Join Kyle Lohse and the Jason Motte Foundation To Help Strike Out Cancer; Get Your ‘K Cancer’ Tee at

Across the League, MLB players are putting on-field rivalries aside to come together and “strike out” cancer–and they are asking you to join the fight.

The “Let’s Strike Out Cancer” initiative was started by pitcher, Jason Motte (currently with the Cubs and formerly with the Cardinals), to help people directly affected by the disease.

Jason started the Jason Motte Foundation, the mission of which is “to provide comfort and care where there is a need for those affected, either directly or indirectly, by cancers of all kinds,”and  has since enlisted other players from all 30 teams to join the fight. And you can, too.

This year, Kyle Lohse (a former teammate of Motte’s) is the Brewers K Cancer representative and with the purchase of this K Cancer tee through, $2 will go to the Jason Motte Foundation, and $8 will also go to Kyle’s charity: Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

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Team up for the cure at



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