Fans Search High and Low for Matt Garza Gnomes During the #GarzaGnomeHunt

Today, the Brewers marketing staff was all over the city hiding Count Garza Gnomes as part of the #GarzaGnomeHunt, a fun social media scavenger hunt.

Over the weekend, we teased the promotion, giving away very little by way of clues, other than the gnomes would not be at Miller Park, where we have had some promotions in the past, such as our #WheresPolish promotion in 2013 and #SpringMadness414 balloon event last season:

After the plotting and planning, tomorrow's the day! #GarzaGnomeHunt #MattGarza #Brewers

A photo posted by brewers (@brewers) on

Then, early this morning, we released information across all of our social media sites in regard to the general locations of each of the sites, as well as the times we’d be there:

There were two signed Matt Garza Gnomes at each location. Each gnome was accompanied by a pair of tickets to the Count Garza All-Fan Giveaway date (Sunday, August 2 vs. Cubs). For those who showed up just a little too late, we also had some items on hand as consolation prizes.

Since this was designed to be a social media scavenger hunt, clues were given via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Here’s a recap:

9 a.m. DOWNTOWN…Cathedral Square Park

We showed up in Cathedral Square Park for our first location, hiding one gnome in a bush and one on the playground. We weren’t sure what to expect with this being the first time we’ve executed a promotion quite like this, but both were found within minutes, after we posted just one clue to Twitter:

11 a.m. WAUWATOSA…Hart Park

At 11 a.m., we moved over to Hart Park in Wauwatosa, where we hid one gnome in a flower bed and one near a bridge. It took just two clues and 12 minutes for both to be discovered:

1 p.m. SHOREWOOD…Atwater Park

At 1 p.m. we hid two gnomes at Atwater Park, one near a rock and one on a pier, and both were found in under 10 minutes, after just one clue.

Congrats to James & Lara who found the Count Garza gnomes at Atwater Park in Shorewood! #GarzaGnomeHunt

A photo posted by brewers (@brewers) on

Then, it was time for our final stop.

3 p.m. GREENDALE… Post Office and Baseball Diamond

Avoiding a park this time to throw folks off the scent, we spread out in the Village of Greendale, hiding gnomes near the Post Office and on the pitcher’s mound of a baseball field.

The final 2 Count Garza Gnomes have been claimed! Congrats Dylan & Dave! #GarzaGnomeHunt

A photo posted by brewers (@brewers) on

We had a fun time hiding the gnomes and interacting with the fans today; we hope you had a fun time playing along. And hey, if you didn’t locate a Garza Gnome today, don’t sweat it. All fans in attendance at the Brewers vs. Cubs game on Sunday, August 2 will get to take home their very own Count Garza Gnome:



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