#MomJokeMonday: Will Smith tests out his mom’s corniest jokes on outfielder Brett Phillips

The first day I got to camp, Brewers Beatwriter Adam McCalvy asked me, “Have you heard Brett Phillips laugh yet?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Adam said I needed to hear (and see) it for myself. He also said that my goal for camp should be to capture it for Brewers social media.  A little while later, someone asked me the same thing. I was beginning to wonder what the buzz was all about.

Well, on photo day while I was busy running the Social Media station, Kevin Holden of Milwaukee’s CBS 58 affiliate happened to capture it on film and tweeted out the video, which generated a lot of buzz.

That was the first time that I heard Brett’s unique laugh, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last. It’s almost become a game for some of his teammates to try to make him laugh for their own amusement.

That’s where #MomJokeMonday comes in (No, we’re not talking about “Yo Mama” jokes here, I promise). In case you missed it, each Monday during Spring Training, we’ll be posting a Joke of the Day courtesy of Will Smith’s mom, Kay, who, according to Will, enjoys sharing corny jokes.

The idea came to me after Will randomly told me one of his mom’s jokes last season and I tweeted it out.

It got good response from fans (who doesn’t love a good pun), so I thought it might be something fun to do down in Spring Training while the guys are loose.

We kicked it off last week, but for this week’s installment, Will decided to bring Brett into the mix to test out some of jokes live on camera.

Here’s the result. I dare you to try to watch this while keeping a straight face:

Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” So, seeing as today’s Leap Day, hopefully these two helped you make the most of your extra day.





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