Gorman Thomas Introduces”Stormin’ Gorman’s B.B.Q. Sauce”

Tonight, former Brewers slugger Gorman Thomas is introducing his brand new condiment, “Stormin’ Gorman’s B.B.Q. Sauce,” at Miller Park. Thomas, who hit 208 home runs with the Brewers, created the new sauce with a unique flavor, and it will be available at two Miller Park Smokehouse locations.

The sauce will be launched at the Smokehouse portable stations at Miller Park beginning tonight.  The stations are located on the Field and Loge Levels.

Thomas will meet with fans at the Field Level Smokehouse on tonight from 6-8 p.m. and tomorrow (Tuesday, August 4) at the Loge Level Smokehouse from 6-8 p.m. There he will take pictures, greet fans and chat with fellow B.B.Q. lovers and baseball fans.

I headed over to try the sauce and it was indeed very good. A little spicy and a little tangy with a hint of sweetness. You’ll love it!



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