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Brewers Offer “777” Ticket Promotion Today Only

Today, beginning at 9 a.m. CT, we’re offering a special ticket promotion in which tickets for Brewers vs. Braves game on Tuesday, July 7 will be available for just $7 for seating sections that end in “7.”  This offer is valid today only and includes the following 14 seating sections: 107, 127, 207, 217, 227, 237, 307, 317, 327, 337, 407, 417, 427 and 437 (ticket offer does not apply to section 117).


In addition, we’ve added an extra twist to the promotion.  Rows that end in “7” will also be eligible for the sale (ticket offer excludes Field Infield/Field Diamond box seating).

Tickets for the “777” offer will be available for purchase at  Tickets will go on sale at 9 a.m. today and will be available for purchase until 9:57 p.m. tonight (777 minutes), or while quantities last.  There is a limit of eight tickets per person.

The “777” ticket promotion for the 7/7 game is courtesy of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino.



#SecretBrewer Winner Eric Carlson Takes on Kyle Lohse in Golden Tee

You may recall that during the offseason, fans across the league had an opportunity to win holiday gifts from mystery MLB Stars via Twitter.  

This year, Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse was our #SecretBrewer:

Here’s Kyle, revealing his gift:

And announcing the winner, Eric Carlson, via Twitter & video message (while wearing a Brewers Santa cap–nice touch, Kyle!):

Immediately after the contest, Eric received a signed ball, along with a Kyle Lohse Bobblehead and we got the jersey to him earlier this season when he attended a game.

That meant there was just one thing left to do: play Golden Tee. [For the uninitiated, Golden Tee is a video game often found in restaurants and pubs. That means the playing field is pretty level, even for a scratch golfer like Mr. Lohse.]

During this homestand, we were finally able to line up the schedules and Kyle and Eric headed to Kelly’s Bleachers on Bluemound (right near Miller Park) to play Golden Tee Live 2015:

Eric Carlson won the #SecretBrewer contest and got to play Golden Tee with Kyle Lohse.

Eric Carlson won the #SecretBrewer contest and got to play Golden Tee with Kyle Lohse.

Here are some more photos from their day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those wondering, Kyle ended up winning the golf match, but it didn’t really matter because everyone had a blast.

“That was a lot of fun. Kyle’s a really cool guy,” Eric said. “I hope I get a chance to do something like that again sometime.”

Thanks to Eric for being such a great fan and following us on social media and thanks to Kyle for coming up with such a great prize and taking the time to play.




Bench Coach Jerry Narron’s Call to the Pen

Every night, we post a photo of the Brewers lineup card on social media and each night, almost without fail, the questions and comments will roll in:

The answer, for those of you who don’t know, is Brewers bench coach Jerry Narron.

Recently, I sat down with Jerry to learn a little bit more about his craft and how he got started.


“I became a big-league coach with the Orioles in 1993. That was one of my jobs then, writing out the lineup cards, and I tried to do it the best I could. I tried different pens and my sister had a calligraphy pen. I grabbed that and it looked pretty good, so I stuck with it,” Jerry told me.

Jerry’s completely self-taught. He says he uses Sheaffer pens and the first one he bought had a little pamphlet that came with it.

“I just kind of looked at it and freelanced it,” Jerry said.

In addition to beautiful penmanship, the lineup cards have their own special color scheme and shorthand as well.

Many ask what the colors mean. It’s simple. Right-handers are in black. Lefties are in red. Switch-hitters are in green. Sometimes, for special occasions, he’ll also add an original flair, like red, white and blue for Fourth of July.

Jerry also explained how he treats the available players.

“I leave out the vowels on the guys that aren’t starting that night, unless there’s someone who has a good chance to make the Hall of Fame. If they do, then I’ll put their whole name on there. Last year, for example, Derek Jeter came in and didn’t start, so I put in J-E-T-E-R under extra guys. Same with Chipper Jones. When he was here, I gave him C. Jones in there instead of just the consonants.”

If there are players from Japan or China, Jerry will ask for those names to be written out for him and he’ll copy the characters in his calligraphy

“It started with Ichiro,” Jerry said.

A lineup from 2013 with lead-off hitter Nori Aoki's name written in Japanese characters.

A lineup from 2013 with lead-off hitter Nori Aoki’s name written in Japanese characters.

The lineup cards have become treasured items for players and fans alike.

“Over the years, if someone does anything at all, even an opponent, if it’s their Major League debut or what have you, I send the card over. If it’s a first Major League win—our guy or their guy, I’ll give it to the pitcher. I try to make sure that not only our guys, but the other team, that their guys get them, too.”

Just this past Friday night for example, Kyle Lohse secured a 10-4 win against the Minnesota Twins to become the 14th pitcher in MLB history to beat all 30 active franchises–a huge milestone for sure.

“It’s an accomplishment I’m proud of,” Kyle said. “I’ve been around and that proves I’ve had some longevity and done some things in this game. So I’ll go home happy about that.”

Kyle also went home with the ball from the last out of that game, as well as the lineup card.

“I’m going to get it framed,” Kyle told me. “The handwriting makes it extra-cool, like a work of art.”

The lineup card from Lohse's

The lineup card from Lohse’s “Kylestone” victory over the Minnesota Twins on June 27, 2015.

If that night’s card isn’t given away as a memento, typically fans are able to purchase them through Brewers Authentics, as game-used merchandise. I’ve even purchased one in the past. Right after my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I gave him a special blue lineup card from the Father’s Day’s day game. Like Kyle said–that it had Jerry’s beautiful penmanship on it made it all the more special and frameable as a work of art.


Sometimes, Jerry also likes to surprise fans by randomly giving them a lineup card, like today, when he singled out this little girl after the game and gave her this awesome souvenir to take home.

Jerry’s lineup cards have even garnered attention from the President of the United States.

On April 6, 2006, President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch on Opening Day in Cincinnati. At the time, Jerry was the manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

“President Bush had been the owner when I was with the Rangers, so he knew me and knew about my lineup cards,” Jerry explained. “He saw my lineup card, signed it and personalized it to me—without my even knowing it, so that was great.”

As you’d expect, Jerry tells me that he’s been asked to address Christmas cards and that type of thing from time to time and gladly he obliges. It’s become a hobby for him and it is obvious that he takes great pride in his work.

We know we’re lucky to have a talent like Jerry so we’re going to celebrate him. We’re giving you the chance to win tickets to a game where you’ll have the opportunity to meet Jerry, have him write out a lineup card for you, which you’ll get to take home along with one of his very own calligraphy pens.

All you have to do is follow us on Twitter (@Brewers) and retweet our designated tweet to enter.

Good luck!

MLB and USA Baseball Launch “Play Ball” Initiative Focusing on Youth Baseball

Last week, Major League Baseball and USA Baseball announced the launch of “PLAY BALL,” a significant new initiative that will encourage widespread participation in all forms of baseball activities among all age groups, especially youth.

The new program highlights the many ways baseball can be played, including outside of the traditionally-organized baseball leagues and tournaments, ranging from playing catch, stickball and Wiffle ball to participating in skills competitions like “Pitch, Hit & Run.” The initiative also will provide players, parents and coaches with the information and resources to help with proper play and instruction. serves as the initiative’s online home and is accessible via, and other partner websites. Coaching tips and parent resources will be prominent components of the site. also gives parents, coaches and kids information on how to participate in Play Ball activities, links to youth-related news and events, and searchable maps to help find local community leagues. Health and safety information, including on MLB’s Pitch Smart and Play Sun Smart programs, also will be available.

Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. said: “Play Ball is our largest effort to grow baseball and softball at the grassroots level, particularly among kids.  The program will emphasize not only organized baseball and softball activity, but also the many variations of the game that do not require 18 players, umpires or a diamond.  We are looking forward to working with USA Baseball and our partner organizations to encourage participation in the many ways to enjoy the National Pastime and to strengthen our support of traditional styles of play.”

USA Baseball executive director/CEO Paul V. Seiler said: “The launch of Play Ball is a landmark occasion for our sport. With the support of Major League Baseball, we are thrilled to take a more active role in the proliferation of our game and offer innovative resources to our national member organizations and their constituents. While the launch of Play Ball is the culmination of a lot of hard work, today represents the beginning of our partnership with MLB to grow the game at the grassroots level.”

Additionally, MLB and USA Baseball are launching the Play Ball Mobile Coaching App, a free tool for coaches at every level that is currently available for download via Google Play and will be coming soon to the Apple App Store.  Coaches can access the App as guests, but by logging on with Play Ball credentials, users can create customized practice plans, organize team data, utilize Pitch Smart recommendations and more. The Play Ball Drills Library outlines information for hundreds of drills, along with important information such as difficulty level, recommended duration, diagrams and videos for each exercise.

One of the main features of is “Baseball Near You,” a database of baseball playing opportunities, searchable by zip code. Inclusive of more than 10,000 leagues across the U.S., the feature identifies playing opportunities, as well provides contact information for player registration. Baseball Near You was made possible through the support of American Legion, Dixie Boys and Majors, Little League Baseball and Softball, Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities and the MLB Urban Youth Academies.

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MLB is partnering with its Clubs and various organizations to help grow the initiative’s awareness and accessibility through special events and promotional opportunities. USA Baseball, its national member organizations, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, will help promote Play Ball across their membership bases and within their communities.  MLB also is launching, in conjunction with, as a social media destination for fans to share their experiences during Play Ball activities.

Since April, Major League Baseball and Little League Baseball and Softball have joined up with ESPN for an initiative to promote youth baseball by bringing kids from local Little Leagues to MLB ballparks for ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball,” allowing them to meet Major Leaguers and appear on air with ESPN broadcasters. This initiative will continue in support of Play Ball’s launch. Special youth events that showcase the different ways to play the game will be an important aspect of Play Ball.  During All-Star Week in July, MLB, the Cincinnati Reds and Chevrolet are joining together to attempt to set the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the “largest game of catch” at the MLB Largest Game of Catch presented by Chevrolet.

In addition to Play Ball, Major League Baseball is committed to strengthening its existing relationships with youth-based organizations and growing its ongoing initiatives, such as Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program, Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) and the MLB Urban Youth Academy network, which gives America’s youth, especially those from underserved and inner-city communities, greater access to playing baseball and softball.

Selig Experience Attracts Out-of-Town Visitors

The Selig Experience, a state-of-the-art attraction at Miller Park to honor Commissioner Emeritus and former Brewers Owner Allan H. (Bud) Selig, has been open for just about a month now and fans have been lining up for it at every game.

In addition, over the last few weeks, former Brewers players who have found themselves visiting Milwaukee with opposing Clubs have made it a destination as well.

Last week, former Brewers Ned Yost and Dale Sveum (now manager and hitting coach, respectively) visited the experience when they were in town the Kansas Royals:

And today, Hall-of-Famer and former Brewer Paul Molitor, who is in town as manager of the Minnesota Twins, had the chance to view the Selig Experience with Selig himself.

Bud Selig and Paul Molitor pose outside of the Selig Experience, located in the left-field corner on the Loge Level at Miller Park. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Bud Selig and Paul Molitor pose outside of the Selig Experience, located in the left-field corner on the Loge Level at Miller Park. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Molitor and Selig take in the Selig Experience at Miller Park. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Molitor and Selig take in the Selig Experience at Miller Park. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Afterward, I had the chance to speak with Molitor about the exhibit:




The attraction certainly is fantastic and Brewers fans both young and old will find that it stirs up many emotions.

Visit for more information, including how to register in advance to see it.



Parra Defeats Cotts in Soccer Penalty Kick Shootout

In anticipation of the friendly soccer match between Atlas F.C. and Newcastle F.C. that will be held at Miller Park, Brewers outfielder Gerardo Parra and teammate Neal Cotts competed in a penalty kick shootout for charity at Miller Park this afternoon.

A goal was set up in the outfield with  goalie Nick Vorberg, a former goalie for the Milwaukee Wave for more than a decade and a Pacific University Athletic Hall of Fame member, manning the net. Vorberg currently serves as the volunteer assistant with the Marquette University men’s soccer team and as an assistant coach with the Wave.  He is the Wave’s second all-time leader in goalkeeper wins.

Parra and Cotts competed in a best-of-five shootout to “ready the field,” as Miller Park will soon be converted to a soccer pitch configuration, with the two players taking alternate shots at the net.

Both players agreed that the loser of the shootout will donate $5,000 to a charity of the winner’s choice. Parra chose Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Fund as his charity, while Cotts went with Wisconsin Humane Society. Several teammates and coaches were also on hand to watch the event.

Representatives from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Wisconsin Humane Society were on hand to watch the Parra vs. Cotts Shootout against Goalie Nick Vorberg. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

In round 1, Parra took the early lead, 1-0.

Gerardo Parra took the early lead and never looked back. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Gerardo Parra took the early lead and never looked back. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Neither scored in round 2.

In round 3, they both scored to make it 2-1.

Neal Cotts put up a good fight.

Neal Cotts put up a good fight. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

In round 4, Parra clinched the win–and a $5000 donation to the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship fund–with one more goal.

Parra's final shot slips past Vorberg.

Parra’s final shot slips past Vorberg. (Photo via Sara Stathas/Milwaukee Brewers)

Final: Parra 3, Cotts 1. 

Final: Parra 3, Cotts 1.

However, everyone was a winner as it was announced that Wisconsin Humane Society would also be receiving a $1000 donation.

Here’s a video of the shootout:

Tickets are now on sale for Atlas. F.C. vs. Newcastle F.C. at Miller Park on July 14.  Prices range from $25 – $70 and parking is $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the match. Fans can purchase tickets online at, in person at the Miller Park Box Office, or by phone at 414-902-4000.

In addition, all fans who attend the match will receive a voucher at the gate that will allow them to receive $15 off a future Brewers home game in the month of August. The voucher is valid for 14 games in the month, excluding August 1, 2, 8 and 15. And the first 10,000 adults 18 and over will receive a reversible soccer scarf featuring the logos and colors of the Newcastle and Atlas Clubs, courtesy of Potawatomi Hotel and Casino.


The match will start at 8 p.m. and the gates to Miller Park will open at 6:30 p.m.  Parking lots will open at 5 p.m.




“Hitting 4 the Cycle” Biking Event Just Six Weeks Away

Brewers Community Foundation (BCF)’s “Hitting 4 the Cycle” bike to the ballpark event is just six weeks from tomorrow!

On Saturday, August 8, BCF will host this inaugural event that will allow allow bike-lovers and Brewers fans to combine their two favorite activities.  Fans will be able to select one of four bike routes of various lengths that will all culminate with a fun-filled tailgate party and that night’s Brewers game vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.

Participants will have the option to select 100, 88, 44 or 22 mile routes. The 100 and 88 mile routes will start at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison and end at Miller Park, while the 44 and 22 mile routes will start and end at Miller Park.

The cost to register is $50, with a $150 mandatory fundraising minimum. The money that is raised through the event will go to four organizations – the Urban Ecology Center, Dream Bikes, Penfield Children’s Center and the Miracle League of Milwaukee. Each registered rider will receive a commemorative T-shirt, a game ticket for the Brewers vs. Cardinals game that night and a invitation to a celebratory tailgate party prior to the game.

BCF also has some great fundraising incentives, including Brewers tickets, a cycling cap, entry into a raffle for this custom Domane 6 Series bike (donated by the Lowlands Group) for anyone raising $500 or more, and much more.

 Scooter Gennett, Craig Counsell and Jeremy Jeffress pose with folks from the Lowlands Group--and the bike that fans who raise $500 or more can be entered to win.

Scooter Gennett, Craig Counsell and Jeremy Jeffress pose with folks from the Lowlands Group–and the bike that fans who raise $500 or more can be entered to win.


Learn more and sign up now at




Ryan Braun Named May We Energies High-Energy Player of the Month”

Ryan Braun has been named the May “We Energies High-Energy Player of the Month,” receiving 39 percent of the fan vote. Carlos Gomez came in second with 23 percent, while Francisco Rodriguez and Gerardo Parra finished third and fourth respectively, with 20 percent and 18 percent.

Each month, Brewers fans have the opportunity to vote for the Brewers player they feel was deserving of the We Energies High-Energy Player of the Month during the previous month of play. Fans can visit and choose between four finalists. Finalists are selected based on player stats, high-energy plays on the field and overall contribution to the team during the previous month. Votes from each Player of the Month voting period will be carried over to the final “We Energies High-Energy Player of the Year” vote to be held from Sept. 7 – 15.

Through the online voting campaign presented by We Energies, fans then have the chance to enter to win a number of great prizes, including Brewers game tickets or the Grand Slam Prize Pack. One lucky fan will be randomly selected to receive Field Diamond Box tickets for six guests and will participate in a pre-game ceremony on the field when the Brewers take on the Chicago Cubs on Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. The winner will also receive an autographed jersey signed by the High-Energy Player of the Year, the opportunity to throw out a ceremonial first pitch and the use of a Club Level suite for a 2016 Brewers home game.

Voting for the June Player of the Month will open on July 1 and will close on July 15. During the voting period and even after, fans are encouraged to visit to enter to win prizes.

Adam Lind was the April We Energies High-Energy Player of the Month.

Jonathan Lucroy won the We Energies High-Energy Player of the Year in 2014. Other past winners include Carlos Gomez (2013), Ryan Braun (2008 and 2012) Nyjer Morgan (2011), Rickie Weeks (2010), Craig Counsell (2009), Prince Fielder (2007) and Bill Hall (2006). For more information, please visit

Bring Toiletry Items With You This Weekend for Brewers Community Foundation’s Drive For Charity

This weekend marks a Brewers Community Foundation Drive for Charity with a toiletries drive during the Brewers series against the Twins.

Fans attending the games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are invited to bring new toiletry items (i.e., soaps, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, body wash, body spray, hairspray, etc.) with them to Miller Park. In return, they will receive a special Brewers player pin. This weekend’s pin is of Mike Fiers.

Photo Jun 25, 4 29 01 PM

Fans should drop off their items from the time the gates open through the second inning of each of the games this weekend.

Fans wishing instead to make a donation of $5 can also receive the pin. Also, for $20 you can get a pin and an autographed Fiers Drive for Charity Card.

Photo Jun 25, 4 28 49 PM




This coming Monday, I am looking forward to joining Brewers Director of Alumni Relations and FOX Sports Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Dave Nelson as he hosts his seventh annual Davey Nelson Celebrity Golf Tournament on the Irish Course at Whistling Straits Golf Course in Kohler, Wisconsin.

The Tournament will begin at 10:30 a.m. and will be followed by a cocktail reception, silent as well as live auctions, and dinner.

All teams in the tournament will be comprised of a five-person group, and play will consist of a scramble format with team prizes awarded to the top finishers. Registrations are being accepted as a foursome and a celebrity golfer will be paired with each group to make up the five person team.

The list of celebrity participants include Jay Aldrich, Don August, Sal Bando, Mike Caldwell, Craig Coshun, Jim Gantner, Telly Hughes, Chris Jacke, Daniel Lee Martin, Greg Matzek, Randall McDaniel, Greg Meyer, Damian Miller, Charlie Moore, Willie Mueller, Wes Obermueller, Ken Sanders, Tony Smith, Gorman Thomas, Greg Vaughn, Paul Wagner, Steve Woodard and Robin Yount.

Registration fees are $2,700 per foursome. A golf clinic led by American Club golf pros and a putting contest will take place at 9:00 a.m., and a light breakfast will be served prior to the start of the tournament. The tournament is limited to 30 foursomes. For those who do not care to golf, tickets to Monday night’s reception are available for $150 per person.

An additional preview event is scheduled for Sunday, June 28, consisting of a golf experience at Whistling Straits, Straits Course followed by a cocktail reception and dinner at the Championship Locker Room Terrace. Rates for the preview event are $6,400, which also includes registration for Monday’s event.

Proceeds will benefit Open Arms Home for Children in South Africa and Brewers Community Foundation. For sponsorship opportunities, additional information or to sign up for this memorable golfing experience, visit or contact Meredith Malone at or (414) 902-4501.
Open Arms Home for Children is a non-profit organization that provides shelter, clothing, protection and basic healthcare for what is now home to many children orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic and other circumstances in South Africa. Davey Nelson has served as Board Director for the organization for over four years.

Stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels for photos and videos from this event, which is always a great time!



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