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Glowing & Growing at Miller Park

We were so happy to see that the tarp had come off of the field last week; seeing that lush, green grass at Miller Park reminds us that baseball (and spring!) is just around the corner.

Tarp's off! #Glorious #Brewers #SeeUMarch31

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This year, Brewers Director of Grounds Michael Boettcher and his staff have taken new measures to ensure that the grass is ready for Opening Day and stays extra-healthy all season, assisting their quality field maintenance program.

Last Monday, March 10, they started treating the field with grow lights. The lights run almost 24/7 on the infield and sidelines, giving the grass a reduced level of synthetic sunlight.

The Grounds Crew will treat everyday until the Exhibition Games next Friday and Saturday and then throughout the entire growing season (both at night and during the day when the team is out of town).

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So, next time you drive by Miller Park at night and see that glow, you’ll be reminded of lush green grass and all of the fun, exciting Brewers Baseball you have to look forward to being played on it all season long!


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