Kayla Jimenez Wins “Strike Out Bullying” Contest

After hundreds of essays were received, Kayla Jimenez of J.F. Cooper School has won the Brewers inaugural “Strike Out Bullying” contest. Students from all across the greater Milwaukee area were asked to submit a one-page essay about what their school is doing to “Strike Out Bullying.”  Kayla’s essay was selected and her school will receive a grand prize which includes a visit from Brewers players as well as tickets and transportation to the Monday, May 11 game against the Chicago White Sox.

The essay was an open-ended question, “What is your school doing to strike out bullying?”  Kayla, a 12-year-old sixth grader, wrote about the many different approaches that J.F. Cooper School has helped prevent and end bullying.  She described a pledge that was handed out to every class and signed by any student who would not tolerate bullying.  In addition, students at the J.F. Cooper School created black and blue posters, representing the hardships that victims of bullying go through, and displayed them throughout the campus.

K Bullying

Thanks to her essay, several Brewers players, staff members and personnel will travel to J.F. Cooper for a visit and anti-bullying program and bring Brewers apparel.  To top it off, the team will provide tickets for that night’s game against the Chicago White Sox and provide transportation to and from the school.

For her part, Kayla will have the unique opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at that night’s game.

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