Brewers Baseball Academy: Another Summer Camp Season Behind Us

Here’s a wrap-up and thank you from Tim Rappé, Executive Director of the Brewers Baseball Academy presented by Kwik Trip, 13 separate week-long baseball/softball camps open to youth (ages 6-14) that were held in various cities across Wisconsin this summer.




2015 marked our third season of the Brewers Baseball Academy. Over 1,200 boys and girls ages 6 -14 joined us for a week of instruction, camaraderie, fun…and more instruction. While things didn’t go as planned for our “big boys” at Miller Park, the summer of 2015 was a big hit for the kids.

A special shout out to Field Directors Scott Staude, Greg Fetherston and a crew of great instructors. And of course we truly appreciate all the Brewers players who donated their time.

I love instructing and that’s why I have the perfect job. But, I confess that I miss coaching a team. If you’ve ever coached a team for an entire season you know what I’m talking about. So, to feed my appetite I volunteered my time to a varsity high school baseball team last spring.

I LOVED every minute of it…except for one dreadful, gut-twisting day.

Cut day photo

Cut Day. It has to be the worst day in the life of the young athlete and it might be even tougher on parents. And make no mistake; this is no fun for the coaching staff.  Every school handles it differently but it all ends up with would-be high school baseball players checking a list for their name. If they find it, they’re going to practice and the dream lives on. If their name is not on the list they’re going home to tell mom and dad that in all likelihood their baseball life is over. All the practices, camps, lessons, travel teams of the past seem like a million miles behind. I know it has to happen but I hate it.

So, you want the truth about why we run the Brewers Academy? Now you have it. It’s to make sure that your athlete’s name is on that list. We want your son or daughter to experience the joy of playing for their high school team. It’s a great time in their lives but they’ve got to get past that hideous “Cut Day.”

Coaching in high school reminded me of another truth. It’s so much more difficult to correct mechanics once they’ve been imprinted and repeated for so long. That’s the best reason I know of to get your kids to a Brewers Academy early. Give us a week and we’ll give you the best we’ve got. And I strongly urge kids to come more than once. Use us like the pros use Spring Training.

Until next time, “If you’re gonna swing, might as well swing hard.”

-Tim Rappé

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