Wear Your Player Gear to Miller Park This Homestand and Save!

You probably were already planning on it, but you’ll want to be sure to wear your Brewers player apparel to Miller Park this homestand (July 17-22).

When you wear your player gear (past or present) at the Brewers Team Store, you will receive a coupon for an immediate $5 discount off of your purchase of player product, including player name and number t-shirts, player fashion tees, player-designed caps, bobbles, pennants, jerseys, photos, etc. (Sorry– game-used memorabilia is not included.)


Your savings will be valid that day only at the following Miller Park locations: any of the four Brewers Team Store locations, Hank’s Hangout and Bernie’s Chalet.

In case you haven’t already seen some of the awesome new player-designed caps and fashion tees, I’ve got a look at some of them here for you.

First, player-designed caps.

Back in January at Brewers On Deck, some of the guys were excited about the opportunity to design their own New Era caps.

Davis Caps
Khri wanted to change things up a bit. Davis choose to mix in some different designs and fashions for his two caps and loved the experience, as well as the finished product. “I could design caps all day!” he exclaimed.

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Gennett Caps 
Scooter really wanted to base his caps on designs that are different and not typically seen in stores. Scooter actually designed his own “SG2” logo, which is featured on all three of his caps. Upon seeing the finished product, Scooter thought that each cap turned out looking “sick.

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Gomez Caps
Carlos loves gold and so it’s no surprise that the Gold Glove centerfielder made sure to incorporate gold in each of his cap designs.

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Lucroy Caps
Essentially, Luc wanted something that he could wear while duck hunting… so camo it is!

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Peralta Caps
Wily also had a lot of fun designing his caps and stuck with the trendy camo look for one of his designs. He also made sure that one of his caps would have his nickname, “Big Wily,” on the back.  After picking up 17 wins last year, he can put whatever he wants on his cap design!

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Next, the players weighed in on their unique t-shirt designs.

Gennett T-Shirt
Scooter was also very hands on with his t-shirt design and sent in multiple sketches and drafts of what he was looking for. He loves outer space and astronomy, so he wanted his shirt to depict himself hitting a baseball, while on the moon, out into space.

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Gomez T-Shirt
Carlos liked his New Era caps so much that he decided he wanted to have his shirt design match, bringing in highlights of the same unique camo and coloring.

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Lucroy T-Shirt
Luc couldn’t help but copy Gomez, as he also choose to have one of his cap designs be used for his t-shirt design.

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Happy Shopping!



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