Head & Shoulders #WHIFF Promo Back for 2015; See a Strikeout, Tweet #WHIFF @Brewers

Last season, we encouraged fans to support local RBI Leagues by tweeting #WHIFF + @Brewers and you answered: resulting in $40,000 in donations for our local RBI  Leagues!

RBI, or Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities, is a urban youth baseball initiative that was developed by former scout and Major Leaguer John Young in Los Angeles in 1989 to provide youth an opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of baseball.

The RBI program encourages participating in baseball while providing youth with a positive, team-oriented activity that challenges them mentally and physically. The program also uses baseball to emphasize academics and community responsibility.

And now, the Head & Shoulders“Season of the Whiff” is back for 2015 with more opportunities to help secure funds for this great cause.

Like last year, the seven MLB teams with the most #Whiff tweets each month will win donations for their local RBI leagues.

Here’s how Brewers fans can help: When a Brewers pitcher strikes out an opposing batter, make sure to jump on Twitter and tweet: #WHIFF  and include our handle, @Brewers.

Simple as this:

Retweets also count, so follow @Brewers and be sure to retweet our #Whiff tweets! Up to 27 #Whiff + @Brewers tweets per user per day will count to our totals.

That’s all you have to do! Each month, if we’re in the top 7 teams, we can win anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for our local RBI program. 

Throughout the season, you can track our progress in the monthly and season-long #Whiff competition by simply following @HSforMen on Twitter, or visiting www.mlb.com/whiff.

So… I don’t know about you, but I’m never one to back down from a challenge. See a whiff, tweet a #Whiff @Brewers and let’s win some money for a great cause!







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