Matt Garza Attends Daddy-Daughter Dance

On Sunday morning, Matt Garza was a little bit more tired than usual, but managed to pull through it and give it his all during the team’s workout, plus stick around to participate in a photo shoot for our marketing department.

Garza Photo Shoot

It was at that shoot that Matt mentioned something offhand that I found to be incredibly sweet.

The reason he was so tired on Sunday? Because he’d had a crazy previous 24 hours.

You see, after practice on Saturday, Matt hopped on a plane and headed home to California so he could attend an annual Daddy-Daughter dance with his two oldest girls, Sierra, 10 and Savannah, 6.

“It’s really important to them, so every year, I make my way home for just a night and then I get back to work the next day.”

Matt Garza and his girls attended their annual Daddy-Daughter Dance on Saturday night.

Matt Garza and his girls attended their annual Daddy-Daughter Dance on Saturday night.

“It means the world to them. They get all dressed up, they do the whole hair thing, the makeup thing….Not too heavy on the makeup though, I’m not really a fan of that,” Matt said speaking like a true dad.

“They loved it. It’s something that brightens their year. I’m a big family guy, so whenever I can do something for them, you know it’s anything I can do to help them out.”

Brewers fans will recall that, after being shut down for the season, Matt left the Club in the middle of September last year to be with his wife Serina, who was pregnant with twins and on bed rest at the time, and help take care of his family. In addition to the oldest girls and the twins (Gianna and Maddox), Matt and Serina have a son, Matthew II, 13; and a daughter, Summer, 3.

“The twins came a little later than expected, but they came out healthy and happy. They’re big. They’re moving. Their growth month to month still shocks me. Even after six [kids], it’s still amazing how fast they grow and how their brains react to certain things on a daily basis.”

Last year, when asked what motivates him to play hard, Matt had said his family and that still rings true. “I love this game, but I love them a lot more. My motivation is just to make sure they have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and food on table. That’s my job as a dad and a provider.”

Do his kids love baseball?

“They love their dad. They’d be happy if I did whatever as long as I come home.”





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