Little League Gets a Big Donation; The Southeastern Wisconsin Chevy Dealers Use Their Leap Day to #DayItForward

This year is a Leap Year, which means we get an extra day.

And today, February 29, Chevrolet is encouraging everyone to use these extra 24 hours to do something nice for someone special.

In January, Chevrolet kicked off #DayItForward, and predicted smiles would start appearing in unexpected places. And they were right.

Today, one of those great stories comes out of Miller Park. The Dealer Association in partnership with the Milwaukee Brewers will #DayItFoward by providing baseball equipment to about 300 underprivileged children in the Felix Mantilla Little League of Milwaukee, just in time for their upcoming season.

Later today, representatives from Chevrolet and the Brewers will present this generous donation to about 25 Felix Mantilla Little League players at Miller Park. They’ll also receive a guided tour, goody bag, and enjoy a pizza party with the Brewers Famous Racing Sausages.

Whether you volunteer at a soup kitchen, walk a neighbor’s dog, or buy a total stranger the getaway of their dreams, there is no act too big or too small that a person can do.

So, with plenty of time left in 2016, the question challenging all of us now is, how are you going to #DayItForward?



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