Fans Treated to “Inside the Brewers” Discussion with Debbie and Mark Attanasio

Tonight I had the pleasure of joining Debbie and Mark Attanasio for an intimate “Inside The Brewers” program at the Rubenstein Pavilion on Prospect Avenue, an event presented by the Jewish Museum Milwaukee in conjunction with their special exhibit Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American.

The Q and A and discussion was moderated by Brewers broadcaster Brian Anderson, who welcomed Debbie and Mark to the stage by playing special “walk-up” songs–“My Girl” by the Temptations for Debbie and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder for Mark.

Brian Anderson moderated the "Inside the Brewers" discussion with the Attanasios.

Brian Anderson moderated the “Inside the Brewers” discussion with the Attanasios.

Topics covered including what it was like to buy a Major League Baseball team, how the couple initially bonded over baseball, the importance they place on giving back to the community, and family life.

Brian then took the couple on a stroll down memory lane by showing them a series of photographs and asking them to talk about the time and event depicted–what they remember, how they felt, anecdotes, etc.

For me, this was the most interesting part of the evening as I can’t recall ever seeing an interview done in this style. Photos included “never before seen” pictures of Mark and Debbie as children, family photos and photos from special points in time during their tenure with the Brewers.

Here are just a few of the photos, along with a short description (Click on a photo to start the gallery). Those in attendance were treated to many little side stories along the way, complete with loving banter that had us all in stitches.

The event concluded with questions from the audience. Those topics ranged from “Are you committed to keeping the Brewers in Milwaukee?” (the answer was an emphatic “YES!”) to what they enjoy most and least about the city. They both agree what they love the most is what a welcoming place Milwaukee is, but admit it can be “a touch cold.”

I’m so glad I was able to attend the event. It was a real treat and offered a rare chance for fans to do a deep dive with the owner of a professional sports team. I found it very informative and a lot of fun.

This evening was being presented by the Jewish Museum Milwaukee in connection with the current Jewish Museum Milwaukee exhibit, Chasing Dreams: Baseball & Becoming American, which opened earlier this month. Mark and Debbie, along with Bud and Sue Selig, also serve as Honorary Co-Chairs of the exhibit, which runs through September 7.

Commissioner Emeritus Selig poses with Mark and Debbie Attanasio at tonight's private preview event.

Commissioner Emeritus Selig poses with Mark and Debbie Attanasio at the preview of the Chasing the Dreams exhibit.

The exhibit consists of a core panel developed by and on loan from the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia. It has been augmented by artifacts on loan from local organizations and individuals and explores how baseball has served as an arena in which values, identity, ethnicity, and race have been projected, contested, and occasionally solidified.

The exhibit celebrates well-known Jewish heroes such as Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax, as well as iconic baseball pioneers such as Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente, and Ichiro Suzuki. It also highlights baseball’s extended family of vendors, team owners, minor leaguers, amateur players, scouts, broadcasters, journalists, novelists and fans.

Here are some photos from the museum and the exhibit itself:

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Click here for additional information and to plan your trip.




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