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Bench Coach Jerry Narron’s Call to the Pen

Every night, we post a photo of the Brewers lineup card on social media and each night, almost without fail, the questions and comments will roll in:

The answer, for those of you who don’t know, is Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron.

Recently, I sat down with Jerry to learn a little bit more about his craft and how he got started.


“I became a big-league coach with the Orioles in 1993. That was one of my jobs then, writing out the lineup cards, and I tried to do it the best I could. I tried different pens and my sister had a calligraphy pen. I grabbed that and it looked pretty good, so I stuck with it,” Jerry told me.

Jerry’s completely self-taught. He says he uses Sheaffer pens and the first one he bought had a little pamphlet that came with it.

“I just kind of looked at it and freelanced it,” Jerry said.

In addition to beautiful penmanship, the lineup cards have their own special color scheme and shorthand as well.

Many ask what the colors mean. It’s simple. Right-handers are in black. Lefties are in red. Switch-hitters are in green. Sometimes, for special occasions, he’ll also add an original flair, like red, white and blue for Fourth of July.

Jerry also explained how he treats the available players.

“I leave out the vowels on the guys that aren’t starting that night, unless there’s someone who has a good chance to make the Hall of Fame. If they do, then I’ll put their whole name on there. Last year, for example, Derek Jeter came in and didn’t start, so I put in J-E-T-E-R under extra guys. Same with Chipper Jones. When he was here, I gave him C. Jones in there instead of just the consonants.”

If there are players from Japan or China, Jerry will ask for those names to be written out for him and he’ll copy the characters in his calligraphy

“It started with Ichiro,” Jerry said.

A lineup from 2013 with lead-off hitter Nori Aoki's name written in Japanese characters.

A lineup from 2013 with lead-off hitter Nori Aoki’s name written in Japanese characters.

The lineup cards have become treasured items for players and fans alike.

“Over the years, if someone does anything at all, even an opponent, if it’s their Major League debut or what have you, I send the card over. If it’s a first Major League win—our guy or their guy, I’ll give it to the pitcher. I try to make sure that not only our guys, but the other team, that their guys get them, too.”

Just this past Friday night for example, Kyle Lohse secured a 10-4 win against the Minnesota Twins to become the 14th pitcher in MLB history to beat all 30 active franchises–a huge milestone for sure.

“It’s an accomplishment I’m proud of,” Kyle said. “I’ve been around and that proves I’ve had some longevity and done some things in this game. So I’ll go home happy about that.”

Kyle also went home with the ball from the last out of that game, as well as the lineup card.

“I’m going to get it framed,” Kyle told me. “The handwriting makes it extra-cool, like a work of art.”

The lineup card from Lohse's

The lineup card from Lohse’s “Kylestone” victory over the Minnesota Twins on June 27, 2015.

If that night’s card isn’t given away as a memento, typically fans are able to purchase them through Brewers Authentics, as game-used merchandise. I’ve even purchased one in the past. Right after my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I gave him a special blue lineup card from the Father’s Day’s day game. Like Kyle said–that it had Jerry’s beautiful penmanship on it made it all the more special and frameable as a work of art.


Sometimes, Jerry also likes to surprise fans by randomly giving them a lineup card, like today, when he singled out this little girl after the game and gave her this awesome souvenir to take home.

Jerry’s lineup cards have even garnered attention from the President of the United States.

On April 6, 2006, President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch on Opening Day in Cincinnati. At the time, Jerry was the manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

“President Bush had been the owner when I was with the Rangers, so he knew me and knew about my lineup cards,” Jerry explained. “He saw my lineup card, signed it and personalized it to me—without my even knowing it, so that was great.”

As you’d expect, Jerry tells me that he’s been asked to address Christmas cards and that type of thing from time to time and gladly he obliges. It’s become a hobby for him and it is obvious that he takes great pride in his work.

We know we’re lucky to have a talent like Jerry so we’re going to celebrate him. We’re giving you the chance to win tickets to a game where you’ll have the opportunity to meet Jerry, have him write out a lineup card for you, which you’ll get to take home along with one of his very own calligraphy pens.

All you have to do is follow us on Twitter (@Brewers) and retweet our designated tweet to enter.

Good luck!

Brewers Say “Farewell Captain” in Special Pregame Ceremony

Today, we honored Derek Jeter for his contributions to Major League Baseball in a special pregame ceremony at Miller Park that included Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, Doug Melvin, Dick Groch and Mark and Debbie Attanasio.


Photo courtesy of Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers

In recognition of a career well-played, Dick Groch, Brewers Special Assistant to the General Manager, presented Derek with a bronze replica of his Louisville Slugger bat. In 1992, as a scout for the Yankees, Dick recommended that the team select Derek as their first-round draft pick. It was Dick’s pleasure to assist in signing Derek to a Major League contract and it was an honor for him to present the bat to the Yankees all-time hits leader today.


Photo courtesy of Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers

Derek has certainly made his mark in the baseball records and he has made an impact in the lives of young people through his Turn 2 Foundation which supports signature programs that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and toward healthy lifestyles.

Oh behalf of  the Brewers and Brewers Community Foundation, Mark and Debbie Attanasio, along with Doug Melvin and Dick, also presented Derek with a $10,000 check for his foundation.

photo 3


Photo courtesy of Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers

Finally, in addition, Derek was also presented with a stay at the American Club in Kohler, along with a golf trip to Whistling Straits so he can enjoy his retirement.

Congratulations Derek! May you enjoy retirement as much as we have enjoyed your professionalism and play on the field.


Kyle Lohse Bobblehead Revealed

As you know, this year, we’ve got our #Brewers14in14… 14 All-Fan Giveaways–8 bobbleheads and 6 t-shirts–during the 2014 season!

As we get images of the bobbles, we’ll unveil them here and across our social media channels.

So far, we’ve revealed the first bobblehead of the season, the Carlos Gomez Gold Glove bobblehead on Sunday, April 27 vs. the Chicago Cubs.

Now, we’ve got the second bobblehead here for you–the Kyle Lohse bobblehead, presented by Toyota, on Sunday, May 11 vs. the New York Yankees.


The bobblehead is posed in his windup and features Lohse’s signature goatee.

I caught up with Kyle to get his thoughts on the bobblehead. “It looks pretty cool,” he said…  and then he informed me that he’s never had a bobblehead before. I was incredulous. This is a World Series Champion who was drafted in 1996,  made his Major League debut in 2001, has played in six Major League organizations…and he’s never been immortalized in bobble form?!?

“I guess I finally made it,” he said with a smile.

Individual tickets  are on sale now and the May 11 game is sure to be a hot ticket. Not only is it Kyle Lohse Bobblehead Day, but it is also Mother’s Day, plus we’re playing the Yankees and it’s Brewers fans last chance to see Derek Jeter play at Miller Park before he retires.

In short, you’ll want to visit or call (414) 902-4000 to secure yours today!


Follow @Brewers For Your “Early Bird” Ticket Opportunity!

Sometimes, it’s good to be a follower.

As in, on Friday, February 28, from 12-5pm CT when followers of the @Brewers Twitter Account will have the chance to purchase individual game tickets before they go on sale to the general public on Saturday, March 1 in conjunction with the Brewers Arctic Tailgate event.

MB-14-Twitter Presale-Single Game Tickets-Social-Square[4]

Here’s how it works–if you don’t already follow us on Twitter, click here and follow @Brewers. (Not on Twitter? No worries–it’s free and now is the perfect time to sign up! Just don’t blame me when you find yourself addicted to the service. #ILoveTwitter)

Then, just watch our account. Along with all of the news, insider updates and information that we normally share on Twitter, we’ll be tweeting out a special link and password that you’ll need to be able to take advantage of this special pre-sale opportunity.

Once you receive the link/password, you’ll be able to log in on Friday, February 28 from 12pm to 5pm CT, where you’ll have the chance to purchase individual game tickets to 80 home games (sorry guys, no Opening Day through this presale) before the general public gets their shot on Saturday morning. There will be an eight (8) ticket limit per game for this online sale.

So what you need to do between now and February 28:

1. Follow @Brewers

2. Familiarize yourself with the 2014 schedule so when the time comes, you know exactly which games you want to snag. Are you going for the #Brewers14in14 All-Fan Bobblehead and/or T-Shirt games? Or maybe you’re looking to lock in your 5-County or Spring Madness dates? We’re hosting the Yankees this season and it’s Derek Jeter’s last, so maybe that’s on your wish list. View the full promotional schedule here.

So this year, you may just want to avoid the cold and camp out in front of your computer instead. Or, if you’re still planning to attend Arctic Tailgate for the camaraderie and/or your shot at Opening Day tickets*, you could also still take advantage of this opportunity while you’re waiting in line–yep, shopping online while waiting in line.  Thank you, technology.


*Another option to guarantee Opening Day tickets? Go for FREE with a Brewers 10-Pack. Click here for details.

MLB Network’s “Face of MLB” Competition Returns; Vote for #FaceofBREWERS Today

Major League Baseball’s most popular players will square off once again as fans decide which player from all 30 MLB clubs best represents the league in MLB Network’s second “Face of MLB” competition. Starting yesterday, MLB Network has set out to find the Face of MLB by creating a bracket-style tournament with results determined by fans on Twitter. Results will be announced each weekday morning on MLB Network’s offseason morning show Hot Stove at 8:00 a.m. CT.

In the “Face of the Franchise” preliminary round, fans can nominate a player candidate from each of the 30 MLB clubs by voting on Twitter with the player’s name and #FaceofCLUBNAME (so cast your vote for your favorite Brewer by using #FaceofBREWERS). MLB Network has created a bracket that seeds clubs against each other based on how they finished the 2013 season and beginning January 21, Hot Stove will ask fans to vote on Twitter each day and decide a winner for the day’s head-to-head player matchup until the Face of MLB is determined.

Fans voted more than 1.6 million times in the first Face of MLB competition, revealing emerging MLB stars including Jason Heyward, Jason Kipnis and Andrew McCutchen up against veterans like Derek Jeter, Paul Konerko and Dustin Pedroia. Nearly 700,000 votes were cast for the final round in which Cincinnati Reds MVP first baseman Joey Votto was named the Face of MLB after edging out Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star outfielder Matt Kemp.

The Face of MLB bracket and voting details are available here.


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