Celebrate “National Something on a Stick Day” by Dreaming of Miller Park’s Nachos on a Stick

Today is National “Something on a Stick Day” (gee, there really is a day for everything, isn’t there?) and in honor of that, we’re paying homage to one of the newest treats you’ll find at Miller Park this season: Nachos on a Stick.

Hey "Inside the Park Nachos"... We'll #SeeUApril6.

Hey “Inside the Park Nachos”… We’ll #SeeUApril6.

Called “Inside the Park Nachos,” these tasty treats feature taco meat and refried beans breaded in Doritos then deep fried and drizzled with sour cream and cheese sauce. And, thanks to our concessionaire Delaware North‘s ingenuity, they leave you with a free hand to hold a beverage or reach out and catch a foul ball!

We’ll have more on the new food items at Miller Park next week, including the 18-inch Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat, as well as the “Bratchos,” a version of which has already been a hit down in Spring Training.

Just 9 days until we see these items–and you–at Miller Park.




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