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First Brewers T-Shirt Friday on June 13

If you were following along with our #Brewers14in14 All-Fan Giveaway unveiling this offseason,  then you know that for six Friday home games during the 2014 season, all fans will receive a Brewers t-shirt, featuring a unique design for each game ( NOTE: T-shirts will be available in Adult XL and Medium).


The first T-Shirt Friday will take place on Friday, June 13 when the Brewers return home to take on the Cincinnati Reds:

MB-14 All Fan Reveal-Tshirt-1

Here to model this retro Brewers tee are Brewers pitchers Rob Wooten and Will Smith. Work it, boys!

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“You Wanna Have a Catch?” Catching Up with Field of Dreams’ Dwier Brown

Who could have predicted that two baseball movies that came out within two weeks of one another in April 1989 would have such a lasting impact on us today?

Yes, that’s right. This year, both Major League (April 7, 1989) and Field of Dreams (April 21, 1989) are celebrating their 25th Anniversaries. 

And while both movies center on our beloved sport and are legendary in their own rights, the two really couldn’t be more different.

Major League is best known for it’s humor with its many funny, oft-quoted one-liners. And, of course, with Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle and Country Stadium masquerading as Cleveland Municipal, it holds a very special place in the heart of Brewers fans.

Field of Dreams, on the other hand, is a movie that pays homage to baseball’s majestic, magical link to the past. It’s nostalgic and sentimental, yet just as iconic.

And both movies have withstood the test of time,  still resonating with baseball fans young and old alike a quarter-century later as their stars gather to celebrate the major anniversary of their films.

That’s how earlier this season, I had the chance to connect with Corbin Bernsen who played Roger Dorn in Major League, and this weekend, I had the chance  to meet with Dwier Brown, the actor who played John Kinsella in Field of Dreams.

John Kinsella? Don’t you mean Ray Kinsella, Cait? No, John is the father of Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner). He’s only in the film for about five minutes, but they are arguably the most important of all.

No matter how many times you see it, your eyes will start to water as Ray says to John, “Hey dad…wanna have a catch?” 

“I’d like that,” Dwier Brown as John replies.

And now, 25 years later, to coincide with the film’s anniversary, Dwier has written a book titled, “If You Build It…” a “funny and moving memoir about Fathers, Fate and Field of Dreams.”

Despite being an actor for 35 years and performing in hundreds of other films, plays and television shows, it was those five minutes that changed Dwier’s life.


He has been recognized by fans all over who have told him poignant stories about their fathers and how watching the film changed their lives. Their touching stories have put into perspective his own father’s unexpected death just a month before he began filming Field of Dreams.

“I have a lot of fathers or sons who come up to me and say they’ve lost their relationship with their father or son… maybe for 15 years they haven’t spoken because of some riff–in some cases they don’t even remember what it was about exactly–but when they saw that movie they managed to take that person, their father or son, to the movie with them, or just took them outside and had a catch with them. And somehow, they managed to just put aside this long history of misunderstandings. That’s happened many times,” Dwier told me.

“Another one that sticks out in my mind is a man who was a lawyer then decided to become a sculptor. By being a lawyer, he thought he could be his dad, as opposed to being happy, which is what his father would have wanted him to do,” he said.

I had a great time meeting Dwier and his wife, Laurie on Sunday. Can't wait to read the book!

I had a great time meeting Dwier and his wife, Laurie on Sunday. Can’t wait to read the book!

At the time, however, Dwier had no idea how iconic the film would become.

“The script was just so good…. I don’t think any of us had any expectations that it would be a particularly successful movie because the script was so sweet and kind of perfect… there was no action, no big romance, so I think it came as a surprise to all of us that a), it was so huge and b), that it’s had such a lasting legacy.”

Dwier grew up in Ohio and says that he loved baseball growing up.

“As a kid, I think I was impatient. I loved playing it more than I did watching it. As I’ve grown older and realized what all goes into the spaces between pitches, I’ve realized what an exciting game it can be. I grew up cheering for the Cleveland Indians, which was one of those hopeless endeavors,” he said.

Another story that Dwier recounts in his book is about getting cut from his freshman baseball team, but having the last laugh.

“I was so disappointed,” he recalled. “I told a friend of mine that the coach would regret that and someday my picture would end up in the Hall of Fame and sure enough….I didn’t end up playing baseball, but I am hanging in pinstripes in the Baseball Hall of Fame, so I think that counts, even if it was the backdoor,” said Dwier, referring to an iconic still from the movie that hangs in Cooperstown.

Now, he says, he doesn’t have a particular allegiance to a team, but instead tends to follow players that he likes. This was evidenced later in the day, as Dwier, who met and took a photograph with Scooter Gennett prior to the game, quickly became one of Scooter’s biggest fans, cheering him on on his way to his two doubles and home run in Sunday’s 9-0 victory over the Cubs.

Scooter Gennett tries on Dwier Brown's dad's old glove from the 1920s.

Scooter Gennett tries on Dwier Brown’s dad’s old glove from the 1920s.

With the film’s underlying theme so closely tied to fathers and sons, it makes sense that a big event is planned to celebrate the film at the Field of Dreams in Iowa on Father’s Day weekend.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Dwier, who has two kids of his own, a daughter who is a senior in college and a son who just finished his freshman year of high school. (Neither was born when the movie first came out.)

“Kevin (Costner) is coming out and I’m bringing my son. My 91-year-old mother is driving out from Ohio with my sister. To see the movie on the baseball field where it was filmed, I think is going to be really magical. The people there, obviously they love that movie. Many of them were in it, all the extras that were in those cars…They are big sports fans, really fired up about it,” he said.

I haven’t read the book yet, but Dwier was kind enough to give me a copy. I’m excited to read it.

While I was quite young when the movie came out, the movie holds an extra-special place in my heart because, in 1992, I took a trip to the Field of Dreams, not with my dad, but with my mom.

While she’s always been a baseball fan, I think Field of Dreams, really solidified that love for her. (Kevin Costner’s performance certainly didn’t hurt.)

Cait and her mom at the Field of Dreams in 1992.

Cait and her mom at the Field of Dreams in 1992.

We went with a friend of hers and her friend’s son, who was just a couple of years older than me. I remember the long drive to get there, playing catch on the field and walking through the cornfield. I don’t think I was quite old enough to grasp the significance at the time, but it certainly made an impression and lasting memories.

In fact, when mom retired a couple of years ago, dad painted this for her:

Field of Dreams Painting Suess

So, I credit both mom and dad (who was a pretty great college pitcher back in the day and a big fan) with my love of the game. And, for me personally, meeting Dwier and feeling like I had a personal connection to the movie was very special. When I told this story to him, he was kind enough to send my mom a special message.

Dwier loved hearing how much the movie meant to my mom and wanted to send her a special message. This was all his idea! Mom was floored.

Dwier loved hearing how much the movie meant to my mom and wanted to send her a special message. This was all his idea! Mom was floored.

So yes, to say I am looking forward to reading the book is an understatement. And given the topic and timing, it also seems like it would make a great Father’s Day gift. Or a late one for Mother’s Day. Stay tuned for the review!

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Double Clutch Menu Item for the Twins Series: Cajun Seared Walleye Reuben

The Twins are in town for a two-game series and that means a new item at the Double Clutch! Minnesota is known as the “Land of Lakes” (even though technically Wisconsin has more lakes, but we can save that argument for another day) and that mean plenty of freshwater fishing.

Fresh Walleye Reuben.

Fresh Walleye Reuben.

The Cajun Seared Walleye Reuben is the featured item this week, honoring that tradition of freshwater fishing. A fresh walleye fillet seared on the grill and served on toasted rye bread. The walleye is topped with kraut, thousand island dressing, Cajun seasoning and Swiss cheese.  On the side, a serving of the house made Miller Park chips for $11.


Also available, Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball for $9.50.

Enjoy the rivalry week!



Double Clutch Menu Item for the Cubs Series: Chicago-Style Panini

The Cubs are in town this weekend and the Double Clutch stand is serving up a Chicago Style Panini. This one sounded a little strange on paper, but seeing in person, it was a much different story.

Looks great!

Looks great!

It’s a Chicago Dog, split open with sliced Italian Sausage, sliced tomato, sport peppers, provolone cheese, neon relish, celery salt and sliced onion, for $10. The famous Miller Park house made chips are served on the side.  It is a very interesting take on a Chicago classic. If you are a traditionalist, you might not be open to this. If you are willing to take a chance, it will be well worth it.

Fresh off the grill.

Fresh off the grill.


The Spaghetti in a Meatball is also available all weekend for $9.50.

As always, the Double Clutch is located outside section 215 on the Loge Level for the three weekend games of the Cubs series at Miller Park.


Bowling over the Twins as We Prepare for Next Week’s Border Battle

Got a few minutes to “spare”?

Let us tell you the story of the how we captured the Twins Bowling Ball and why we’ve been holding it hostage until next week’s Border Battle at Miller Park and Target Field.

It all began last November at the Major League Baseball Industry Meetings in Orlando, Florida.

These meetings are generally held every 2-3 years with the purpose of giving members of the 30 Clubs’ front offices an opportunity to gather, share best practices and learn from one another.

While the days are filled with keynote speakers and breakout sessions, the evenings provide the chance for a little team building and fun with co-workers and counterparts at other teams.

One such team-building event was a “30 Clubs in 30 Lanes” bowling tournament held at Splitsville Lanes in Downtown Disney.

A good time was had by all, the meetings wrapped, and everyone dispersed back home to their respective ballparks. In follow up, MLB sent each Club a special memento from the event:  team-branded bowling balls that  had been on display at the bowling alley. Splittsville But there was one catch… somehow we accidentally received the Twins bowling ball and they received ours!

The Twins sent ours back to us, but we decided to hold their ball hostage and have a little fun during our annual “Border Battle” with our interleague rivals, June 2-5, which starts with games at Miller Park on Monday and Tuesday and then moves to Target Field for games on Wednesday and Thursday.

Yes, that’s right, Minnesota. We still have your bowling ball, and here’s the deal: We’re going to treat these balls as a traveling trophy of sorts. The team who wins the season series next week will get to keep both bowling balls. In the event of a “split,” they’ll go to the team that scores the most runs in the series. Of course, we had to have a little fun with them first (‘cuz that’s how we “roll”), so we headed over to Bluemound Bowl:

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Brewers Bowling Gif

Funny. The Brewers bowling ball kept throwing strikes…

Twins Bowling GIF

…but it appeared that the Twins ball might have been defective.

We’re looking forward to hosting the Twins on Monday and Tuesday… here’s hoping we “knock ‘em down”!

If having a great time is right up your alley, be sure to come out and cheer on the Crew during the annual Border Battle next week.

As an added bonus, Monday’s game on 6/2 is 620 WTMJ Day. The game will start at 6:20pm CT and tickets are just $6.20!

Hope to see you at Miller Park!


What John and Cait Ate: “The BBDB” from AJ Bombers

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

-Yogi Berra

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it…and try these concessions!”

-John & Cait

Braun’s Bacon Double Burger-

“The BBDB” from AJ Bombers

During each homestand, we’ll sample some of the latest and greatest Miller Park fare and review it here, for you.

One of the most fun, new additions to Miller Park this season has been AJ Bombers. The popular restaurant and bar-with locations in Milwaukee and Madison-now occupies the outside space formerly known as the Plaza Pavilion, along the west side of Miller Park near the right-field gate.

AJ Bombers offers a selection of cheeseburgers, egg rolls, tater tots, shakes, custards, specialty concrete mixers and more. The menu also include homestand specials, such as the city-themed concrete mixers and the newest addition: Braun’s Bacon Double Burger–the BBDB.


BBDB Braun Burger

Making its debut  tonight (on National Burger Day nonetheless),  The BBDB  is a special burger named after Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.

It’s a double cheeseburger, topped with lettuce, tomato, mustard cheese sauce and Nueske’s bacon. The appropriately named sandwich is the third of several city and/or player-themed burgers that AJ Bombers plans to offer this season.

Braun’s burger is exclusive to Miller Park (i.e. not served at AJ Bombers’ restaurants) and available for a limited time.

And for dessert, be sure to try AJ Bombers new specialty concrete concoction here for one more night only: The Smith Island Cake, the official cake of Maryland, appropriate for the Orioles series.


We’ll be sure to check in with AJ Bombers often throughout the season to keep you informed on their newest menu items, just like we have been with the ever-popular Double Clutch!


(out of 5)

Where To Satisfy Your Craving: Fans can find AJ Bombers on the Field Level, in the outside space formerly known as the Plaza Pavilion, along the west side of Miller Park near the right-field gate.

What about you? Do you have a favorite ballpark snack? A question about concessions? Something you’d like to see featured here? Post your comments below!

Bon Appetit!

-John and Cait

Gomez Surprises His Number One Fan

Prior to tonight’s Brewers-Orioles game at Miller Park, Carlos Gomez selected his “Number One Fan,” Jordan Hynum out of the stands and surprised her by offering her the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.

Carlos and Jordan first met on Gomez’ bobblehead day on April 27 at Miller Park when Carlos was signing autographs for fans before the game. That is when FOX Sports Wisconsin cameras captured the meeting and her emotional response to the hug from the Brewers All-Star. The footage went viral as it showed the 15-year-old Fort Atkinson girl crying tears of joy after meeting Carlos.

The Milwaukee Brewers responded by offering tickets to Jordan to tonight’s game, but Carlos and the team had another surprise waiting for them….

So, earlier today, when Jordan sent out this tweet. She had no idea what was in store for her:

Carlos surprised Jordan by pulling her out of the crowd for her to throw out the first pitch prior to tonight’s game.


Carlos came out of the dugout before tonight’s game to surprise Jordan Hynum, his number one fan. Photo: Scott Paulus/Milwaukee Brewers

“Adrenaline took over, it was very cool,” said Jordan, shortly after the pitch, which was thrown for a strike as the sophomore at Fort Atkinson High School has played softball.

Jordan throws the ceremonial first pitch for a strike.

Jordan throws the ceremonial first pitch for a strike.

She says she received overwhelming response from family and friends in the days following the video footage and that even strangers will recognize her and say, “Aren’t you the girl who cried on TV?”

But that’s okay. In this case, they were happy tears.

Carlos Gomez and Jordan Hynum

Carlos Gomez and Jordan Hynum, after Jordan threw out the first pitch prior to tonight’s game.  Photo: Scott Paulus/Milwaukee Brewers

And, when we asked her why Carlos is her favorite player, her eyes misted over again as she said, “Because he is a good person and plays with all his heart.”

He sure does. As if on cue, minutes later, Carlos hit a 3-run home run in the bottom of the first to give the Brewers an early 3-0 lead.

–John and Cait

Double Clutch Menu Item for the Orioles Series: Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich

Today, the Brewers kicked off a eight-game homestand here at Miller Park . First to town are the Baltimore Orioles and a we’ve got some Baltimore flair on the menu at the Double Clutch for the next three games.

The Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich is served with tiger sauce on a kaiser roll with house-made chips for $12.00.

Baltimore Pit Beef SandwichPit beef is Baltimore’s version of barbecue: beef grilled crusty on the outside, rare and juicy inside and heaped high on a sandwich.

In addition, the Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball will also be available for $9.50.

As always, the Double Clutch is located outside section 215 on the Loge Level for the three games of the Orioles series at Miller Park.


Memorial Day at Miller Park

Today, in celebration of Memorial Day, the Brewers and Orioles are wearing special camouflage caps and jerseys to honor those currently serving in the Armed Forces and Veterans of the Armed Forces.

Brewers Camo

Fans can purchase replicas these caps and jerseys and MLB and MLB Advanced Media will donate 100% of the net proceeds from sales to Welcome Back Veterans, an awareness and fundraising initiative to address the mental health needs of returning veterans with the goal of helping them transition back to civilian life.

In addition, fans can purchase the game-worn jerseys and caps from today’s game. For more information, follow @MILAuthentics on Twitter.

The ceremonial first pitch was a simultaneous pitch by representatives from all five branches of the military.

Memorial Day Miller Park



The American Flag was presented by the honor guards from the U.S. Army recruiting battalion-Milwaukee, Navy Operation Support Center-Milwaukee, and the 128th Air Refueling Wing-Wisconsin Air National Guard and the national anthem was performed by Wisconsin Army National Guard Sgt. Zach Henningsen, who is home from deployment.

Sgt. Zach Henningsen

We also held a special PNC Major League Moment. (Typically reserved for Sunday home games, at participating PNC Banks, kids 6-13 can enter to win an on-field appearance with a Brewers player during the national anthem, along with tickets, a cap, a baseball and photos, courtesy of PNC Bank.)

IMG_9165 IMG_9168


In addition, the Club donated a block of tickets to the USO and this group of active duty soldiers was upgraded to the owner’s seats as our small way of saying “Thank you for your service.”


In the 7th inning today, God Bless America will be performed by Air Force Veteran and Brewers employee Bob Kozlowski.

And, at 3:00 pm, we will join MLB in taking part in the National Moment of Remembrance, an initiative we’ve participated in since 1997. Across the league, games in progress will pause to observe a moment of silence followed by a commemorative video.

The National Moment of Remembrance was created to remind all Americans of the importance of remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, provide an opportunity to offer a collective, unified expression of gratitude; and to help younger Americans understand the significance of Memorial Day.

Whether you’re here at Miller Park, or spending time with family and friends, we encourage you to pause, reflect, and join us in honoring those who have served and continue to serve our great country.




Join Hank on a Walk Through Miller Park with the Hank Stamp Book

Fans 16 & under can pick up a free Hank Stamp Book at any of the Brewers Team Stores and join the Ballpark Pup on a tour of Miller Park while collecting stamps from 12 locations around the stadium.  Once fans collect all eligible stamps for today’s game they can take their stamp book to Brewers Team Store by Majestic in the Hot Corner to claim vouchers for free Brewers tickets.

Hank Stamp Promo

After today, fans should continue to bring their Hank Stamp Books to games and visit the Brewers Authentics Kiosk to collect the rest of the Pitchers Stamps. Once the booklet is completely filled, fans can go to Bernie’s Chalet Custom Shoppe to get the Bernie Brewer Bonus Stamp. While there, fans can fill out a Grand Prize Entry Form to become eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing on Monday, July 14.



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