“Specials by Series”for September & October

Rivalry-inspired fare is back at Miller Park.  As each opposing team comes to town, DNC SportService will feature “Specials by Series” near Section 223 for $10 each.

Here’s a look at what you can expect for the final matchups of the 2015 season.

Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds (August 28-30): Cincy Cheese Coney $12

Cincy Cheese Coney

Hot dog, Cincy chili, diced onion, mustard, shredded cheese

Brewers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (September 1-3): Polish Hill Cheesesteak $12

Polish Hill

Sliced kielbasa, grilled onions and peppers, cheese sauce

Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals (September 15-17): St. Louis BBQ Pork $12

Pulled Pork - St Louis BBQ

Pulled pork, St. Louis BBQ sauce, brioche bun

Brewers vs. Cincinnati Reds (September 18-20): Bacon on a Stick $12

Bacon on a Stick

Pork belly bacon (2 skewers), spicy dipping syrup

Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs (October 2-4): Italian Beef Sandwich $12

Italian Beef

Cheese sauce, giardinara, peppers, onions



1 Comment

I’m going to be at the game sept 20. Can you tell me what the special will be and what flavor an bombers will have

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