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Looking for a Few Good Brewers Fandidates for the MLB Fan Cave in 2013

In case you haven’t heard, the popular MLB Fan Cave will be coming back for third season in 2013 and once again we’re looking for some excellent “fandidates” to represent the Brewers in the Cave!

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This past season, the MLB Fan Cave hosted a plethora of fan events, concerts, MLB player and celebrity appearances, as well as the nine Cave Dwellers who attempted to watch every game of the 2012 MLB season while chronicling their experiences online through videos, blogs and social media.

Those individuals were selected via a stringent process: the original pool of over 22,000 applicants was narrowed down to 50; an online fan vote whittled it down to 30; and then those 30 fandidates were given a test-run down at Spring Training. The nine that survived were then pared down to the final three over the course of the season by using a combination of online voting along with a panel of judges. The final trio had a great reward: attending the 2012 World Series, where one eventual winner, Giants fan Ashley Chavez, was crowned before the end of the World Series.

As in 2012, MLB will once again be selecting multiple fans to live the dream baseball experience inside the MLB Fan Cave while watching all 2,430 games and interacting with current and retired baseball greats, popular recording artists and entertainers and we’d love to have a Brewers fan in the mix!

Last year, we were fortunate enough to have two fandidates make the Fan Cave Top 50: Kurt Peter and Stephen Sievwright—who also made the Top 30.

I caught up with Kurt and Stephen this week to do a little “Where Are They Now?” and get their advice to you when applying to represent the Crew in NYC.

We’ll start with Kurt.

When I caught up with Kurt, he told me that he’s been traveling a lot lately for a new job that he started recently. He’s enjoying the new gig and therefore, he will not be able to apply for the Fan Cave opportunity in 2013; however, he was able to reminisce with me and give me his thoughts on the experience.

“Last year, I was just sitting there watching MLB Network and I saw the commercial for the Fan Cave and I thought why not. Everyone puts the application videos on YouTube, so I checked them out. So many were videos of  people just sitting in front of a camera. I thought, ‘I can do better than that,’ so I decided to catch some eyes by doing a funny video.”

Kurt then learned he had made the Top 50.

“After that, basically we had two weeks to put our PR thing/marketing skills to work. I had never really done that before; it was new territory for me. I was following everyone else [the other fandidtaes] on Twitter and seeing what they were doing. I thought I should probably be doing the same, so I Googled every radio station and went to TV websites and used Twitter to try to reach out to people everywhere I could. Then I started creating extra videos. There were 12 days left to vote, so I made 12 videos: The 12 Days of Fan Cave.”

Kurt said that the whole experience and everyone he met through the process was great. If he were to enter again in 2013, he says he wouldn’t do anything differently.

“The most important thing is: Be yourself. As long as you just be yourself and don’t try to ham it up too much. They can see right through that,” he said.

Kurt also suggests that ideal applicants be more active on Twitter and that “it doesn’t hurt to have more than 50 followers.”

One thing that Kurt tweeted recently really hit home:


In our call, he expanded more on that: “The people that are applying have to realize it’s not really about them. It’s about them promoting baseball to other fans, or even those who aren’t baseball fans yet. They should think of themselves as baseball liaisons.”

Personally, I think that’s really great advice–these Cave Dwellers are essentially ambassadors for the game!

Next, I caught up with Stephen.

Like Kurt, Steve is a Brewers fan who, out of 22,000 total entries, also made it to the Top 50.

But then Steve also made it into the Top 30 and was rewarded with a grueling trip to Arizona for Spring Training. Through the process, he got so close to the Fan Cave he could almost taste it and that’s left him craving more—so that’s why he’s applying again this year.

Here’s his take on the experience.

“The funny thing is last year, I went into it not expecting anything so to get the results that I got was pretty mind-blowing,” Steve said.

When Steve learned that he made the Top 50, he said he was basically told that he could do whatever he wanted to garner some attention/votes.

“Not being introduced to this side of the world, I didn’t know what was going on,” said the fandidate from a small town in northern Wisconsin. “I was getting calls from TV, newspaper and you, obviously. It was definitely a shock at first— and then the floodgates of creativity were opened. This process really opens up your creative side.”

When Steve found out he made the Top 30, it was a whirlwind: “After I found out, all of a sudden I’m jumping on an airplane down to Spring Training to do all of this stuff. I landed, I got to the hotel, I met everyone and then we got whisked off to Chase Field where we were already put through the wringer. I had to give an elevator speech inside the Diamondbacks press area. I had two days to prepare a one-minute speech and I spent two days worrying about it!”

With Steve applying again this year, it didn’t feel right to ask him for too much advice, but he was extremely open—and echoed much of what Kurt had to say.

“I think for anybody—the key is to just be creative, but be yourself. There is no rule that says you have to do it with one take, with one camera angle. You have two minutes to do whatever you want so be creative,” he said.

He also added, “I think the most interesting thing about it is how much it will really change your life. Not just the fun stuff, meeting people. It broke down a lot of my personal barriers….Just go for it. You always hear that and it never means anything to you. But as soon as you make something out of nothing it feels amazing.”

So there you have it, excellent advice from two excellent sources. We wish Kurt well and Steve the best of luck this year! We also wish YOU the best of luck in submitting your entries because we’d LOVE to have a Brewers fan in the cave in 2013! Let’s hope I’m catching up with you this Spring to do an interview.

The entry deadline is January 25. For details, click here.


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