A Special Delivery for Adam Lind

Recently, Brewers first baseman Adam Lind received a special package in the mail from a man named Daniel.

Adam and Daniel have never met and are not related (at least not that they know of), but they share a surname.

And it was this simple fact that led Daniel Lind, a Paratrooper with 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) from 2011-2014, to get in touch with Adam–and send him a wonderful letter and a most amazing gift.

“One day I saw a highlight on SportsCenter and heard my last name… it was a Blue Jays highlight and they were talking about you. From that day on, I knew there was a Lind in MLB and thought it was pretty cool,” Daniel wrote.

Once Adam became a player for the Milwaukee Brewers, Daniel said he had no choice but to root for the Crew.

Enclosed with the letter is one of Daniel’s military uniforms.

“I thought since we shared a last name, it would be cool to send you one of my ‘jerseys’ for good luck,” Daniel wrote. He goes on to explain the meaning of each of the badges on the uniform, including one earned during his first mission in Afghanistan.

Adam Lind received a special "jersey" from a soldier who shares his surname.

Adam Lind received a special “jersey” from a soldier who shares his surname.

Adam was floored at the gesture and touched by the note, which ended with:

“I was fortunate enough to meet some of my best friends and travel all over Europe because I chose to wear this Uniform. I truly hope it brings you as much good fortune as it has brought me.”

As luck would have it, last night, with the Brewers vs. Mets game tied at 2, Adam had the game winning hit, doubling on a grounder to left field, allowing Carlos Gomez to score.

“I don’t even feel like I’m worthy of receiving such a gift,” said Adam, who will be sending one his own jerseys to Daniel. “I just play baseball. He risked his life in that uniform.”


7/11/15 Update: We’ve received word that Adam’s package to Daniel arrived today:







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That is awesome to see that my package made it to Adam. Like I said, I truly hope it brings him good luck the rest of his career! Go Brewers!

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