#SecretBrewer Winner Eric Carlson Takes on Kyle Lohse in Golden Tee

You may recall that during the offseason, fans across the league had an opportunity to win holiday gifts from mystery MLB Stars via Twitter.  

This year, Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse was our #SecretBrewer:

Here’s Kyle, revealing his gift:

And announcing the winner, Eric Carlson, via Twitter & video message (while wearing a Brewers Santa cap–nice touch, Kyle!):

Immediately after the contest, Eric received a signed ball, along with a Kyle Lohse Bobblehead and we got the jersey to him earlier this season when he attended a game.

That meant there was just one thing left to do: play Golden Tee. [For the uninitiated, Golden Tee is a video game often found in restaurants and pubs. That means the playing field is pretty level, even for a scratch golfer like Mr. Lohse.]

During this homestand, we were finally able to line up the schedules and Kyle and Eric headed to Kelly’s Bleachers on Bluemound (right near Miller Park) to play Golden Tee Live 2015:

Eric Carlson won the #SecretBrewer contest and got to play Golden Tee with Kyle Lohse.

Eric Carlson won the #SecretBrewer contest and got to play Golden Tee with Kyle Lohse.

Here are some more photos from their day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those wondering, Kyle ended up winning the golf match, but it didn’t really matter because everyone had a blast.

“That was a lot of fun. Kyle’s a really cool guy,” Eric said. “I hope I get a chance to do something like that again sometime.”

Thanks to Eric for being such a great fan and following us on social media and thanks to Kyle for coming up with such a great prize and taking the time to play.




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