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Congrats to #BrewersRoadCrew Winner, Krista Zuba!

Krista Zuba had just checked her 14th ballpark off her list when she took this photo and posted it on Twitter from PNC Park in Pittsburgh:

Little did she know that posting this photo would eventually help her get to ballpark #16 to close out the season.

Krista won the opportunity by being part of the #BrewersRoadCrew. All season long, we’ve encouraged fans who travel to support the team on the road, or who support the Brewers while on vacation or living afar, to submit their photos to, as well as share them with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag.

We’ve picked one winner each month this season to win a Southwest Airlines gift card and then, early in September, we drew the grand prize–a trip for two to see the Crew in Colorado.

Krista Zuba

For their prize, Krista and her friend Amanda were flown out to Colorado courtesy of Southwest, where they are staying for two nights and attending two games (tonight and tomorrow).

“Three years ago, I made these shoes and they’ve traveled with me to the ballparks. It was a joke at first and then it spiraled into something bigger,” said Krista, who says she attends between 30 and 50 home games per year in addition to traveling to see the Crew on the Road.


Krista’s homemade baseball shoes have now seen 16 ballparks!

She uses her vacation from her job at Kohl’s Corporate to travel to see the Brewers whenever she can. She was in Texas earlier this week for a game where she checked off ballpark #15. This year, she also visited the California ballparks as well. “Saturday’s game will be my 25th on the season. It was a little slower this year because I did the California road trip in June,” she said.

Amanda goes to about half of the games with Krista, who says she usually attends the rest on her own; however, because her last name is Zuba, she says she always plans a big family outing on Zubazpalooza night and even had special shirts made for the occasion.

When she found out she had won the grand prize in the contest, at first she says she thought it was a joke. “It was very exciting. I wanted to hit 15 by the end of this season,which is why I had Texas booked, but I was like ‘Um, 16 is good too!'” she laughed.

Krista says that Chris Carter is her favorite player, so it was especially cool to be able to be here in Denver to see him hit his 40th home run tonight.

Along with checking off her 16th ballpark, Krista and Amanda are squeezing in some other sightseeing, such as a brewery tour, a trip to Red Rocks and a visit to Swanky’s, a local Wisconsin bar.

Thanks to Krista and Amanda for being such awesome Brewers fans and thanks to  Southwest for supplying the prizes for the #BrewersRoadCrew contest.

And last but not least, thank you to all of the fans who have supported the Crew both on the road and at home all season long!



Double Clutch Menu Item for the Rockies Series: Colorado Pork Chili Verde Tacos

The Brewers kick off a four-game set tonight at Miller Park against the Colorado Rockies and we’ve got Colorado Pork Chili Verde Tacos on the Double Clutch Menu.

For $10.25, you’ll get  two corn tortilla tacos, cilantro rice, and black bean and corn salsa.


In addition, the Spaghetti-in-a-Meatball will also be available for $9.50.

As always, the Double Clutch is located outside section 215 on the Loge Level at Miller Park.


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