Boston Red Sox was snowed out, the result of a snowstorm of 13 inches the night prior. In fact, the snowstorm was so bad that the team didn’t end up opening their season at home until that Friday, April 13, winning 2-0 over the Baltimore Orioles.

You never know what might happen when you go to a baseball game and Bob’s witnessed many other memorable moments over the years. Some of those highlights include:

    • Rickey Henderson breaking Lou Brock’s single-season stolen base record at County Stadium on August 27, 1982
    • Nolan Ryan’s 300th win at County Stadium on July 31, 1990
    • Robin Yount’s 3000th hit at County Stadium on September 9, 1992
    • Trevor Hoffman’s 600th save at Miller Park on September 7, 2010
    • The Brewers clinching their first-ever National League Central Division Title on September 23, 2011 at Miller Park
    • And much, much more!

Note: I've deliberately obscured Bob's face here. You're just going to have to wait until Sunday, July 15, 2012, the date Bob's chosen to have his image appear on his very own season ticket!

The shoot lasted about 25 minutes and Bob was a great sport. It was great to see this prize going to such a loyal Brewers fan.

“I’m very excited, this was completely out of the blue,” he said.

Season Seat Holders can look forward to seeing Bob’s finished ticket when their tickets arrive in late March. He’s chosen Sunday, July 15 as the date that he would like his image to appear on the ticket. That date, we’ll be hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates at 1:10pm.

Bob said he picked that date because it is his sister’s birthday and Jennie’s a big Brewers fan, just like him.

While we know that July 15 is too early to be a date that the Brewers might do something like clinch the division (that’s what happened on the date last year’s winner chose!), with baseball, you never know what might happen, so let’s hope that ticket is another keepsake for our fans! I know it will be for at least one no matter what.

And the FanTastic 40 promotion–40 Days, 40 drawings, 40 unique prizes and experiences, all for our Season Seat Holders–is just beginning!  

There’s still time to get in the game and, the sooner you get in, the more scoring opportunities you’ll have.  So visit for more information, including complete rules and regulations!


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