Brewers Community Achievers: Elaine Jacks

The Brewers Community Achievers Program recognizes residents throughout the state of Wisconsin each month during the season for displaying extraordinary efforts in their community.

This month’s honoree is Elaine Jacks. Elaine was recognized on the field prior to tonight’s Brewers vs. Cardinals game at Miller Park and also threw out a first pitch.

Elaine Jacks

There was an empty city lot where a building had burned down a few years ago. Elaine found a way to turn that empty lot into Gateway Community Garden. She worked with the City of Sheboygan, Sheboygan Neighborhood Pride and the Gateway Neighborhood Association and was able to get the city to hook up water for the garden. Elaine recruited volunteers to help build raised beds, compost bins and tool storage boxes. She was also able to get professional horticulturists to plant a flowers and secured the donation of a decorative fence for the garden. Elaine also organized a network of people to help handicapped gardeners. Now, each year people form the neighborhood can rent one of the raised boxes to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers. Elaine has also provided two fruit trees and berry bushes for anyone in the area to use. In its second year, the neighborhood has a beautiful, flourishing garden thanks to Elaine.

Do you know someone who is a Community Achiever?

Perhaps they started a neighborhood clean-up program, volunteered to prepare meals for their elderly neighbors or even performed some feat of heroism. Nominate them today by clicking here.

All adults and school-aged children throughout the state of Wisconsin are eligible to participate in the Community Achievers Award program.



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