Introducing Clubhouse–Get Your Brewers Emojis & GIFs!

Today Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) unveiled a league-wide keyboard extension app called Clubhouse which gives fans a fun way to expand and customize their personal keyboards with baseball-themed GIFs and stickers.

Baseball fans will have access to hundreds of newly developed baseball-themed stickers/emojis, such as official logos, current and legendary player emojis, team mascots, ballpark food and features and baseball equipment, and animated GIFs built by for visually personifying their emotions and communications with baseball on their phones.



Fans will have easy access to browse and customize their favorite baseball-themed content and add the stickers and GIFs to their keyboards, personalizing by content theme and favorite team. All keyboard content also can be managed directly within the Fans keyboard extension app.

Here are some of the Brewers-specific emojis that we’ve helped to create for the Clubhouse launch:

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In addition to collecting stickers and GIFs in their custom keyboards, fans also have the ability to intuitively share the content as part of their social conversation either via text or their personal accounts for the popular social and messaging networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

The free app is exclusively available now in the Apple App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.





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Get this on Android, working with the Swype keyboard!

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