Brian and Tim of “30in30for30” Visit Miller Park

Brian and Tim are lifelong friends who grew up in the Chicago Suburbs. They were both White Sox fans, but more than that, they are huge fans of baseball in general.

This year, the year they both turn 30, they have embarked on an amazing adventure most baseball fans can only dream of: driving to see 30 games, in all 30 stadiums, in just 3o days.

Brian is a high school music teacher, and Tim works in finance for the Walgreen company and 25 days ago, they set out on the ultimate baseball roadtrip.

The pair visited Miller Park today, on day 25 of their trip, and I had the chance to catch up with them to learn more about this fantastic voyage.

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Cait: How did you go about planning this trip?

Brian: We did the West Coast first. We wanted to find a time when all of the West Coast teams were lined up to be at home. Then it was easy to fit the rest of the country together.

Tim: We put it all into a spreadsheet and then we had to consult Google Maps, since we needed to factor in drive time. West and South teams were the ones we really had to figure out first.

Cait: Who is doing the driving? Whose vehicle are you using?

Tim: We rented a car. No one wanted to put 17,000 miles on their vehicle. We figured out the trip is about 15,000 miles, but we’re not necessarily driving straight from one park to the other, we’re seeing other thins along the way. We take turns driving.

Cait: What do you listen to in the car to keep yourselves entertained?

Tim: We actually listened to the first Game of Thrones audio book, and we like searching for new stations in the places we’re in. We figured it is about 150 driving hours inside the car.

Brian: And I’m a high school music teacher, so we’ve been listening to some music for my next production. I think Tim is probably getting sick of the Wizard of Oz….

Cait: Where do you stay?

Brian: We have mostly stayed with friends, but really only half the time. Most of the time, we drive straight through to our next destination. We take turns driving while the other person sleeps.  But we didn’t really take into account the changes in geography. Sometimes, sleep has come at a premium when we hit a rough patch, or the weather is bad.

Cait: What’s your favorite ballpark so far?

Tim: AT & T is the consensus so far, followed by Kaufmann Stadium.

Cait: Have you seen any memorable games?

Tim:  We’ve had 3 extra inning games, 5 games delayed by rain- but thankfully none postponed, and we’ve also go to see position players pitch in Cleveland, which is always interesting.

Cait: What has been your most harrowing experience?

Tim: To get from Arizona to Denver, we had a 13-hour drive and just 14 hours to make it. It poured in Arizona and rural Utah…. They are not used to that type of weather so the roads were not conducive to drainage.

Brian: There was also no cell phone reception. Not only were we scared we wouldn’t make it to our next destination, we were kind of scared we wouldn’t make it period.

Cait: But thankfully you did! And we’re glad you’re here now. What’s your favorite part about Miller Park?

Tim: Well, growing up in Chicago, we’ve both been here many times, but I love this place. It is so multifaceted. There is stuff to do if you’re a kid, baseball history stuff if you’re a baseball nerd. The field views are always nice.

Brian: I really appreciate how you can always find a reasonably priced ticket and the food is a good value, too. I also love the tailgating atmosphere.

Cait: Thanks for taking the time guys, enjoy the game and the rest of your trip!


We wish Brian and Tim the best of luck in wrapping up their ultimate baseball road trip this week! It was great to connect with them.  You can follow their journey on their blog,, and on Twitter @30in30for30.

Here are just a couple of their posts about Miller Park so far:



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