Jonathan Lucroy Attends State of the Union Address

Last night, Jonathan Lucroy attended President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address to Congress as the guest of Sen. Ron Johnson.

Lucroy was being honored for his charitable efforts, among them many associated with military veterans, most notably Fisher House Wisconsin, which services families of veterans receiving care at Milwaukee’s Zablocki VA Medical Center. In November, Lucroy traveled with veterans on an Honor Flight to visit the World War II and Korean War memorials in Washington, and he has also provided scholarships to military families.

The senator remarked: “Mr. Lucroy, the All-Star catcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, has become a hero to Wisconsin sports fans with his excellent performance on the field. But to me, he is an even bigger hero off the field: He is using his baseball fame to highlight some great Wisconsin charities.”

“It’s not about political affiliation,” Lucroy told’s Adam McCalvy. “But am I interested in politics? Yes, and this is a thing that not a lot of people get to experience, so why not go and experience it? I’m going to be able to go tour some stuff that people don’t get to tour, and see some things most people don’t get to see. I love history, so why not go and do it and get to tell my kids about it?”’s Anthony Castrovince also caught up with Lucroy today. Click here for that story.



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