“What’s in the Warehouse Wednesday (with Weyer)” Debuts Today

I’m pretty excited about a new feature that is debuting today across many of our social media accounts.

It’s called “What’s in the Warehouse Wednesday (with Weyer)” or simply #WarehouseWednesday.

Each week, John Weyer, our Warehouse Manager,  will pull out any one of the thousands of interesting items housed in the Miller Park warehouse and discuss it on video.

Depending on the nature of the item, we may also give that item away a lucky fan, like we’re doing in this very first installment. In the event that we feature an item that we can’t give away, we’ll find something else down there that fans can win. Take a look:

Now all you have to do is go over to our Twitter account (@Brewers) and RT our #WarehouseWednesday tweet for your chance to win a 2005 copy of “Between the Lines” magazine featuring Bob Uecker on the cover. We’ll pick a winner and John will personally send out the prize!

The Miller Park warehouse is so cavernous and has so many interesting items from old giveaway items and memorabilia to Gatorade jugs and HR files that we could probably do a daily feature with John and never run out of things to talk about; however, this feature will be something exclusive to the offseason and we’ll work at finding the most interesting items to share with you each week.

Oh–and if John looks familiar to you, that’s because you may have recognized him from a cameo in one of Tim Dillard’s videos last month called “The Last Uecker Clock”:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I am!




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Really fun and cool idea. Can’t wait for next Wednesday!

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