Happy National Left Handers Day!

They have a “holiday” for practically everything nowadays and today is no exception as today (August 13) is National Left Handers Day.

In celebration of this joyous occasion, I caught up with some of the Brewers “lefties.”

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Outfielder Ramon Flores is the team’s only true lefty. He bats and throws left-handed and eats and writes with his left hand as well.

The others–well, they mix it up:

Infielders Andy Wilkins and Scooter Gennett both bat left and throw right.  Wilkins says he is right-handed at everything except for batting. “My dad told me I started throwing left and batting right and then I switched,” Andy said. Meanwhile, Scooter says he is also a lefty when it comes to golf.

Outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis has an interesting story about how he also came to bat left and throw right.

“When I was little, about 3 years old, before I was playing baseball, my parents got me a plastic golf set. That was all I wanted to do all day–hit the plastic golf set around. I ended up wearing the face off of it while swinging right-handed. I guess my parents didn’t want to buy me another one, so I just flipped it around and started golfing left-handed. After that, that’s when I started playing tee ball or whatever and I just felt more comfortable that way.”

I used to play tennis left-handed, but I stopped playing for awhile and now I play right-handed. I used to play street hockey left-handed. Everything else is right handed. My wife is left-handed though, so maybe we’ll have left-handed kids,” Kirk laughed.

And then there’s Jonathan Villar, who admits he is practically ambidextrous. The switch hitter throws right, eats left and says that while he’s better at writing with his right hand, he can also write with his left.



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What about the pitchers? Any lefties around?

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