Brewers Community Achievers: Jeffrey Hansen

The Brewers Community Achievers Program recognizes residents throughout the state of Wisconsin each month during the season for displaying extraordinary efforts in their community.

This month’s honoree is Jeffrey Hansen. Jeffrey was recognized on the field prior to tonight’s Brewers vs. Marlins game at Miller Park and also threw out a first pitch.

Jeff Hansen

Jeff Hansen

Jeff noticed that during the family holidays when he would visit his loved one, 81 percent of the seniors were picked up for the weekend by their families, but many seniors were left alone, spending the holidays by themselves without a hot meal.

On Christmas Day in 1986, Community Projects for Seniors began by serving 100 meals to low income seniors who were abandoned by their family while residing in subsidize housing. As the founder and executive director of Community Projects for Seniors, Jeff’s goal is to provide joy to low-income seniors and help lessen loneliness and depression during the holidays.  Today, Community Projects for Seniors serves more than 15,000 meals every year. With the help of volunteers, the free meals are delivered right to the seniors’ doorsteps so they don’t have to travel to a meal site during cold weather. Individuals served by Community Projects for Seniors know they can count on a hearty meal, a smile and a kind word from a caring volunteer.


Thank you, Jeff for your great work in the community!

Do you know someone who is a Community Achiever?

Perhaps they started a neighborhood clean-up program, volunteered to prepare meals for their elderly neighbors or even performed some feat of heroism. Nominate them today by clicking here.

All adults and school-aged children throughout the state of Wisconsin are eligible to participate in the Community Achievers Award program.



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