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Chef’s Table for the Pirates Series

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in town for a three-game series beginning tonight at Miller Park, and the featured item at the Loge Level Chef’s Table is “Polish Hill Pierogies & Kielbassa.”

Pierogies to Pittsburgh are like Brats to Milwaukee. What’s a pierogy, you ask?

Well, they’re dumplings made of unleavened dough, first boiled, then baked or fried usually in butter with onions – traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit, typically semicircular in shape.

And, like our very own World Famous Klement’s Racing Sausages, the Pirates Pierogies are an important part of in-game entertainment for all Pirates games at PNC Park. Following the end of the 5th inning, the Pierogies take the field to run the 280-yard Pierogy Race. There are four different pierogies in the race: Sauerkraut Saul, Cheese Chester, Jalapeno Hannah and Oliver Onion.

The Pierogies also make various appearances in the community, ranging from parades to private functions and also non-profit events.

Photo courtesy: Piitsburgh Pirates

Chef John’s special for this series is basically, a Cheese Chester: three Potato and cheese pierogies sautéed in butter with caramelized onions:

and served with grilled kielbassa:

Pierogies battle with the Primanti Bros. sandwich for food supremacy in Pittsburgh and this version of the dish is excellent.  Full of flavor, the sausage is a perfect compliment to the cheese filled pierogies.  Add a pretzel roll on the side and it makes for a complete and delicious meal.

This meal is $9.25.   As always, these items can be found at the Chef’s Table outside Section 215 at Miller Park–this weekend only!


Speedy Delivery…Famous Racing Sausages Deliver Your Season Tickets to the USPS

Today was a big day for Brewers fans! 



Klement’s Sausage for a Year: A Prize A.L. Schutzman Will Surely Relish

After working at Miller Park the past eight seasons, seeing the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages around the building doesn’t really phase me much anymore (though they never cease to make me smile).

However, for the folks at A.L. Schutzman Company,  when the Famous Racing Sausages  visited their offices in Waukesha today, this was not your average Wednesday afternoon.


Hot Dog, ready to make a speedy delivery to A.L. Schutzman!

That’s because president Gordon Liebl was the first winner in our FanTastic 40 promotion and the Famous Racing Sausages showed up to deliver his prize: Klement’s Sausage for a Year.

Gordon Liebl.jpg

Gordon’s name in lights-all winners are recognized on the Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboards.

The A.L. Schutzman Company, known for quality products and service, has been in business since 1921. Their main product line is nuts, but they have branched out to add trail mixes, chocolate-covered nuts and more to their snack selection over the years, with special attention to packaging.

peanuts.JPGWhen we arrived just shortly after 2pm today, I thought it was only fitting that we were stationed near the giant bags of peanuts, another favorite ballpark snack, as e
mployees gathered around to watch Gordon’s son, Griffin, accept the prize along with Linda Schenkelberg who works for the company in business development.

griffin and linda.JPG

Griffin, Linda, and the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages!

When I spoke with Griffin, the first question I asked him was, “What are you going to do with all that meat?”

He responded immediately with the perfect answer, “A lot more tailgating!”

Griffin also noted that the company has a lot of cookouts, so the sausage is sure to come in handy.

Gordon was entered into the promotion by renewing his four full season tickets, an account that the company has held since 1981.

To get in the game (or for rules and regulations), be sure to visit

You’ll also want to check back here as I hope to catch up with the rest of our winners as they redeem their prizes!


Many Happy Campers Attend Field of Sweet Dreams Event at Miller Park


If you’re not familiar with it, Field of Sweet Dreams, presented by Copps, Pick ‘n Save and Kemps, is a giant slumber party for 350Brewers fans of all ages, put on by Brewers Enterprises. You get to set up your tent on the field, watch the game and a movie on the video board, play games, enjoy great food and more. Last year was the first year of the event and it was a smashing success. Being in the Consumer Marketing department, I helped promote the event, so I thought I should see for myself what it is really like. I asked Sarah Chmiel, Manager of Brewers Enterprises and Queen of the Field of Sweet Dreams, if she’d be open to my covering the event for John and Cait…Plus 9. She was all for it.

In fact, when I told my husband, Brian what I was planning on doing, he laughed. Then, when he realized I was serious, he laughed even harder. And, since we don’t own a tent (Did I mention, I am not a camper?), I had to ask our next-door neighbors and good friends, Tim and Jana, if they had a tent that I could borrow. They asked who it was for and when I told them it was for me, they also laughed. However, I will say that when I explained what I’d be using the tent for and the premise of the event, they thought it was a very cool thing and hooked me up with an Eddie Bauer Backpacking Sport Dome Tent. Perfect, I thought. A Sport Dome Tent for my night in a sports dome.

Those alternatives simply would not do. I wanted the full Field of Sweet Dreams fan experience. Also, I didn’t like the fact that he was implying that he didn’t think I could do this on my own.

“Okay, well, I am not coming down there to bring you anything you’ve forgotten or to help you set up that tent then,” he said.

So, I went on my merry way, leaving Brian to his own devices for the night (no doubt pizza delivery, the Brewers game and season six of Entourage on DVD).

Yep. Sure thing-I will get right on that.A lady and her children walked by, “How’d you get stuck setting up the tent?” she called.

Nope, it really was just me. So, when one of the directions read, “With a person at each front corner of the tent, flex the fiberglass poles into an upward position, forming two arches,” I looked around.

I decided to channel my inner Girl Scout. Yes, I was a Girl Scout and before you ask, no, we didn’t go on many camping trips; and the ones we did take did not involve tents, thank you very much.

Since I’d worked up quite the appetite setting up my tent, I headed up the steps to the Field Level Concourse where a smorgasbord featuring BBQ pulled chicken, Italian beef, hot dogs, baked beans, salad, corn on the cob, chips, pickles, brownies and beverages awaited me and the other hungry campers.Many fans were engrossed in the Brewers game, which was being shown on the video board and piped over the sound system. Below the video board, personalized scoreboard messages ran in a loop.

He had heard about the event too late last year, so he made sure to get his tickets early this year. They were having a great time, hanging out and watching the game when I checked in with them.


When I caught up with Jessica and Luther Himsel and their children, Elijah and Ruby, they had just returned to their tent after a jaunt at the Associated Bank Kids Zone.

Following the game, fans were treated to Shrek the Third on the video board and had the chance to grab some “midnight snacks,” of nachos, chicken tenders, ice cream, popcorn, peanuts, Cracker Jack and candy.

Note: I do not want this little vignette to discourage anyone from taking part in next year’s event; I take full responsibility for what I am about to disclose to you.

And that’s when I noticed that the flap for the tent’s “side room” wasn’t fully closed. Using my hand, I tried to do my best imitation of Ryan Braun in our TV spot (where he swats the fly into the wall with his hand and the tag reads “Ryan Braun. Yeah, the guy can hit.”). Well, clearly, this girl can’t hit, so I grabbed the notepad I had been using to jot notes for this post and began taking some stronger cuts, trying to move the bugs in the direction of the open vent. After about ten minutes or so, I was tired.

I laid back, resting my head on my brand-new, rolled up Brewers blanket. (Okay, so maybe in all the excitement of going camping, I had forgotten my pillow, but as I noted above, there was no way I was calling Brian to ‘fess up.) I marveled at the view from my tent, the open roof providing a superb view of the night sky. I considered what a fun evening I’d had and all of the cool Brewers fans I had met.


As I felt myself surrendering to sleep and my own sweet dreams, I breathed a sigh of contentment in being able to survive on my own (okay, me and 349 others) in the great outdoors (okay, great outfield … at Miller Park … which just happens to be my place of employment), despite my misadventures in entomology.

I watched as the little tent city sprang to life and fans began heading to the restrooms to wash up, packing up and disassembling their tents before enjoying the breakfast buffet, which featured scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, mini-muffins and bagels, fruit, juice, coffee and tea.


Despite the sleep crusties and bleary-eyedness of some of the kids–for most of whom, I am sure staying up so late was a rare treat– I saw a lot of smiles on the faces of the fans. It had been a wonderful outing to cap off the summer and everyone, including me, was going home a…well, happy camper.

As a side note, I was so proud of myself for sticking it out and not spending the night in my air-conditioned, bug-free office, or just packing it in at midnight and going home, that I was thinking I just might plan on taking in the real Arctic Tailgate experience by camping out prior to the on-sale next February. Gives me plenty of time to work on attaching that fly to the tent.

Update: Information on the 2011 event can be found here! Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 12 at 10am.

One Step Closer To Spring Training

So if you live in Milwaukee it’s pretty obvious to you that our weather the last couple of days was pretty rough.  Snow, cold, wind, you get the idea–we even had an earthquake last night!  With all that, there is one thing that gets everyone through the long winter: the thought of the upcoming baseball season.  Maryvale Baseball Park will be the Brewers home for the next seven weeks and it officially began today with the packing and departure of the equipment truck.

We came one step closer to the start of baseball season today as the second equipment truck was packed up and departed for Phoenix, Arizona where the weather is a little bit more welcoming (it’s 60 and cloudy today and according to my trusty iPhone app, highs will reach into the mid-70s this weekend).

The equipment truck departure has become somewhat of an event.  We invite the cameras from local television stations and have the World Famous Klement’s Racing Sausages help with the packing of the truck (they go to Spring Training because they also need to be in shape for the long season).  It really is a fun day.  It kind of gives people around here at Miller Park a sigh of relief that we are ready to go.

The clubhouse crew who is left in Milwaukee, Matt Smith, Alex Sanchez and Ben Wilkes help organize and oversee the loading of the truck.  The rest of the Brewers Clubhouse staff, Tony Migliaccio, Phil Rozewicz and Jason Shawger have been in Phoenix for about two weeks handling the arrival of the first equipment truck, setting up for Spring Training and helping with Brewers Fantasy Camp.  Everything we would need to run our operation here is sent down to Arizona on the equipment truck.  Bats, balls, shoes, medical supplies, files, uniforms, practice gear, office supplies, bobbleheads–we want to make our operation in Arizona run as smoothly down there as it does here at Miller Park. 

The front office staff packs personal items on the truck as well.  Since I really don’t wear short sleeves much during the Wisconsin winter, I always pack a trunk full of them.  I also like to put some other clothes and supplies on the truck just so I’m comfortable when I arrive in Phoenix.

The truck left Miller Park around 1 p.m. today and is set to arrive in Phoenix on Sunday.  When it arrives, the clubhouse crew in Phoenix will unpack the truck and prepare for the first wave of players and coaches to report next week.

I will begin to post regular updates to the blog upon my arrival in Phoenix on Wednesday.  I have a Spring Training travelers guide coming as well as daily updates from camp.  Until then, I will try and enjoy the snow for one more week.




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