Milwaukee Film Festival Unveils 2015 Sponsor Trailer Featuring Hank the Ballpark Pup

This morning, the 7th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, announced a collaboration with the Wisconsin Humane Society for their 2015 Festival Sponsor Trailer which will run before each of the 341 screenings of the 15-day film festival.

“This is an idea that was presented to us several years ago by local filmmaker and writer Ryan Plato. We always wanted to see it happen, and this year the partnership with the Wisconsin Humane Society and the great filmmaking team at Bunkerooney Films, Tate Bunker and Kara Mulrooney, made it possible,” explains Jonathan Jackson, Artistic and Executive Director at Milwaukee Film. “Our hope is that our film festival patrons who see dozens of festival films won’t ever get tired of these adorable animals. And even though I am a cat lover, I suppose it is acceptable that they allowed dogs in the trailer.”

The trailer highlights the film festival’s 2015 sponsors with a cast of adult dogs and cats as well as puppies and kittens, all Wisconsin Humane Society alumni or animals who were waiting to be adopted at the time of filming.

Thanks to the Brewers Community Foundation, Hank the Ballpark Pup is featured in the trailer as well. In keeping with their mission to positively impact the lives of children and families, the Brewers Community Foundation also returns as the Presenting Sponsor of the Milwaukee Film Festival’s Education Screenings program, which admits over 8,000 students from 1st through 12th grades for grade-appropriate screenings of festival films.


“This partnership is a great case of nonprofit collaboration in Milwaukee,” explains Angela Speed, Vice President of Communications for the Wisconsin Humane Society. “There’s such a need for good homes and loving pet owners; we’re thrilled to see the work we do get this kind of exposure.”





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