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Trip to Seattle a Homecoming for Davies

Astute fans have probably noticed a tattoo on Brewers pitcher Zach Davies‘ left forearm, but you may not have been able to make out exactly what it is:

Zach Davies September 2015 at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Scott Paulus/Brewers

Pitcher Zach Davies signs autographs at Brewers On Deck. Notice the Seattle tattoo on his left forearm.

Pitcher Zach Davies signs autographs at Brewers On Deck. Notice the Seattle tattoo on his left forearm.

Well, turns out that it is the Seattle skyline with the words “Remember Where You Come From.” Davies was kind enough to give us a close-up, as well as to take the time to sit down with me and chat about his tattoo and his love for the Emerald City, where the Brewers will head later this week. There, the Crew will take on the Mariners in Interleague play for the first time since 2013.

The Seattle native shows his love for his hometown on his forearm.

The Seattle native shows his love for his hometown on his forearm.

For Davies, Seattle holds strong sentimental value. It is where he was born and formed his earliest memories. And, although his immediate family moved to Arizona when he was 7, much of his extended family still lives there.

“I remember growing up there, not wanting to move,” Davies said. “I love the weather there. It just kind of fits my personality. It’s relaxed and place to just hangout.”

He’s also a big Seattle Seahawks fan:

Davies says he tries to go back and visit at least once a year, but there are times when he gets to go multiple times and fortunately for him, this year is one of them.

He says he has a couple of tattoos on his back, but he got the Seattle tattoo after he signed (with the Orioles) in 2011. Davies worked with the artist who sketched the design from a photo.

What does Davies enjoy most about Seattle that members of the Brewers Road Crew should check out this weekend?

“Downtown is awesome. You’ve got the Space Needle, you’ve got the marketplace (Pike Place Market), right by the water.  Right next to the Space Needle there is a music museum that I’ve always enjoyed going to,” Davies said.

“I also just enjoy taking in the landscape that I don’t get in Arizona,” he added, as the 23-year-old still lives in Arizona in the offseason. “My favorite restaurant is a seafood place right on the water, kind of across to get the city skyline view– Salty’s on Alki Beach.”

Known for his ’90s/grunge-type entrance music, like Nirvana and Bush, Davies admits that the city inspires his choices.

“It does,” he said. “The grunge genre has always been my favorite.”

Davies will face the Cubs today in the series finale at Wrigley, so unfortunately he will just miss pitching in his hometown; however, needless to say, Davies is excited to be going back where he came from this weekend.



Congrats to #BrewersRoadCrew Winner, Ashley Honzik!

Ashley Honzik couldn’t believe it when she received word that she had been chosen to join the Brewers in San Diego for their final road series of the 2015 season.

“I thought, ‘Is this for real?’ When I submitted my photo, I knew there was a chance of winning a prize, but I was really just doing it for fun,” Ashley told me when we met up before yesterday’s Brewers vs. Padres game at Petco Park.

Ashley won the opportunity by being part of the #BrewersRoadCrew. All season long, we’ve encouraged fans who travel to support the team on the road, or who support the Brewers while on vacation or living afar, to submit their photos to, as well as share them with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag.

We’ve picked one winner during each roadtrip this season to win a Southwest Airlines gift card and then, early in September, we drew the grand prize–a trip for two to see the Crew in San Diego.

Ashley submitted the winning photo of herself with her dad, Mark, back in June when the two traveled to catch the Brewers in Kansas City:

“That was right around Father’s Day, so we did a father-daughter trip,” Ashley said. “When I found out I won, I knew right away that I was going to take my dad. We’re both diehard Brewers fans.”

“I was in shock when she called me,” Mark said. “I said, ‘You’re kidding me.’ I mean, what are the chances…. I know there are a ton of great photos. I felt honored to get picked.”

The experience is extra-special for Mark, who lost his leg in an industrial accident in 1975. “October 10 will be the 40th anniversary of the accident and this seriously is the best gift ever to celebrate him and the fact that he’s able to do everyday things like go on a trip to watch his favorite team,” Ashley said. “He’s definitely one of the strongest people I know.”

Ashley said she’s been to about 6 or 7 ballparks and Mark’s been to about 5 or 6. The Honziks are from De Pere, Wisconsin, but they still travel down to Miller Park for at least 5-10 games every season.

For their prize, Ashley and Mark were flown out to San Diego courtesy of Southwest, where they stayed for two nights and attended two games (Wednesday night and this afternoon).

Neither Ashley nor her dad had ever been to San Diego, so they also squeezed in some other sightseeing, such as a boat tour, as well as sampled some of the great seafood the city has to offer.

Here are a few photos from their trip that Ashley was kind enough to share with me:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Ashley and Mark for being such awesome Brewers fans and thanks to  Southwest for supplying the prizes for the #BrewersRoadCrew contest.

And last but not least, thank you to all of the fans who have supported the Crew both on the road and at home all season long!



An Inside Look at Fenway Park

The Brewers continue their three-game series with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park tonight.  Since Interleague Play began, the Brewers don’t visit Boston very often, so it is always a treat to visit this historic ballpark.

Today, I took a tour of the ballpark along with Brewers Director of Media Relations, Mike Vassallo; Radio Play-by-play announcer, Joe Block; Radio Producer, Kent Sommerfeld, and his wife, Karen; beat writer, Adam McCalvy; FOX Sports Wisconsin host Craig Coshun and FOX Sports Wisconsin stats guru Brian Mikolajek.

The tour was organized by the Red Sox PR crew: Kevin Gregg, Abby DeCiccio and John Shestakofsky, something they like to do for teams who don’t visit Boston regularly.  The tour was a definitely a treat.  I have been fortunate to visit and tour Fenway Park before and it is an enjoyable baseball experience every time.

Enjoy the gallery below of great photos and some fun facts we learned along the way.



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I learned a number of other fun-facts throughout the tour.

– The visiting and home clubhouse used to both be on the first base side of the field.  In the 1950s, the visiting clubhouse was moved behind the visiting dugout on the third base side.

– The ballpark played host to NFL games in the 1930s.  The Boston Redskins (now Washington Redskins) played home games here. The Boston Patriots (now the New England Patriots) games here in the 1960s as a member of the AFL.  The field ran east-west with the end zones ending up in rightfield and by the visiting dugout.

– The ballpark is on the National Register of Historic Places.

– The ten-year renovation/preservation plan for Fenway is nearing completion.  While there will always be things to maintain and update, most of the main projects that the current ownership group started have been completed.  Fenway Park has added about 3,000 seats in the last ten years.  The changes have allowed the ballpark to enter a new era, while at the same time, preserve its historical charm.

Thanks again to the Red Sox PR staff for accommodating our tour this afternoon.  It was a great time and I can’t wait to come back as a fan.  If you are a baseball fan, I highly recommend getting here to visit this gem.  It is a baseball experience that is unmatched.

The Brewers had a great win yesterday at Fenway Park, let’s hope for another win tonight and one more tomorrow!



Brewers Head on First Road Trip of 2014; Will We See You There?

After a 3-game series against the Atlanta Braves to open the season at Miller Park, the Brewers are embarking on their first road trip of the season, with stops in Boston and Philadelphia where they will be part of two more Opening Days.

The team will begin with Interleague play in Boston against the Red Sox with three games this weekend, including tomorrow afternoon, which is Boston’s home opener. Then, the team will head to Philadelphia. Monday is the Phillies home opener, followed by an off day on Tuesday and two more games against the Phillies next Wednesday and Thursday before heading back home to Miller Park to take on the Pirates beginning Friday, April 11.

From what we’ve seen over the past few seasons, Brewers fans love to travel.  Every city we go to, there are Brewers fans making their presence felt, and, in talking to players and coaches, they notice and appreciate the support while away from Miller Park.

Nothing is better than seeing true Brewers fans hanging out before games during batting practice, cheering on the team after a Brewers road win and walking the streets in whatever city the Crew is in.

From seeing some of your tweets and hearing people talk, it sounds like the Brewers will be well supported in Boston and Philly with many  fans planning on making the trip.

John will be on the road trip with the team and he will be looking for Brewers fans in both cities.  If you plan on going to the games (or any games throughout the season for that matter), tweet and/or Instagram your photos using #BrewersRoadCrew as the hashtag.

We’ll collect them throughout the trip and post them here on the blog, as well as post them on our social sites.

In addition, you can upload them to our Brewers Fans on the Fly digital fan map and your photo just might be selected to be shown on the scoreboard during a game!

Are any fans planning meeting up anywhere before any of the games?  Let us know; we’ll also post any Brewers fans pregame events that fans might be planning.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you on the road–if not this trip, sometime this season!

Cheer loud and proud, Brewers fans!


Hanging Out With the Brewers Road Crew in Arizona

For the past four years, Jason Hartlund, Tai Pauls and the Brewers Enterprises team has organized a unique, one-of-a-kind trip to Spring Training with the Brewers Road Crew.

This year, I was fortunate to be down here in Arizona and socialize with some of the folks taking part in the 5th Annual Brewers Road Crew Spring Training Trip.

As part of the experience, these fans got to take in the Brewers vs. Padres game yesterday at Peoria, and also enjoy two games here at our Spring Training home, Maryvale Baseball Park.

The trip includes roundtrip airfare, a four-night stay at the Hilton Embassy Suites (Biltmore), and numerous special receptions and tailgate parties, like the one I attended before today’s Brewers vs. Diamondbacks game.

The trip brings travelers face-to-face with members of the Brewers broadcast team, members of the Baseball Operations staff, and even former Brewers players and coaches. For example, at today’s event, I spotted Jerry Augustine, Ken Sanders, Jim Gantner, Bill Schroeder, Brian Anderson, Sophia Minnaert, and Minor Leaguers Eric Marzec, Kyle Heckathorn, Damien Magnifico and  Jacob Barnes.

I had the chance to talk to veterans on the trip–people who have traveled with the Brewers Road Crew since year one–and rookies–those joining the fun for the first time.

Phil and Brian Bauza, father and son, are a couple of the veterans.

Phil and Brian Bauza

Phil and Brian Bauza, a father-son duo, have joined the Brewers Road Crew on the trip to Arizona for the past five years.

Here, Brian explains what he enjoys about the trip:

Tony Aurit from Dodgeville, Wisconsin, booked the trip for the first time this year. “We get a 4-Pack every year and got the information on the trip in our package. We’ve never even been to Arizona before and this is great, just like I was hoping it would be. We will be back.”

Alexa Hoffman, a first time attendee from Milwaukee, poses with the Minor League attendees at the event.

Alexa Hoffman, a first time attendee from Milwaukee, poses with the Minor League attendees at the event.

George House from Glenwood City, Wisconsin, shown below with Jerry Augustine and Ken Sanders, told me, “This tailgate is the highlight so far, to be this close to the guys. I’m loving it and having fun. It’s exceeding my expectations by far. And this weather gives us hope that it can be warm, sunny and nice again in Milwaukee. Baseball is coming!

Jerry Augustine and Ken sanders pose with George House, a first-time member of the Brewers Road Crew.

Jerry Augustine and Ken sanders pose with George House, a first-time member of the Brewers Road Crew.

New Brewers pitcher Matt Garza even made a surprise appearance (literally!) as he photo bombed this photo of Jerry Augustine with  Sara and Denny Marx from Madison, Wisconsin. They have been to Spring Training twice before, but this is their first year with the Brewers Road Crew. What a great souvenir.

Matt Garza Photo Bomb

It seemed to me like everyone was having a great time and the group just keeps on growing. Hopefully next year, you’ll join them. I can’t wait to see you in AZ!

The Brewers Road Crew poses for a group photo.

The Brewers Road Crew poses for a group photo.

Plus, as an added bonus, fans on the trip receive a ticket to Opening Day at Miller Park as the Brewers take on the Atlanta Braves–looks like we’ll #SeeUMarch31!


The Woman’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Holiday Gift

MB-13 Gift Guide-WOMEN-600x600-2

We recently posted a guide for men to help them find the perfect holiday gift, so we thought it only fair to provide one for the ladies, too.

MB-13 Gift Guide Flowchart-WOMEN-01

(Note: The file size is pretty large, so be sure to click on the image and then click again, so you can follow along and get your holiday shopping done in a jiffy!)

Good luck!


Think Spring With The Brewers Road Crew!

It’s still November and the winter chill is just beginning to bite us, but it is never ever too early to think about Spring Training with the Brewers.  The Milwaukee Brewers and Brewers Enterprises have announced plans for the Fifth Annual Brewers Road Crew Spring Training Trip.  This one-of-a-kind opportunity will again be offered to fans looking to join the Brewers at Spring Training as they prepare for the season in Phoenix.  Nearly every facet of the March 12 – 16 trip will be handled for guests as Brewers Enterprises will arrange all details of the stay.

If you have always wanted to visit Spring Training, but never made the trip to Arizona, this is a perfect opportunity.  Spring Training is a great time of the year and there is no better way to make the experience special than the Brewers Road Crew Trip.

As part of the experience, fans will enjoy two games at the Brewers Spring Training home, Maryvale Baseball Park, and one Brewers “road” game against the San Diego Padres at Peoria.  The trip will bring travelers face-to-face with members of the Brewers broadcast team, members of the Baseball Operations staff, and even former Brewers players and coaches through special receptions and tailgate parties.

Guests will stay four nights at the Hilton Embassy Suites (Biltmore) which features an outdoor, heated swimming pool, whirlpool, exercise room, on-site restaurant and complimentary shuttle service to Biltmore area attractions.  Guest rooms are two-room suites with a wet bar, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and two flat-screen televisions.  Complimentary made-to-order breakfasts and late-afternoon cocktail and hors d’oeuvre receptions are offered daily at the hotel.

As an added bonus, fans on the trip will receive a ticket to Opening Day at Miller Park on Monday, March 31, 2014 as the Brewers take on the Atlanta Braves.

Space is limited to eighty (80) guests and the travel packages are on sale now.  The price for a single traveler is $2,495 and the price for a couple (double occupancy) is $4,295.  Each additional guest per room is $2,150.  For more information and to reserve your spot, please call 414-902-4174 or visit  The full list of package inclusions follows:

– Non-Stop Round Trip Airfare from Milwaukee to Phoenix 

– Hotel Accommodations for four nights at Hilton Embassy Suites (Biltmore)

– Transportation to and from the airport, hotel and Spring Training complexes

– Tickets for three (3) Spring Training games

–          March 13, 2014 vs. San Diego Padres (Peoria)

–          March 14, 2014 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (Maryvale)

–          March 15, 2014 vs. Cincinnati Reds (Maryvale)

– Made-to-order breakfast each morning

– Cocktail & Hors d ‘Oeuvres Reception hosted each night by the hotel

– Private Welcome Reception

– Tailgate Party before a game with visits from Brewers alumni, minor league prospects and staff

– A ticket to Opening Day at Miller Park (March 31, 2014 vs. the Atlanta Braves)

– A Brewers gift bag

 Additional opportunities available for guests to win on the trip:

–          Run the Sausage Race or hold the finish line at a Spring Training game (Maryvale)

–          Throw out a 1st pitch for a Spring Training game (Maryvale)

–          Pairs of Brewers 2014 regular season game tickets

–          Watch the game from the broadcast booth (Maryvale)

–          Autographed memorabilia


Brewers Road Crew Announces All-Inclusive Summer Trip to St. Louis, August 2 – 5

Looking for a great opportunity for a summer weekend getaway to watch Brewers baseball?  Look no further as the Milwaukee Brewers and Brewers Enterprises today announced plans for a road trip to St. Louis, August 2 – 5, to catch the Brewers and Cardinals at Busch Stadium. This one-of-a-kind opportunity goes on sale today and is limited in capacity, so you are encouraged to act fast.  Nearly every facet of this first-class experience will be handled by Brewers Enterprises.

As a part of the experience, fans will receive motor coach transportation to and from St. Louis (fans will receive complimentary vehicle parking at Miller Park while in St. Louis). Guests will receive continental breakfast, boxed lunches, snacks and beverages on departure day.

Fans will stay in the heart of downtown St. Louis  for three nights at the Crowne Plaza – Downtown St. Louis, which is located across the street from the Gateway Arch and just a short walk away from Busch Stadium.   The group will enjoy complimentary breakfast and cocktails during the trip at the hotel restaurant/lounge.

Fans taking the trip need not worry about tickets for the three-game weekend series as they are all included. On Friday, the group will enjoy the game from Party Suites that include all food and beverage. For Saturday’s game, fans will enjoy the game from Field Level seats down the third base line. For the series finale on Sunday afternoon, the group will sit in the Champions Club, which also features all-inclusive food and beverage.

In addition to attending the three games, the group will participate in a private tour of Busch Stadium, with many more special activities planned throughout the weekend. Participants will also receive a gift bag with customized Brewers gear and much more. There will be additional opportunities to win tickets to other St. Louis attractions, pairs of Brewers tickets for games at Miller Park, and Visa Check Cards.

The price for single occupancy is $1,595 and for double occupancy is $2,595. Each additional guest per room is $1300. These prices include all applicable taxes, fees and the above amenities. For more information and to reserve your spot, please call 414-902-4424 or click here. The package goes on sale today and space is limited.


Brewers Road Crew heads to Chicago and Boston, are you making the trip!?

The Brewers are looking to close out their six-game homestand on a winning note this afternoon at Miller Park.  Following the game, the team will board busses that will take them to Chicago to begin a seven-game road trip tomorrow.

The team will play four games in Chicago against their Central Division rival, the Cubs, before kicking off Interleague play in Boston against the Red Sox with three games next weekend.  This road trip will see the Brewers take a step back in history and play in Major League Baseball’s two oldest stadiums, Wrigley Field in Chicago, built in 1914 and Fenway Park in Boston, built in 1912.

From what I have seen in my travels with the team over the last six seasons, Brewers fans love to travel.  Every city we go to, there are Brewers fans making their presence felt, and, in talking to players and coaches, they notice and appreciate the support while away from Miller Park.

Nothing is better than seeing true Brewers fans hanging out before games during batting practice, cheering on the team after a Brewers road win and walking the streets in whatever city we are in (Sidenote: Brewers fans, and Wisconsin sports fans in general, are always decked out in their team gear.  It’s unreal.  I don’t know if any state in the United States of America has as much team gear as Wisconsin does.  There is no doubt that Wisconsin sports fans die for wearing team apparel while supporting their team on the road.).

Summer is now in full swing and I know from hearing people talk, that the Brewers will be well supported in Chicago and Boston with fans planning on making the trip.  Chicago is just a short drive from Milwaukee and always has a number of Brewers fans in the crowd.  Boston is a historic place that Brewers fans don’t get to visit too often.  Both places will be great for the Brewers Road Crew.

I will be on the road trip with the team and I will be looking for Brewers fans in both cities.  If you plan on going to the games, send us your photos or tweet them using #BrewersRoadCrew hashtag.  I will collect your photos throughout the trip and post them here on the blog.  Are any fans planning meeting up anywhere before any of the games?  Let us know; I will post any Brewers fans pregame events in Chicago and Boston that fans might be planning.

So sit back and enjoy today’s Brewers-Cardinals game and hopefully I will see some of you this week on the road!


There is No Offseason for…Brewers Enterprises

When most people think of Miller Park, they automatically conjure up thoughts of the fun they’ve had on game day. Jason Hartlund and his staff are trying to change that.

Jason is the Vice President of Brewers Enterprises, a relatively new division of the Milwaukee Brewers (2006) that oversees all non-baseball events and revenue for Miller Park.

We are fortunate to have a venue that provides a myriad of entertainment options–rain or shine–suitable for anything from 40,000 persons down to small groups and in his role, Jason oversees the operations and develops sales and marketing strategies to attract a broad mix of events in and around Miller Park, from conventions and concerts to corporate retreats, parties and so much more.

Jason climbed on board to steer the Brewers Enterprises ship in May of 2008 after beginning his Brewers career in the Corporate Marketing Department. Prior to joining the Brewers, he had served three seasons as Manager of Corporate Sales for the Green Bay Packers. 

With just five people, the Brewers Enterprises staff may be on the small side, but as you’ll see, they accomplish a great deal, working year-round to enhance your ballpark experience.

There’s Sarah Chmiel, Manager of Brewers Enterprises. Her job is to think of creative uses for the ballpark.

“Sarah’s role has been developing many of the non-baseball events that have taken place here, such as the Field of Sweet Dreams, Baseball Boot Camp, the Brewers Road Crew, Miller Park Movies and the Border Battle, the minor league game that we hosted here last year, ” Jason explained. We’ll talk more about those events later.

Then there’s Tai Chamness, Manager of Special Events. She’s who you go to if you want to book your wedding, party or special event at Miller Park. 

“We have really focused on becoming more customer-service oriented with function spaces. That’s Tai’s specialty,” Jason said.

“We’ve been successful with holiday parties, tours, Helfaer Field, meeting room rentals and parking lot events this year,” Jason said. “But weddings have really taken off.”

As someone who had her own wedding reception at Miller Park and took her wedding photos on the field and in the Visitor’s Clubhouse back in 2007, I can certainly understand the allure. Baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike can appreciate the beautiful backdrop of the field looking out from the Metavante Club.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Caitlin and Brian Fieldjpg                        Me and my husband, Brian, on our wedding day in August 2007.                

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Caitlin Dugout Wedding.jpg            My favorite photo–me with Brian and the groomsmen– taken in the dugout.

The Brewers Enterprises staff will help you customize your Big Day every step of the way; they’ve seen it all–from a total baseball wedding complete with uniforms and ballpark fare to the most elegant affairs where the location takes a backseat to everything else.  You can have your ceremony at the park, or your reception, or both.

Throw in Cory Congemi, Coordinator of Helfaer Field and Miller Park Tours and Katie Wettstein, Special Events Coordinator, whose primary focus is on the Brewers Conference Center, and you have one busy crew.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Conference Center.jpg                           The Aaron Room in the new Brewers Conference Center.


That’s why I found it amazing that Sarah and Jason were able to find enough time to sit down with me for this interview.


Thumbnail image for Chmiel and Hartlund.JPG                           Sarah Chmiel and Jason Hartlund are all about maximizing
                                        your experience at Miller Park year round.


Let’s take a look at what Brewers Enterprises is doing in the offseason and what’s on tap for 2010.

Right now, Sarah is in full travel agent mode, working on the Brewers Road Crew trip to Spring Training in Phoenix, March 10-14 (referenced in a previous post, found here).


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Brewers Road Crew_CCO.jpg
“This is something we have never done before. In speaking with the Ticket Department, we know that they get numerous calls asking about Spring Training trips each year. This is something fans have been waiting for and we hope it’s successful,” Sarah said.

“We are going to take a group of people down to Arizona and we’re going to provide them with airfare, hotel accommodations and transportation while they’re there.  They’ll get to see three Spring Training games,” Sarah explained.  She began to get animated as she started to list the additional perks of joining the Brewers Road Crew for this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

“They will have the chance to meet some of the higher-ups from the Front Office. We’ll have a tailgate party that the current players will come to at Maryvale Baseball Park. Some former players will hang out with them….oh and our broadcasters, Bill Schroeder and Brian Anderson, will be there, too,” she went on.

I found out that participants will also have a chance to win behind-the-scenes experiences while they’re there, like throwing out the First Pitch, running in the Sausage Race or sitting in with Bill and Brian during webcasts of the Spring Training games.  Plus, they’ll get gifts like a t-shirt, a ball for autographs and a player-issued tech fleece. Finally, every guest will receive a ticket to see the team when they come back to Milwaukee for Opening Day at Miller Park on April 5 vs. the Colorado Rockies.

By the time she’s finished her spiel, I’m practically reaching for my credit card. With more  benefits than even I knew about and at $3695 for a couple, minus all of the stress of planning a trip for myself, it also sounds like more than a great deal.

“We’d like to use this Road Crew concept to take fans on the road during the season even, for bigger trips with the team. The first of many, we hope,” Sarah said.

Along with the Road Crew event, Brewers Enterprises is busy making plans for all of the other special non-game day events here at Miller Park.

Last year, they introduced several new events to Brewers fans, like the Border Battle, Brewers Baseball Boot Camp, Miller Park Movies and the Field of Sweet Dreams.

First, the Border Battle. Last April, Miller Park hosted a Midwest League matchup between the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and the Peoria Chiefs.

The Timber Rattlers became the Brewers’ Class A Midwest League affiliate at the beginning of last season and through our partnership with them, the Border Battle served as a great opportunity for fans to see some of the organization’s younger prospects play in a Major League environment. The Chiefs are the Chicago Cubs’ affiliate, so it also gave us the chance to showcase the players who will play key roles in the future of the Cubs-Brewers rivalry.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Border Battle.jpg      Bernie Brewer and Timber Rattlers mascot, Fang, before the Border Battle in April 2009.

“We had over 17,000 fans attend,” Jason said. “We kept it extremely affordable. The focus was on making it easy for fans to come out and enjoy the ballpark. All seats were $10 and they were sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you got your tickets early, you could be sitting in the best seats in the house, behind home plate or the dugouts, for just $10.”

Brewers Enterprises plans on hosting a similar event this year; they’re just finalizing details, so be sure and stay tuned!

Brewers Enterprises also hopes to bring back Brewers Baseball Boot Camp

Baseball Boot Camp is an intense one-day affair where fans get to experience a day in the life of an actual ballplayer. 

“We have about 50 people who attend and we divide into four teams. The coaches are alumni players. Last year, they were Jerry Augustine, Jim Gantner, Gorman Thomas and Paul Wagner. The participants come in early in the morning and have access to the Visiting Clubhouse; they use the lockers and it’s staffed the same way it would be for the pros.  Then, the participants get a half-day of coaching and review of fundamentals. In the afternoon, they play games until one of the teams is crowned Champion,” Sarah explained.

“The Championship team is then brought back for a pre-game ceremony that includes a trophy presentation.”

All of the participants also receive an authentic, personalized jersey. In its inaugural year, the event was promoted around Father’s Day as a gift idea and the actual event took place in July.

Sarah said they have already gotten calls from the 2009 participants, wanting to sign up for 2010. 

Another successful inaugural event last year was the Field of Sweet Dreams. Last September, fans of all ages had the chance to take part in a giant sleepover on the field at Miller Park.

“It went really well,” Sarah said.  “It was a nice, affordable option for families.”

With space for 300 people and a portion of the proceeds benefitting Brewers Charities, Inc., the event sold out in less than a week.

Upon entering the ballpark, participants received a special gift. They then headed down to the field, where they were able to pitch their tents and enjoy a meal. 

For entertainment, the Associated Bank Kids Zone was open, folks could take tours of the park, there were raffle prizes given out and fans could send in scoreboard messages that rotated all night. 

The attendees watched the Brewers road game on the videoboard, followed by a movie. Before lights out, fans were treated to a bedtime story, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, read by Dave Bush and Corey Hart via the scoreboard.

In the morning, everyone was awakened by the sound of the boom cannons (fireworks) and Uecker’s home run call piped through the sound system. All attendees also got a keepsake of a personal, professional photo taken at home plate.


Thumbnail image for Field of Sweet Dreams.jpg                                       Field of Sweet Dreams, September 2009.


“I personally had a blast. It was a lot of fun,” Sarah recounted. “That was my favorite event from last year.”

Along with these events, Brewers Enterprises also hosted Miller Park Movies in 2009, bringing the nostalgia of the classic American drive-in movie theater to the parking lots of Miller Park.

Another memorable Brewers Enterprises production took place in August of 2008 for the Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration, when H.O.G. members were treated to a special event that took place on the Miller Park grounds featuring concerts by artists like Sugarland and Kid Rock.

“These kind of events really show people that you can use the footprint of Miller Park in different ways,” Jason said.

In addition to planning and executing all of these events, Brewers Enterprises has also been retained by IMG to sell advertising in the game day program for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship this year. Rounds 1 and 2 will be at the Bradley Center. 

“It’s an example of how we have diversified and come up with different sources of revenue,” Jason noted.

Diversified indeed. From ballpark tours and meetings to Little League games and weddings; from concerts and sleepovers to boot camps and road trips, Brewers Enterprises does it all, proving that Miller Park is about more than just baseball. 

It also proves, once again, that there is no offseason.


For more information on any of the events mentioned in this article, or to book your event at Miller Park in 2010, call Brewers Enterprises at (414) 902-4452.

Is there someone you’d like to see profiled in this feature? E-mail us at


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