Eric Young, Jr. Following in Best Friend’s Footsteps

This year in Spring Training, Eric Young, Jr. is rooming with his best friend–his dad, Eric Young, Sr.

Young Jr., 30, is trying to make the club this spring as a non-roster player in camp. In doing so, he looks to join his father as the third father/son pair to play for the Brewers.

If Eric Young, Jr. makes the team, the Youngs would join the tandems of Tito (1970) and Terry (1989-90) Francona and Davey (1970-74, ‘78) and Derrick (1995) May.

If Eric Young, Jr. makes the team, the Youngs would join the tandems of Tito (1970) and Terry (1989-90) Francona and Davey (1970-74, ‘78) and Derrick (1995) May.

Eric Young Sr. played second base for the Brewers from 2002-03 and is now the first base coach for the Colorado Rockies.

“That’s my best friend. We’ve been like that since I was little and I say that if people didn’t know that we were father and son, by the way we interact with each other you would think we were brothers,” Young, Jr. said.

Young, Jr. was in high school when his dad played in Milwaukee and was participating in summer ball, so he didn’t stay in the city as long as he liked, but he says he knows enjoyed his time there.

He also really enjoys Miller Park from his previous visits as a member of the Rockies and also, the Mets.

“I always enjoyed coming to Miller Park. One of the best stadiums in the league. I just think a few years back when I was a Rockie actually, Opening Day against the Brewers, one of my teammates captured a picture of me kind of out on the field by myself I guess lost in my thoughts and had the background of Miller Park and here we are a few years later,” Young, Jr. recalls.

Is it ironic that the day I decided I wanted to be a pro baseball player, I went and watch my dad play for the Milwaukee Brewers against the NY Mets at Shea stadium? Is it ironic that my favorite player,other than my dad, @therealkengriffeyjr is inducted into the hall of fame this year? (Congrats my dude)That's the reason I wore #24 growing up! Now all I see is Jr.24 (rightfully so)…I wonder what number I'll wear this season. I believe in signs everywhere, if you open your eyes to them. This picture was taken by @adamottavino few years back. He caught me in a moment. I had no clue he was there. I wonder what I was thinking about. That's Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers for those who didn't know. Is this all ironic? I personally don't think so. I think everything happens for a reason. So I'll continue to have faith and Continue to believe. 🙌🏾 I'm excited about this opportunity with the @brewers 💪🏾Be Encouraged! #r2bi

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Young, Jr. says that his dad gives him advice when he needs it, but also lets him do his own thing.

“It depends. Usually if I come to him, it’s definitely more so life advice and obviously since he played he knows what I’m going through now– the good and the bad and the business side of the game as well.”

While it’s been good to have the family support as Young, Jr. goes through the spring, Young, Jr. is also internally motivated. If you follow him on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll see him using the hashtag, #R2BI, which is one that he created and stands for “Refuse to be ignored.”

“I started that about five or six years ago when I was in Colorado. It’s mostly kind of inspiring myself to let my talent show. You know, refuse to be ignored. So, it’s caught on and been going strong since.”

Keep your eyes on Young, Jr. this spring. As he competes for a spot on the roster, you can be assured he’ll #R2BI.



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