Craig Counsell Visits with Brewers Season Seat Holders

Today was the Brewers Season Seat Holder luncheon, the second of two such events this season where Season Seat Holders with packages of 20+ games have the opportunity to attend.

The event, which took place in the Skyy Lounge, included a plated lunch, a Q &A with Brewers players, and the opportunity to win prizes.

Today, Season Seat Holders were treated to a Q & A with Brewers manager Craig Counsell.

Craig Counsell addresses Brewers Season Seat Holders at today's luncheon.

Craig Counsell addresses Brewers Season Seat Holders at today’s luncheon.

Here are some highlights:

Craig spoke about how great and supportive the Brewers fan base has been–through thick and thin. “Fans coming to the park means something. We know it means something in the kind of players we are going to eventually get. It does! The more fans that come to the park the better players we are going to get. That’s the cold, hard facts….When there are people in this park it is a great atmosphere and a great experience for everybody to play in.”

In talking about life experiences outside of baseball that have prepared him to be a manager, Craig said: “My life has been working in baseball. Look, to me and I think for a lot of you, one of the most powerful experience you have is parenting. When you’re managing young men there are times when methods that you use in parenting apply to managing young men. Discipline is part of it.”

Brewers SSH Luncheon

One Season Seat Holder asked if Craig had given any thought to giving Segura a day off and filling in at Shortstop himself and Craig replied, “I have given NO thought to that. That is very nice of you to say, but most of you saw me play that last year. You don’t really want me out there; I assure you of that. It wasn’t that pretty. It was time for me to stop playing. I loved it and you wish it could last forever.”

Thanks to those who came out today, fun was had by all. And special thanks to my intern, Aaron Oberley, for his help on this post!







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