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How Well ‘Do You Know Your Crew?

In case you weren’t aware (and we’re betting you weren’t), today is Hairstyle Appreciation Day. Yes, really.

According to, “Hairstyle Appreciation Day celebrates uniqueness of all styles of hair. It allows us to express our individuality. Each generation of youth creates its own hairstyles, or comes back to style that were popular years ago. We include among the hairstyles, hair coloring and shaved heads.”

Anyway, it’s one of those random “holidays” that pop up and we thought we’d have some fun celebrating each unique ‘do on the Crew. The Brewers take their hair very seriously. Pitcher Hiram Burgos and catcher Martin Maldonado each serve as unofficial “Clubhouse Barbers.” They can often be seen in the clubhouse tightening things up before games with trimmers. See if you can guess who’s who!


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Check back later today and we’ll have the reveals! Update: All reveals have been posted. Hope you had fun!


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