New Stadium Operations Practices Take Effect for 2015

Major League Baseball’s Stadium Operations Practices for the 2015 regular season require each Club to develop and implement mandatory metal detection screening of all fans prior to entry to each Major League ballpark. Many Major League Clubs already began such a program throughout the 2013 and 2014 seasons, including here at Miller Park.

The screening program will be in effect at 29 ballparks on Opening Day (including Miller Park).  The Commissioner’s Office has postponed the commencement of the program at Wrigley Field in light of the extensive renovations that are underway.

This procedure, which resulted from a recent study of best security practices and MLB’s continuing work with the Department of Homeland Security to elevate and standardize initiatives across the game, will be in addition to bag checks that have been uniform throughout MLB.  Fan screening may be conducted by means of hand-held metal detection or walk-through magnetometers.  Fans should monitor announcements from Clubs regarding their individual programs and the details of the anticipated practices in each market.

Here at Miller Park, fans are encouraged to arrive early to all games, including and especially on Opening Day.

Fans will need to remove all metal from their pockets before walking through the metal detectors. This includes items such as phones and keys; however, wallets, shoes and belts will not need to be removed. Bags will continue to be checked at the gates. The list of prohibited items at Miller Park has not altered, but fans are reminded that the Brewers will not hold any prohibited items. Fans will have the option of taking the item back to their vehicle or the team will dispose of it for them.

John McHale, Jr., MLB’s Executive Vice President, Administration, said: “Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our fans.  In the last several seasons, our experiences in many markets and at our jewel events have indicated that fans have a high level of understanding of these efforts.  We believe this step will pose minimal inconvenience and ultimately will serve the best interests of fans.”




what a terrible idea! i was at the Packers/Steelers SuperBowl in Dallas a few years ago. Undestandably they had metal detectors. It was the SuperBowl. But the screening totally slowed down the entrance process. I waited in line nearly 2 hours to get in and only got to my seat a few minutes before kickoff. This is excessive for random games and will not be well received

I presume John McHale, Jr. will be emptying his pockets like the rest of the cattle when he attends a game?

Just one more reason and inconvenience to avoid the old ballpark. If this was a necessity I could understand but it just makes game day more irratatiing

People should not be upset by this…if they are there to enjoy the game then don’t bring prohibited items to the game.

You misunderstand completely. It’s the vast, vast, vast majority of fans who AREN’T bringing in prohibited items that are inconvenienced in the extreme by this policy. It sucks precisely because we’re there to watch the game. You must like long lines and airport screenings.

How are the staff going to.handle.the people (myself included) with joint replacement metal? Are we going to be patted down like at the airport?

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