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Hank the #BallparkPup Makes His Sausage Race Debut

Everyone’s got to get in shape for the season. While the players work out and practice, the mascots are hard at work getting ready for Opening Day, too. Bernie goes sliding at a local playground, and the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages run time trials.

But what about the Brewers newest (and as of yet “unofficial”) mascot, Hank the #BallparkPup?

So far, Hank’s been joining the team in the Clubhouse, taking part in practice and posing for the “puparazzi” of media and Brewers fans who can’t wait to get their photos taken with him (see gallery below).

But it was another big day in camp for Hank as he trained with the Sausages, making his debut in the Klement’s Sausage Race.

If a photo is worth  1,000 words, this video is priceless. Brewers players and coaches also shared their comments as well:

Oh, and of course, there’s a gif:


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Stay tuned for more updates on the #BallparkPup and #CactusCrew this Spring–games start tomorrow!


“Fetcher” Reports to Spring Training; Tries to Walk On As Member of 2014 Brewers

Bernie, watch your back.

Move over, Brat, Polish, Italian, Hot Dog and Chorizo—there’s a new Top Dog in town.

We’re not sure where he came from, but a little stray pup is quickly becoming not just the Brewers unofficial Spring Training mascot, but a valued member of the team.

The pooch, who has since been named Hank (after who else but Hank Aaron?), wandered into Brewers camp two days ago looking a little grubby but ready for play. In no time, this little dog has stolen more hearts than Tommy Harper stole bases in 1969.

A staff member took Hank to the vet where he received his shots and a bath, but this little scrapper’s jersey will never be spotless. His white uniform looks to be permanently shaded a little on the gray side in places, but when you get to know this little fella’s personality, you see it’s a perfect fit.

Hank spends each day roaming offices and playing fields, visiting with everyone from Doug Melvin, Ron Roenicke, players and coaches to ticket office and concessions staff. Hank is going home with members of the organization each night to a warm bed, and he recently completed a day at the Team Store where he picked out his favorite styles from the latest Brewers pet gear.

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So, what’s the next chapter? Stay tuned. Hank is in good hands and we’ll keep you posted on our most devoted “tail”-gater in the coming days.

For more updates from Brewers Spring Training in Phoenix, Arizona, be sure to follow the #CactusCrew hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

2/20/14 “#BallparkPup”date:

After our posts yesterday, Hank has become a dog in demand! He spent the morning in the Clubhouse and did three TV interviews. He also took to the field for practice with his mentor, Yovani Gallardo.

Also, many of you are asking what is going to happen to Hank after Spring Training. Rest assured, Hank’s days as a stray are over, one way or another and he’ll continue to be well taken care of.

Here are some more photos from earlier today (How fitting is it that it’s “National Love Your Pet Day“?):

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Partnership Between Brewers and HOPSports, Inc. Moves Wisconsin Students to Better Health

The Milwaukee Brewers and HOPSports, Inc., a global health and wellness network, will be implementing HOPSports Brain Breaks® as an extension of the Brewers Home Run Fitness program to help Wisconsin students become more physically active and engaged throughout the school day.

Thirty-five percent of Milwaukee high school students are considered overweight or obese, and we’ve pledged to take preventative and sustainable measures by targeting elementary students to promote healthy choices and behaviors.

In an effort to create healthy school cultures, we’ve gifted 500 Wisconsin teachers HOPSports Brain Breaks®,  a technology-based educational solution which uses existing classroom space and technology to make physical activity in schools both interactive and fun. Elementary schools in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and West Allis are currently implementing HOPSports Brain Breaks® for the 2013-14 school year.

The “Brewers Brain Breaks” feature Bernie Brewer, helping Wisconsin students ready their bodies and brains for learning with 3-5 minute web-based digital content. Teachers are able to incorporate classroom lesson plans in HOPSports Brain Breaks® so that students continue to learn while being physically active.

“My students and I do Brain Breaks every day after the kids come back in the classroom after lunch recess,” said Laurie Probst of Waukesha STEM Academy-Randall Campus.  “Brain breaks are highly motivating and get the kids centered and ready to tackle the afternoon’s work. The students enjoy the variety of videos and fun activities, and I see a lot of concentration and fun happening!”

The Brewers Home Run Fitness, program powered by HOPSports, follows the Coordinated School Health model recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a strategy for improving student health and well-being in support of academic success. The HOPSports digital platform delivers key community wellness messaging directly to kids, and strengthens community partnerships to magnify the impact of a coordinated, community approach to school health.

The Milwaukee Brewers and HOPSports are accelerating sustainable behavior change in Wisconsin students by making physical activity an integral part of the school day.  Fans can follow HOPSports on Twitter @HOPSports.


Spring Training Equipment Truck Day at Miller Park Means Baseball Is Right Around the Corner

This has been an especially brutal winter in Milwaukee, there is no getting around that.  One sign that Old Man Winter is on his way out is the annual packing of the Brewers equipment truck for Spring Training.

What was once a simple job, is now an event.  An event that is the unofficial start to Spring Training and an event that has everyone thinking Brewers baseball.  Brewers Director of Clubhouse Operations Tony Migliaccio and his staff have planned this day for months, working on inventory of equipment and organizing all the gear to make sure today’s pack goes without a hitch.

The truck left Miller Park today at 3 p.m., packed full with everything the Brewers will need to run the operation at Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix.  The truck is scheduled to arrive in Phoenix on Sunday and will be unpacked Monday.  Pitchers and catchers report to camp Saturday, February 15 and the first official workout is Monday, February 17.  Soon enough, the pictures on this blog and the rest of will be showing Brewers players at camp, working out.  Green grass and sunshine is just around the corner.

Check out video from today’s event thanks to reporter Adam McCalvy:


Enjoy this photo gallery from today’s event at Miller Park and keep thinking Spring!

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The Woman’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Holiday Gift

MB-13 Gift Guide-WOMEN-600x600-2

We recently posted a guide for men to help them find the perfect holiday gift, so we thought it only fair to provide one for the ladies, too.

MB-13 Gift Guide Flowchart-WOMEN-01

(Note: The file size is pretty large, so be sure to click on the image and then click again, so you can follow along and get your holiday shopping done in a jiffy!)

Good luck!


A Man’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on His List

MB-13 Gift Guide-MEN-600x600


Fellas, we know you could probably use a little guidance when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for everyone on your list, so we thought we’d give you some help by creating this handy flow chart, below:

MB-13 Gift Guide Flowchart-MEN-FINAL


(Note: The file size is pretty large, so be sure to click on the image and then click again, so you can follow along and get your holiday shopping done in a jiffy!)

Good luck!


Offseason’s Greetings, Brewers Fans: Have You “Been Bernied”?

This holiday season, we’ re offering fans the chance  to get in the spirit through a fun game called “You’ve Been Bernied.”  Through various social media platforms and pay-it-forward goodwill, Brewers fans can participate in the game for a chance to win the gift of the season (the Brewers season, that is!)—a pair of Brewers Holiday 4-Packs—while at the same time, spread holiday cheer and “offseason’s greetings.”

Fans are encouraged to visit to participate in the game.  There, fans can print out an “I’ve Been Bernied” sign and instruction sheet and pass it along with a special treat to “Bernie” their neighbors, friends or family and watch the game build throughout the community. For a chance to win the Brewers Holiday 4-Packs and other prizes, fans are invited to take photos of their treats and/or of themselves sporting a Bernie Brewer moustache and post the image to Twitter and/or Instagram using #IveBeenBernied.

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The game is based on the popular holiday activities by neighbors and friends such as “Elf-ing” at Christmas and “Boo-ing” at Halloween.

Brewers Holiday 4-Packs have been on sale since mid-November and are a fantastic holiday gift.  Each pair of Brewers Holiday 4-Packs comes with a Bernie Brewer collectible holiday ornament.  Packages start at just $72 and plans are optimized to fit every schedule.  For more information on Brewers Holiday 4-Packs, visit

The “You’ve Been Bernied” contest runs through December 19th, so be sure to visit as soon as possible to start your own Bernie chain among family, friends and co-workers!

Here’s a fun gallery of some folks who have been Bernied so far!

And–Cait was even Bernied recently!

In other news… #ivebeenbernied! #brewers #bestdayever

A photo posted by Caitlin Moyer (@caitlinmoyer) on

Have you Been Bernied or Bernied others? We want to hear from you, leave us a message in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

-John & Cait

Brewers Players & Broadcasters Wish Bernie a Happy Birthday

As we kick off Birthday Weekend at Bernie’s presented by Southwest Airlines, the birthday greetings continue to pour in.

Today, many of the Brewers players and a couple of the broadcasters had messages they wanted to send:

#Brewers players gather to show how much they #LuvBernie on his birthday weekend.

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More birthday wishes for Bernie from the Crew! #Brewers #LuvBernie

A video posted by brewers (@brewers) on

Bill Schroeder has a special message for Bernie. #LuvBernie #Brewers

A video posted by brewers (@brewers) on

More #Brewers birthday wishes for Bernie. #LuvBernie

A video posted by brewers (@brewers) on

Follow us on Instagram for more fun all weekend (and year!) long!

And don’t forget–you can ‘Stache Yourself and share your own messages for Bernie on Twitter and/or Instagram using #LuvBernie. We’ll compile the best!


Join Us for “Birthday Weekend at Bernie’s,” presented by Southwest Airlines

This season marks the 40th Anniversary since Bernie Brewer was introduced as the mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers and to celebrate, we’ll be hosting “Birthday Weekend at Bernie’s” presented by Southwest Airlines tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, as the Crew takes on the Cincinnati Reds.

 Birthday Weekend at Bernie's

A variety of activities are scheduled for this entire weekend at Miller Park, including giveaways, prizes, sing-a-longs and much more.  Here’s a brief rundown:


The first 20,000 fans to enter the gates at Miller Park will receive a Bernie Brewer can coozie, compliments of Southwest Airlines.


Roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines will be given away during each inning of the game on Saturday, August 17 (two roundtrip tickets will be awarded to a lucky fan each inning).


Take part in the Party on the Plaza from 11am – 1pm outside Miller Park, near Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill. There will be clowns, face painting, tailgate games, music and appearances by Bernie Brewer, the Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages and other local mascots, including Fang (Wisconsin Timber Rattlers), Roscoe (Milwaukee Admirals, Pounce (UW-Milwaukee), and more.

Then, upon entering the ballpark, vouchers will be distributed to fans 16 and under, good for one free Klement’s hot dog, small Pepsi product and Blue Bunny ice cream for the Kids Eat Free promotion.


SIGN HIS CARD: Fans  have the opportunity to sign giant cards for Bernie–we’ve filled three! The birthday cards are located near the Southwest Airlines Nuttiest Fan display in the right-field corner on the Field Level, so make sure you get over there and give the big guy your best!

#LUVBERNIE: Tweet messages and/or photos on Instagram using the hashtag #LUVBernie.  Fans can visit to see a compilation.

MOUSTACHE YOURSELF: Add a Bernie Brewer mustache into photos and post them in celebration of Bernie’s birthday.

Virtual Moustache Collage

FOLLOW HIM! Follow @Bernie_Brewer on Twitter! Bernie’s has just over 31,000 followers at the time of this writing–wouldn’t it be great to get him to 40,000 by the end of his his big weekend?!

For more information and tickets to “Birthday Weekend at Bernie’s,” please visit  A historical timeline of Bernie Brewer is included below.

Bernie Brewer Historical Timeline:

  • June 1970: 69-year-old superfan Milt Mason climbs to the top of the County Stadium scoreboard and vows not to come down until the Brewers draw a crowd of over 40,000.
  • August 1970: The Brewers drew a crowd of 44,387 on bat night, also drawing Milt, their adopted hero, down from his perch.
  • June 1973: Milt Mason passed away on June 12, 1973. The team dedicated their new mascot that year, Bernie Brewer, in Milt’s honor.
  • 1984: The bleachers at County Stadium were rebuilt and Bernie’s Chalet was replaced with a  sound tower, sending Bernie into early retirement.
  • 1993: Due to overwhelming demand, Bernie Brewer returned as the team’s mascot in 1993.

In addition, check out this brief video of the history of Bernie Brewer:

We’re also pleased to work with Southwest Airlines on this celebration, as there is a mutual “luv” between the two (if you’ll recall, Bernie made his trip to Spring Training thanks to Southwest earlier this year:

We hope you’ll join us as we pay tribute to Bernie over the next month!



It’s Bernie’s Birthday! Visit his Chalet Custom Shoppe this Homestand

This weekend, we’re celebrating Bernie Brewer’s Birthday, so it’s only appropriate that we highlight his Custom Shoppe!

Fans can visit Bernie’s Chalet Custom Shoppe in the Hot Corner at Miller Park and choose from a variety of jerseys, t-shirts and baseball bats available for customization.

AND, if you’re among the first 50 fans to customize an item this homestand, you’ll receive a FREE gold baseball!

Bernie's Chalet

Happy shopping!



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