Bobbles of the Month Are Back for 2015; First Up: The Ballpark Pup

Last season, the Brewers Team Store released limited edition bobbleheads available for fans to purchase.

These bobbleheads were such a hit that they’re doing it again. The 2015 Mascot Bobble of the Month Series will feature seven bobbles, with one new bobble being released each month, March – September.


The first Bobble of the Month is a BobbleHank, which will be available beginning March 5 at the Brewers Team Store at Miller Park AND in Maryvale. It retails for $99.


Only 250 of these bobbles will be sold, so be sure to act quickly to add this limited edition piece to your collection!

For those asking, a supply will be available online at a yet to be determined date; I’ll do my best to keep you posted.





Can I order these online and have shipped?

They should be available online soon, we are told.

With only 250 being sold and selling them 2 places, it doesn’t even pay to try to get one of these. Kinda like tickets for opening day!!

Yeah they are a ‘big hit’ because the people that buy them, snap them up on the first day only to resell them on ebay. Zero left for the regular fans.

How much are these bobbles?

There should be another way to get these! I work for a living!

It’s amazing that Hank has 5 bobbleheads already. Simply amazing. Talk about beating a dead horse. What’s gonna happen when that dog dies? Statue in front of Miller Park?

$99 each, ridiculousness… I’ll pass on this set, just like I passed on last year’s overpriced bobbles of the month.

Not to mention for the fans that live 5-6 hours away—why can’t we buy these on line-?? It hardly seems fair, unless you live in Milwaukee!

Some should eventually be available online, I am told.

How much?

Why isn’t Hank wearing a Brewers jersey? I wouldn’t buy it for that reason alone!

$100 for a bobblehead seems to miss the point IMHO. I am a pretty avid collector of Bobbleheads but I will never pay $100 for one just because it is “limited edition”. I can get a completely custom made bobblehead Limited edition of 1 for that price.

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