Milwaukee Sports Fans Score High in Grammar Power Rankings

As a communications major and an adjunct professor at Marquette University (I teach a media writing course each semester), it’s no surprise that I can be a bit of a grammar nerd at times.

You can understand then, why I was psyched to see the results of a new study by Grammarly called “Pro Sports 2015 Grammar Power Rankings” which combines grammar and sports

According to this study–which ranks fans in each pro sports city by how well they used their grammar, spelling and punctuation– as a whole, Milwaukee ranks #5!

2015UltimateSportsfans (1)

The study indicates that sports fans in Milwaukee make an average of 3.87 mistakes per 100 words, which is a figure good enough to rank us just behind Memphis, Sacramento, San Antonio and Orlando, respectively.

Breaking it down a little bit more, the study also gives us totals per team and that’s where we learned that Brewers fans committed slightly more errors than Bucks fans (5.3 vs. 2.43 errors per 100 words). I’m really not sure what I make of that discrepancy, but I’m open to your thoughts!

I was also personally curious where our numbers ranked us in terms of MLB teams, so I took the liberty of breaking those numbers out from the data. This way, I learned that the Brewers rank 6th in MLB behind the Indians (3.6), Padres (4.4), White Sox (4.8), Cubs and Mariners (5.2).

Not too shabby at all! Congratulations, Brewers fans. Keep up the great work!

You done good, Milwaukee.



Curious about the study’s methodology? Click here.




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