Stearns to Host Social Media Q&A on Tuesday; Submit Your Questions Now

Today was a big day in Brewers history as we announced that we have named David Stearns as the new Brewers General Manager.

It was a busy day for the Harvard graduate and former Astros Assistant General Manager, as he took part in an introductory press conference this afternoon and conducted many local and national interviews following that as well.

And now it’s your chance to get in on the action. Tomorrow, David will answer questions from fans submitted via our various social media platforms.


Comment on this blog post, add a comment on our designated Instagram or Facebook posts, or submit it on Twitter using #AskDavidStearns.

We’ll pick the best questions, David will answer them for you tomorrow, and we’ll post the recap for everyone to enjoy.




Will you stay to see the Brewers win a World Series or take the money a big market team will offer if you start to turn the team around

In 1992 Ron Wolf brought in free agent Reggio White to the Green Bay Packers. That changed the franchise I think for a very long time. The Brewers need pitching, it has been inadequate at best and sometimes down right futile. How do you plan to work on a team that needs a new direction in pitching? Can Milwaukee ever bring in a few players that will make is fans excited again?

Your resume is impressive. It shows considerable accomplishment over a very short period of time. I’m concerned that you might be a short-term hire. Tell me why I shouldn’t worry that the Brewers will be looking for another GM in just a couple years. Than you.

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