Scooter Gennett Gives Pottery Lesson for Charity

Scooter Gennett has a hobby that perhaps no other MLB player can claim: Throwing pottery.

It’s an interest that started back in high school.

“I took six classes in high school and actually got a Portfolio credit and an AP credit, which is pretty cool. I didn’t go to college and get the opportunity to use those, but hopefully one day I get to go back,” he said.

He acknowledges that it is a unique hobby for a baseball player and he takes any good-natured ribbing all in stride.

“The team….had a little fun with the picture of me in ESPN The Magazine last year,” Scooter admitted. (Yes, the Ghost references were flying.)

But for him, he says it’s a way to have fun and relax at the same time.

“It’s definitely something to get my mind off of anything that could be bothering me. A lot of people I know that do it, do it just for relaxing…. Also, it’s a lot of fun. It’s fun to get dirty away from the field,” he said.

Scooter says his favorite thing to make is jewelry boxes. He’s made them for his mom, sister and wife.

Earlier today, Scooter  was kind enough to share his time and his talents with Kim and Brian Briesemeister, who won the experience as part of a Major League Baseball auction to raise money for LUNGevity.

LUNGevity is an organization that helps educate and raise awareness for lung cancer. The charity has funded 110 research projects at 57 institutions in 23 states. Their research investments focus on early detection, noting that survival rates rise when cancer is detected while still localized.  LUNGevity also provides a community of empowerment, support, and hope for everyone affected by lung cancer through extensive educational resources, online peer-to-peer support and in-person survivorship programs.

Kim and Brian won the auction and presented it to their 13-year-old daughter Rebecca as a Christmas gift.

“They gave me a shoe box with a picture of Scooter and a shirt. The email that said they had won the experience was at the bottom of the box. At first I was really confused why I had a box of Scooter stuff….Then, I screamed, and I cried…yeah,” Rebecca recalled, blushing at the memory and thrilled for the opportunity

This morning, the Briesemesiter family, along with Judy, Rebecca’s grandmother, met Scooter Gennett at Creative Fire Pottery in Wauwatosa, where they worked with the helpful Suzy and Mike to create their works of art.


The Briesemesiter family and Scooter Gennett at Creative Fire Pottery.

“The last seven months have gone by really slowly….I was just really excited the whole time,” said Rebecca.

First, the group worked on the wheel–what people traditionally think of when they picture throwing pottery:

The group gets behind the wheel at Creative Fire.

The group gets behind the wheel at Creative Fire.

Scooter and Rebecca work on their pieces.

Scooter and Rebecca work on their pieces.

Next, they got to do some hand building, working together to create a platter:

Scooter Gennett Pottery

Scooter and the family “autographed” their work, which will be fired in the giant kilns at Creative Fire. The Briesemesiters will return to glaze the pieces they created when finished.

Scooter Gennett Pottery

“It was really fun. Scooter was really cool and helpful with the pottery making,” said Rebecca, who is looking forward to taking a class in pottery next year at South Milwaukee Middle School. “It was amazing, everything that I had wanted it to be.”

Scooter agreed. “It was a lot of fun. Not only spending time with [Rebecca] and her family and kinda making a good Christmas gift come true, I think it was a lot of fun. For me, whenever I get to do pottery, it’s always a lot of fun. And obviously, it was for a great cause, too,” Scooter said.





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