AJ Bombers Concrete Custard Concoctions & Player Burger: September 2016 Menu

One of my favorite spots at Miller Park continues to be AJ Bombers. The popular restaurant and bar-with locations in Milwaukee and Madison- occupies the outside space formerly known as the Plaza Pavilion, along the west side of Miller Park near the right-field gate.

AJ Bombers offers a selection of cheeseburgers, egg rolls, tater tots, shakes, custards, specialty concrete mixers and more. The menu also include homestand specials, such as the city-themed concrete mixers as well as monthly player burger features.

This month’s special is the “Bullpen Sliders.” Fans will get two sliders on Brioche rolls, topped with Nueske’s bacon, roasted jalapeno ketchup, American cheese, lettuce and tomato, plus a side of tots for $9.

Bullpen Sliders

Jacob Barnes and Jhan Mariñez are two relievers who already have great sliders….

Jacob Barnes and Jhan Marinez enjoy the special at AJ Bombers.

Jacob Barnes and Jhan Marinez enjoy the special at AJ Bombers.

Barnes and Marinez

Now they get to enjoy the AJ Bombers special named for them.

Finally, here’s a look at our special concrete custard concoctions by series for the final month of the season,  exclusively at Miller Park:

DID YOU KNOW? Make sure you download the free Ballpark App! In addition to check-in offers, ballpark maps, game updates and more, one of the really cool features is “Miller Park Eats,” a tab that highlights our featured fare each month and includes an A-to-Z concession guide to where you can find all the yummy grub all season long!

Bon Appetit!



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